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Andy quickly whipped around and turned his full attention to Sharon. He literally ran toward her at full speed almost jumping a desk and Sykes in the process. When he reached the chair he quickly assessed her appearance. Sharon's eyes were tightly shut and tears were visible in the corners. One hand was firmly pressed against the tiny curve of her stomach, while the other had the armrest of the chair in a death grip. She let out a barely audible moan and shifted her position in the now uncomfortable chair.

"Sharon, honey talk to me, you're are scaring me," Andy pleaded to his eerily silent partner. He cupped her face in his hand and brushed her tiny tears away. She wasn't responding to his touches and Andy was at a loss of what to do. A combination of fear and adrenaline could be felt in the room. Another small moaned escaped her lips before she slumped forward in the chair gripping the armrest even tighter in the process; her knuckles turning white from the strain. Petite beads of sweat congregated along her hairline and the small iota of color left on her face drained away.

The entire squad gathered around them and stood back apprehensively watching the display. Time seemed to stop as they waited for their Captain to respond. Though they would never admit it they cared deeply for her and her well being. Her transfer to the department had been a blessing in disguise for everyone involved. The past couple of months, though hard, had actually brought them all closer together. The amount of cases closed had reached an all time high and the squad had received numerous praises from the Chief. The Captain had helped them so much but now they stood helpless watching her suffer.

Provenza stood at the very back of the crowd trying to piece together his thoughts. How had he not realized Andy, his best friend, was in love with their boss? Had he become so bitter and single-minded that his skill of keen observation had faltered? Even worse how had he not caught on of the Captain's pregnancy sooner? So many questions he needed answered but at the moment the only thing he could do was beat himself up for what he had just done. He prayed that his hasty actions hadn't harmed her or the baby.

"Sharon, please tell me whats wrong!" Andy yelled again; the volume of his voice rose with every word. He brought his free hand up, grabbed her wrist and gave a gentle squeeze hoping it would get her attention. Not seeing any change, he pulled her toward him a brought her head to his shoulder. He could feel her relax under his embrace and release a cleansing breathe. After what seemed like an eternity Sharon finally responded and pulled back from Andy.

"Honey, I'm fine." Sharon finally replies with a weariness in her voice. The pain radiating throughout her abdomen made it hard to breathe let alone form a coherent response. For a minute she contemplated telling Andy the truth of how much pain she was in but quickly decided against it. She applied a little more pressure on her belly praying her discomfort would dissipate soon.

"Just got the wind knocked out of me that's all," Sharon lied through clenched teeth. Her only savior would be to make a hasty retreat to her office or any secluded location. She needed to pull herself together and would rather not show her weakness to the entire squad. The thought of just bolting away entered her mind but was quickly dismissed. The last thing she needed was Andy to know of her distress. As graceful as possible she rose from the chair and straightened her now disheveled suit. This minute movement caused a sharp pain to rack her body. Her vision doubled and she grabbed her stomach letting out a loud yelp in the process.

Before she could wrap her mind around what had happened Andy was by her side gently guiding her back into the chair. Her whole body convulsed as the pain intensified three fold. The room was spinning and she could feel her consciousness leaving her. She could feel the coolness of Andy's hand pressed against her stomach and hear him screaming her name. the sounds of his voice grew more and more distant until she was overtaken by darkness and all was quiet.