Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Secret Smile

Notes: My first foray into D. Gray-Man. This is AU, characters may be a bit OOC and the story will contain Yaoi. Will be a two-shot or three-shot. Enjoy Lovelies!

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~~~~~~~***********Chapter 1*********~~~~~~~~

Komui swept the soft dark hair away from a smooth porcelain brow; the Chief Officer just stared at one of the only people in this world that he loved with his whole heart.

Leaning forward he pressed a gentle kiss to the silky skin on their forehead, trying to convey all Kumui's love into a simple press of his lips to their warm skin.

Hearing someone entering the hospital ward, Komui stood and grabbed the chart at the end of the bed; looking as if he was just reviewing the information, not hovering like an overprotective mother hen.

Komui turned when he heard a throat clearing, and his eyes came to rest on his second in command, Reever. "What can I do for you Reever? Has something happened?"

Reever just shook his head, smiling slightly and giving Komui a knowing look; "Nah Chief. Just wanted to see how Kanda was recovering is all. How soon will he be up and raising hell again?"

Komui couldn't stop the chuckle that left his mouth at the truth of Reever's words. Yes, Kanda Yuu was a hellion, difficult to handle and sometimes downright mean, but to Komui the Japanese swordsman was perfect, an angel in the usually dark world of The Black Order.

Komui knew he would never have Kanda as his own; he was a rational man who knew his own worth. There was no way that someone as strong and gorgeous as Kanda would want a crazy science nerd like Komui.

It was the truth; it did hurt Komui to admit it to himself, but he had accepted it and just enjoyed whenever he caught a glimpse of Kanda training or walking around The Order. For heaven's sake he couldn't even refer to Kanda by his given name of Yuu in his head! He could never actually muster up the courage to confess his feelings.

Sighing he turned back to Reever; "Kanda will be up and about by tomorrow afternoon but knowing Kanda he will be forcing his way out of the infirmary by morning." Reever just nodded before bidding his boss goodbye and leaving the ward.

Komui let his eyes fall back to the prone form of Kanda, taking in the sight if the unconscious swordsman. Gods, Kanda was handsome; tall with a slim but strong build. Long dark hair that shone almost blue in the light. Smooth porcelain skin and a face that looked like it was carved from marble. Kanda was a god to the lonely scientist.

Shaking his head, placing the medical chart back into the rack at the bottom of the bed before looking one more time at the object of his unknown affections; "I love you Kanda Yuu." Komui quickly left a small secret smile on his lips.

Komui, however, never saw the dark eyes of one Kanda Yuu fly open in shock at what Komui had just confessed to him.

Komui just made his way toward his office, totally oblivious to the bombshell he'd just dropped on a certain Japanese man, thoughts of said Japanese man running through his genius mind. No one had a clue about his secret crush on the surly Japanese man, Reever sometimes let on that he had suspicions, and Komui planned on keeping it that way. His passion for the Japanese man could never be known.

Komui didn't think he could handle the rejection if Kanda knew of his feelings and didn't return them. He would just let people keep thinking he was an insanely over protective big brother with a massive sister complex. Half of that accusation was true; Komui was extremely protective of the ones he cared for.

Lanalee was the only family he had left in this world; he would do anything in his power to make sure she was alive and well. The same could be said with Kanda, though he couldn't express it the same way he did with Lanalee; Komui valued his life.

While he could make sure Lanalee was protected and safe by giving her missions he knew she could handle or assigning her the proper backup. Komui had no such sway over Kanda; if he tried to assign Kanda an easy mission or unnecessary backup the Japanese exorcist would try to run him through with Mugen.

Komui just had to sit on the edge of his seat until Kanda came back from his missions, usually with several severe injuries that landed him into the hospital ward for a day or two while his tattoo healed him.

These were the hardest times for the Chief Officer, watching his love laying there helpless while he healed, not being able to do a damn thing to help Kanda. Komui really was a love sick fool!

Sometimes he wondered if he should just try to get over the impatient, foul-mouthed man, but then he would see Kanda and all the feelings would come rushing back to him. No, Komui was doomed to unrequited love and sexual frustration.

Sitting down heavily and pulling one of the many reports in front of him, Komui tried to focus on the report on the recent mission Lavi and Allen had returned from, and the innocence they'd successfully recovered.

Within five minutes Komui sleeping deeply, mumbling nonsense, on the top of his desk.

Next chapter we will get some Kanda/Komui interaction. : )

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