After Craig left the counselor's office he saw Stan and Kyle with big smiles on their faces.

Stan said "Craig you really stood up for yourself and Mister Garrison can be a real douche bag sometimes."

Kyle states "he's a real motherfucking shit for brains Goddamn fucking asshole."

Craig starts laughing and he's so happy in spite of the detention he'll be serving.

Cartman comes into the hallway having just left the nurse's office.

Kyle turns to Cartman and says "well fat ass you didn't even apologize to Craig like we did and you still continued to give him a hard time. Kenny was shot by bastards and he died and you don't seem to give a fuck."

Cartman groaned and Craig said "Kyle back off I'll handle this."

Craig walks up to Cartman and grabs him by his shirt with both hands and then he says "well fat ass you once knocked me out cold when you were training as a sumo wrestler and I was training to fight the hyperactive Tweek but now I've overtaken you."

Cartman says "so I've been a dick to you will you beat me down now?"

Craig slams Cartman against the lockers and Cartman curls up and covers his face.

Craig smiles big and soon he hears Cartman say "Craig I'm sorry for being such a dick."

Immediately after that Stan shows his leadership and steps in puts his hand on Craig's shoulder and says "let him up."

Cartman slowly gets up and walks off.

Later that day Craig and Stan meet up at Starks Pond.

Stan asked "was detention really shitty or just boring?"

Craig answered "both."

Stan said "well I along with Kyle will certainly stand by you through your detentions and other turmoil as wells as your happiness."

Craig responded by saying "I thought you guys only cared about money and taking trips on the wild side but I see now you, Kyle, the late Kenny, and even Cartman will stand by friends. I got a text from Cartman saying he went and crapped on Mister Garrison's door step and he did it because he wanted to make things up to me."

Stan laughed and gave Craig a hug.

Stan said "well Cartman loves to try and be a tough hard son of a bitch but when he gets put in his place he really gets put in his place."

Craig states "you three along with the late Kenny McCormick are truly the most hardcore kids in South Park. Everyone thinks I'm dark sided because of the way I dress and well sure I am but all the kids in South Park are."

Stan said "damn right because you have to be tough in life."

Craig said "Stan Marsh you're a fucking genius."

Stan said "today I'm reminded of a show that used to run on Nickelodeon that was called You Can't do that on Television, my dad taped them all and that show taught me a thing or two about being a kid let me tell you."

Craig said "Stan I heard of that show it was big back before we were born and I'd love to watch it."

Stan told Craig he could come over to watch it anytime with him and Craig was so delighted.

Craig said "well I must point out that you got your shit together most of the time and you call the shots."

Stan says "oh I'm older than Kyle, Cartman, and the late Kenny McCormick oh but when we ended up on a strange planet called Marklar and I told all the aliens there that I was the leader of Earth Cartman threw a fit."

Craig laughed and said "well I'm glad I didn't end up on that planet. Shit do you all enjoy landing in foreign countries or planets that are one million miles from earth?"

Stan says "Shit do you think we enjoy that Craig I mean shit Craig I'll tell you shit happens."

They both fall down laughing.

Craig states "Stan Marsh I'm happy to know you and I'm glad I got to spend time with you and your group of friends. I've always felt like just a bad ass kid in the background but even though a badass I'm in the fucking background."

Stan said "well Craig we don't see you as someone in the background at all. We're in the same classroom, same cafeteria, same school playground and we live in the same wild town called South Park."