I know that this is almost exactly the way Hulk is, but I promise in later chapters, I will venture into a different and more exciting version of Hulk.

Barron Jones was the average teenage boy. He had crushes, hormones, video games, and other boy things. Though, he was a bit on the shy side and low self esteem. He was also overweight, which was due to him being depressed. Though, he had friends. Their names were Kaelyn, Johnny, and Jayla. But, one day, the rest of his life changed completely.

It was the day of his school's class trip. He, his friends, and the class were walking in a forest with the instructor telling them the rules and regulations of the trip. Suddenly, Barron is pulled away from the class to see his friends pulling him through a gate. Barron and his friends look around. It was a military base. Tanks, aircrafts, and guns were everywhere. Barron pleaded with his friends for them to go back to the class, but they were resistant and started walking into a small structure where a big tank was.

Suddenly, small sounds of boots hitting the ground were heard and his friends hid under the tank. An old general walked in with a sense of authority. Barron reacted slowly and was noticed by him. He looked at him in shock and wonder as to how Barron got into the base. Though, Barron didn't wait to answer the questions and ran around the general quickly. Then, the general began to chase after him. Kaelyn and Jayla were beginning to say something, but Johnny put his hands on both of their mouths to quiet them.

As the general was chasing after Barron, a loud alarming sound went off. The general yelled after him "Hey! Get back here! It's not safe!" But, Barron didn't listen to him. The general turned around and ran back from where he came. Barron didn't notice he was gone until he heard another loud alarming sound and stopped. In another structure, a large number of scientists were looking at a large computer. Next to it, a timer was set with 0.05 counting down. The general runs into the structure yelling "Turn off the bomb! There's a kid out there!" The scientists looked at the general in shock. Suddenly, the bomb went off rightT where Barron was.

As the smoke cleared, a tall, green, monster stood where Barron was once standing. He yelled in a strong, monstrous voice that left an echo that stopped Johnny, Kaelyn, and Jayla who were running towards the gate they entered through. The General saw the monster and pulled out his radio. He shouted into it "Get the soldiers down here! We need the tanks! It's a god-damn monster out here!" Jayla shouted "That was a damn bomb! Where's Barron?! We can't leave him!" Johnny yelled "If we don't, then we're either dead by that THING or captured by the military!" Alyssa added "Come on, Jayla." Alyssa and Johnny pulled Jayla through the gate and they were gone.

Then, the monster shouted again as tanks and soldiers were running towards him. As they neared him, the monster threw both of his fists to the ground, causing the ground to shake and rupture and send the soldiers flying up and back to the ground. Then, the monster jumped up into the air and landed onto the tank, smashing it into the ground. A soldier runs up to the side of the General. He says to him "General Scott! That...THING'S taken out alot of our soldiers and even a god-damn tank!" General Scott replied back "Sergeant Gordon, get all the damn tanks, aircrafts, and soldiers we got! We're taking this DAMN monster out!" Sergeant Gordon radioed it to the base and soldiers.

An aircraft flew over the monster and started shooting at it. The monster turned around, putting his arm over him as he got angrier. The aircraft sent a missle flying towards the monster, but he slapped the missle away with his hand as it hit a pole, blowing it up. The monster ran and jumped into the air, landing onto the aircraft. The weight he put on the aircraft started to make it drop very fast. Just before it hit the ground, the monster jumped away from the aircraft as it exploded.

The monster saw General Scott and Sergeant Gordon and started running towards them. General Scott yelled "Run! Run!" He and Sergeant Gordon started running away from the monster, but soon enough, he reached them and threw his arms into them, throwing them away in different directions. The monster yelled angrily and jumped up into the air. At Barron's house, the monster fell down into the backyard forest, leaving a deep hole in the ground. The monster didn't move. Though, he laid down on the ground. He closed his eyes as he fell to sleep due to tiredness.

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