Second chapter and more exciting things to come for Barron Jones.

In the hole in the ground where the monster once laid, Barron was laying in, waking up. He sat up as he saw the dark brown trees, the orange and brown colored leaves, and small black birds flying in the air. He looked around in confusion as he couldn't remember anything. He looked down below him as he saw that he had ripped shorts on and was shirtless. Just as he recognized his clothes, his memory began to job back to him. He remembered the class trip, going onto the military base with Johnny, Kaelyn, and Jayla, and hearing an alarm go off. But, that was all he could remember.

He stood up, wondering how he got to a forest, but as he turned around and saw the brown fence, he knew he was in his back yard. But, this raised another question in his mind. How did he get back to his house? He started walking to the fence. He climbed it and jumped down to the grass of his backyard. He saw his white colored house, his dads' black grill, and the back door. He quickly realized that the house's back up key was under the "WELCOME TO THE BACKYARD" mat, picked it up, and grabbed the key from under it. He opened the door and closed it as he looked around and noticed his mom wasn't home. Barron's mom is a stay at home mom and doesn't go much anywhere. But, his mom being home wasn't the only thing he noticed was wrong...the living room television was on and was on the news channel.

The News Heading read: BREAKING NEWS! TEEN DEATH AT MILITARY BASE. Barron was taken aback. He thought that one of his friends were killed at the military base, but he realized they weren't as he saw a clip of them crying, along with their parents. Then, he thought if while he and his friends were on the military base, that another classmate followed them onto the base and was killed somehow. That is until he heard what the reporter of the news station said. "While on a class trip with a group of friends, the victim, Barron Jones, was apprehended by a general. However, he escaped him and proceeded to run away. But he didn't know that the military base was performing an unknown experiment and was presumably killed in a bombing." Barron looked at the TV screen in shock, confusion, and unwillingly. In his mind, he was wondering how he could be killed and still standing. He quickly patted himself on the chest to see if he was dead or not, but he was sure he wasn't dead. Then, he remembered exactly what happened at the military base. As Barron was running away from the general, he heard an alarm ringing. He heard another alarm soon enough and stopped to realize that the general wasn't chasing after him anymore. Suddenly, he heard a bomb go off right next to him. He realized that everyone thinks he was killed in the bombing!The question was: What was he supposed to do now? Suddenly, Barron fell to the floor. He felt his muscles tightening and his heart beating faster than a speeding train as his muscles started getting bigger. Then, his skin color slowly changed to a medium shade of green as he growled loudly. His dark brown eyes turned to a medium green as he grew 4 inches taller. Now, where Barron once was, stood the monster that attacked the military base.

He growled loudly, causing an echo to speed through the house and neighborhood. Outside, a middle aged lady was jogging. Suddenly, a part of the front side of the house blasted open, throwing debris, bricks, and glass everywhere as the jogger was sent to the ground and the monster stepped out of the house. The jogger saw him and was terrified. She quickly got up and started to run away. The monster saw her and growled loudly before taking off towards her. The jogger ran as fast as she could, but the monster caught her and grabbed her. She screamed as the monster quickly threw her towards a nearby house, sending her through a window. People began to come out of their houses as they saw the monster. Some of them were shocked, scared, and ran back into their houses while a few peeked behind bushes to videotape the monster as he growled loudly. He quickly jumped up into the air, disappearing from their sights.

Meanwhile, back at the military base, General Scott, Sergeant Gordon, and many soldiers were being treated by nurses. Sergeant Gordon turned to General Scott in wonder as he asked " What was that thing, General?" General Scott replied "I don't even know Sergeant. All I know is he took out the majority of our base and I'm going to hunt him down." Sergeant Gordon added "But, General, he's some kind of HULK. He threw soldiers like they were rag dolls and killed some of our men. He pounded their brains out." General Scott replied "Well, that HULK's going to be hunt down and taken out any means necessary." An unhurt soldier ran to the two. He saluted him and said "Sir, we're called to Atlanta! Authorities are having trouble taking down someone." General Scott turned to Sergeant Gordon and said "How much money you betting that the Hulk is out there?" The two stood up as soldiers began running around to vehicles, tanks, aircrafts, and helicopters.

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