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Why was she doing this? No one else could possibly be this cruel? What sick minded human being could commit to these actions?

Mitsuko Souma.

She had friends and admirers. Or maybe they were too afraid of being hurt by her, forcing themselves to be her "friends" so they wouldn't be pushed around or made fun of. Although pretty, she was known to be frightening and intimidating. But it didn't matter now, of course. They were all going to die anyway.

She didn't feel bad about it at the very least. If anything, Mitsuko felt as though each and every person deserved it. She would be the only one left standing and she'd make sure of it. Not even that exchange student, or The Third Man or even the best runner Takako could take that away from her.

While the other students were shocked, scared, and confused about the program, she thought of it as a perfect opportunity. And she wouldn't let that go to waste.

Killing innocent Megumi didn't bother her. It gave her power and strength to do it again to her other classmates.

Maybe it was because she was used to having everything taken away from her. And now, she could take life from those who didn't need it. She would finally not feel worthless for once.

Who would be next? She was currently staying at the house Megumi previously occupied. Maybe she should wait for a few others to die before moving again. But that would mean less weapons for her. She'll admit she was surprised that her classmates had already begun to turn on each other, but hey, less work for her.

That exchange kid is probably good. Maybe Shinji, too. Should I start with the weak ones and work my way up? Or kill the others first? It would be a lot easier if I had a gun instead of this useless sickle and stun gun.

This wasn't really hard, or new for that matter. There had been this one girl a few years ago that pestered her until she couldn't take it anymore. The girl's parents blamed her for their daughter's death. Technically, she hadn't did it herself, she just told someone else to hit her with their car for her. Not a big deal.

She wondered what would happen when she won. What would her mother say? Was she even still alive? Mitsuko prefered the latter. She was never there for her. And even if she were still alive, she wasn't going to get any of her winnings. Maybe she'd throw that dictator's autograph in her face.

She wasn't going to give up. She would single handedly kill the rest of them if she had to. These three days would go by fast and before they knew it, she'd be standing and smiling to the cameras after she won.

She was going to do it.

Mitsuko would win.

She just needed a gun...