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If she had been told not even a year earlier that she would be making food for a man, she would have laughed in their face, or punched them.

But here she was, bright and earlier in the morning cooking dinner for not one, but three very hungry men who were currently sleeping in a little from yesterday's mission. Hell, she would have slept in too if she hadn't been afraid of waking up to an annoyed Tony jumping on her bed.

They were really only after her pancakes, but even she couldn't deny that little piece of warmth that spread deep in her heart when one of them asked if she slept well or they asked about what she had planned for the day.

Polite and honest Steve would ask her directly. He didn't dance around the subject or waste his breath starting a conversation just to ask. A simple "Did you sleep okay?" or "What are your plans today?" were enough.

Shy and quiet Bruce would mumble at first, then realize she probably couldn't hear him, and repeat it louder. He was always hesitant to ask, like he was inquiring about something private. He probably still thought she was afraid of him. She wasn't, sometimes she even forgets.

Tony was, well, Tony. With the way he could string together words and pry into someone's brain, she was positive he would be able to dig out even her deepest darkest secrets. Thankfully, he never tried. He would never directly ask what she would do later, he didn't even subtly ask. He only read her body language as he talked about what he was going to do later in the day. If she looked interested, he invited her to come. If not, he spent less time on the subject. He would talk and talk and talk until, somehow, he knew exactly what she was going to do without even asking.

She still doesn't know how he does it.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the person enter the kitchen behind her. A large hand patted her shoulder in greeting.

She jumped. She just jumped. The Black Widow does not jump.

He turned around to see Thor peering at her oddly. Oh hell, he had felt her jump. He didn't mention it though, only looked at the pancakes. He looked weird in pajamas instead of his armor. It was a good weird though. She heard him take a big whiff.

"My lady! Those smell most wonderful!"

How could one man could be so loud this early in the morning? Then again, Thor wasn't just a man.

"Thanks." She was getting far to use to compliments on her food.

"May I try some?" He looked so excited that she couldn't say no. She probably wouldn't have said no, no matter how he said it.

"Yes, Thor. You can have as many as you want. Give me a minute to finish some first, okay?"

What ever happened to the cold, uncaring, killer assassin? Oh, that's right, she's making pancakes.

Thor sat heavily on one of the chairs and watched her cook. She was getting to use to that, too.

Tony and Bruce came from the hall and Steve entered through the door as soon as she finished the first dozen or so pancakes. She felt a little bad leaving Thor to sit there when some were done, but she preferred when everyone gathered to eat.

Tony enveloped her in a hug from behind. "Good Morning. Have I mentioned just how much I love you?"

"Plenty of times." She quickly reached back and softly smacked his head when he tried to kiss her cheek. He grinned playfully before starting the coffee maker and joining Thor at the table.

"You're in for a treat today, buddy."

Bruce didn't touch her, but he was closer than usual. "What flavor today?"

"Most are original but I made a couple blueberry for you. I'll make more when you guys eat these."

She waited for him to gather his courage. She still didn't understand this strange ritual the men had. "Um, I, um." He took a deep, calming breath before "I love you!" rushed out all in one breath. He sat next to Tony and buried his head in his hands. If it was so hard for him to say, why not just say it?

These men were making her more and more confused these days.

Steve was last. He was never sweaty when he returned from his runs. Maybe he turned back early every morning to eat her pancakes. It was endearing.

He closed his eyes and took a sniff of air, much like Thor had done, but with less noise. He sighed out and smiled at her. "Delicious as always." Then his composure seemed to slip a little and his cheeks turned a little bit red. "Love you."

The entire time she had been aware of Thor watching with interest. He had seemed confused by Tony, wary when Bruce confessed, but now he looked down right terrified. The second Steve sat down, the thunder god launched himself out of his chair and ran to her.

"Forgive me, Lady Widow. I knew not of this way of morning greeting!" He seemed to be mulling over something before he kneeled in front of her, grabbed her hand, and spoke.

"From the first time we met, though it was in a great battle to defeat my own brother, I have been drawn to your strength and beauty. Your grace in battle is as a dance of death and I find it most becoming of one such as you. You face fear head on and do not run from a fight. You are as a panther with your beauty and will to match. It does me great honor to be on your side in the most dire circumstance. There is not a sun in all the realms that can outshine you. I love you, Lady Natasha."

She just stared at him. The smell of burning pancakes filled the room, but she didn't move.

Steve, Bruce, and Tony were in similar positions. They all stared open mouthed at the pair.

Then Tony started laughing a full on belly laugh that made everyone smile. "Hahahaha! Thor!? Did you just propose to Nat?"

"I do not understand. You all confessed your love as well, what have I done wrong?"

Bruce patted Thor's abandoned chair. "Next time, a simple 'I love you' would work." The doctor smiled as the god sat back down.

"I shall remember that for tomorrow."

Natasha had recovered from her shock and was now serving out the pancakes. She paused by Thor and nodded her head.

"Thank you."

His blinding smile was enough to get Tony laughing all over again.

She settled down to finish another chapter of her book as the team bonded through her pancakes.

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