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Summary: After the death of Romulus, Lovino and Feliciano are the new bosses of the Vargas Mafia. When Feliciano falls in love with the Capo of the rival Mafia, Lovino reluctantly agrees to help him meet this "Mystery Love". But falling in love was not in the job description.

Warnings: Murders, Rape, homophobia, blood, guns, language, Francis xD, crime, drugs, alcohol etc.

Pairings: SpaMano. GerIta. AmeCanPru (love triangle). UsUK etc.

Vargas Mafia:

Boss: Lovino Vargas.

Underboss: Feliciano Vargas.

Consigelere: "Ivan"

Capo 1: Matthew Williams

Capo 2: Alfred F. Jones.

Capo 3: Arthur Kirkland.

Soliders: Yao Wang. Kiku Honda. Tino Val.

Carriedo Mafia.

Boss: Antonio Carriedo

Underboss: Alejandro Fernandez Carriedo

Consigelere: "Lars"

Capo 1: Ludwig Beilschimit

Capo 2: Francis Bonnefroy

Capo 3: Gilbert Beilschimit

Soldiers: Berwald, Elizaveth, Roderich.

PROLOGUE: Boat heist plans and... Confession?

Lovino rubbed his temples and looked around his quaint office. The velvet red walls and dark furniture gave it an almost regal look. A small window, high above reach, allowed the smell of wet asphault to shroud the room in its grainy scent. He looked back down at the paper in front of him. Pale yellow light poured from a lamp beside his desk as he reread the plan. Satisfied, Lovino picked up his phone and called his Consigelere.

"Hello, Vargas."

"Ciao, Ivan." Lovino said causally.

"I see you called. You must be interested in something, da?"

"Very. Now look, I need you to get me the docking times for New York Ports"

"I will do that. I will get payment, da? No payment. No papers. Kol kol kol."

"I have a briefcase full with six grand with your name on it."

"Why such large payment for simple papers you can get on your own?" Ivan asked cautiously, "What else do you want, Vargas?"

"Your cooperation and alliance for at least tomorrow night."

There was a long pause before Ivan spoke again, "I am only your Constigelere." He said slowly, "I give documents, leads, and locations. Not cooperation or alliance."

"Ivan!-" Lovino shouted furiously.

"Nyet!" Ivan roared angrily, "I will not participate!"

"I need a temporary soldier god dammit! We lost Peter last time! I can't send Tino!"

"That is not my problem, Vargas."

Lovino growled in frustration before adding an edge to his voice, "I'll let you have time to think about that answer, Ivan." Lovino hissed dangerously, "A new Constigelere is easy to find. A dead body... well let's say they'll have a harder time with that." Silence echoed through the room as Ivan stayed quiet.

"One of my Capos will call you later. I expect the papers and your alliance by then. Ciao, Ivan." Lovino said nonchalantly as he hung up and sighed heavily.

He needed Ivan on his side if he wanted this drug shipment. The rival Mafia certainly wasn't going to let this sheer mass of cocaine, marijuana, heroine, crack, meth and spice pass by unnoticed. With a slow feeling of horror, Lovino knew bullets would fly and blood most definitely spill.

His dark thoughts were interrupted by small knocks on his door, "Come in Feli."

Feliciano walked in fixing his gray mafia hat and muttering a nervous thank you as he sat in a chair across from Lovino's desk. A strange contrast from his usual cheery behavior.

Noticing Feliciano's jittery mood,Lovino raised a brow at his younger brother, "Whats wrong Feli?"

"Ve..." Feliciano said quietly as he twiddled his thumbs, "I need your help Fratello..."

Lovino's memory triggered a similar situation last week with his Capo, Alfred. Angry and irritated, Lovino threw his hands up in exasperation and nearly knocked over a bookshelf, "Idiota! Did you murder someone to?! First Alfred! Now you!? I can't deal with this shit right now, Feli!" Lovino rubbed his forehead with his palm and sighed tiredly.

Feliciano flinched at the tone and volume of his brother's voice, "N-No, it's not that..."

Lovino sighed in small relief, but the tension in his stance still stayed, "Good. What is it then?"

"I-I fell in love..."

Lovino blinked and exhaled deeply, "Fuck Feli!" He said, humor inching its way into his voice, "You act like you've done something wrong!" Feliciano stayed silent so Lovino continued, "So who is the lucky woman?"

Silence. Complete silence.

Feliciano took a shaky breath and looked at his brother's golden eyes, "N-not a g-girl" he whispered, "Please don't hate me fratello... im sorry i-i was born wrong.." his voice cracked and he looked at the mahogany hardwood floors.

Lovino's eyes widened and he blinked twice. His golden eyes grew soft and warm with concern as he walked over to Feliciano who was looking at the ground in shame. Lovino lifted his brother's face and looked in to watering chocolate eyes, "Feli, I would never hate you." He said softly, "You were not born wrong, and i still love you the same."

Feliciano began to bawl and Lovino gave him an awkward hug, "G-grazie Fratello" he choked out through sobs and hiccups, "Ti amo!"

Lovino sighed and rubbed soothing circles into his brother's back, "Ti amo troppo fratellino."

After Feliciano calmed down, he sighed and looked at Lovino with a look of shame, "Ve... There's something else about the one I love, Lovi.."

Lovino furrowed his brow, "What's wrong now?"

Feliciano fidgeted under his brother's golden stare, "Ve.. H-he's in... the.."

"Come on Feli, you can tell me..." Lovino said, a little hurt that Feliciano was having so much trouble telling him.

Feliciano nodded and with a small burst of confidence he said, "He's in the Carriedo Mafia."

"..." Feliciano patiently waited for his brother's reply, "... Lovi?"

Lovino tried to put it as delicately as possible, "WHAT!?" He screeched, "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FUCKING MIND?!"

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