Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Secret Smile

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Komui watched as Yuu made his way out of the office and had to fight not to move forward to embrace the younger man. Yuu stopped at the door and turned his head slightly so Komui could see his profile; "This isn't over Komui."

Komui's heart sped up as his cock twitched at the dark promise in those lowly spoken words. "I didn't dream to think it was, Yuu." At the use of his given name Yuu blushed lightly, probably remembering what they had just done, before moving quickly out of his boss' office.

Smiling happily Komui made his way to his quarters to get out of his sticky, stiff boxers and into a hot shower. This by far was one of the best days of Komui's life! Yes, they would have to be discreet with their involvement but Komui could live with the secret smiles and covert touches; as long as he got to kiss, hold and caress Yuu in private he could endure pretty much anything.

~~~~~~~~*********Chapter 4*******~~~~~~~

One Month Later...

Komui was excited to see his lover again; he could tell Yuu felt the same. Komui could see the secret smile and his lover's longing in his guarded dark eyes; it was there to see if you knew where to look. Komui couldn't wait until everyone got out of his office after the post-mission brief was concluded.

It had been two weeks since Komui had touched his lover's soft skin; his libido was running rampant as he envisioned all the things he was going to do to Yuu when they were alone.

It wasn't just the physical things Komui missed. No, he missed Yuu's sarcastic humor, the way Yuu's eyes lit up when they spoke of his training, Komui savored the times he made Yuu laugh in joy. He also came to see just how passionate Yuu could be outside of their sexual exploits when they talked about war they fought against the Earl.

Komui missed Yuu; his body, his mind, his younger lover's comforting presence when they lay together at night when the two of them could sneak away to spend time together.

Komui ripped himself away from his thoughts, forcing himself to pay attention to what Allen was saying. Finally the meeting ended, everyone except for Yuu left. When Lavi stopped to wait for Yuu, but Komui told the red-head to go, he had something to discuss with the sword wielder in regards to his innocence.

It wasn't a total lie; Komui did want to talk to Yuu about his innocence just not the kind that killed Akuma. If he was honest he really didn't want to talk all that much either, Komui wanted to touch, taste and make his lover come undone while Komui pleasured him to the edge of his sanity.

Before Komui realized what was happening he had a lapful of horny Japanese exorcist tearing at his clothes and attacking his lips. Komui allowed himself to be groped and kissed senseless by his excited lover.

He couldn't lie his hormones were running just as high as Yuu's. Grabbing the younger man's muscled thighs Komui stood, allowing Yuu to wrap his lithe arms and strong legs around his body so he wouldn't fall, before Komui made his way to his adjoining quarters.

Once they made it to his small bedroom Komui laid the flushed man on the bed. He undressed Yuu slowly, reverently stroking each inch of revealed skin; pulling sensual sighs from Yuu's kiss swollen lips. Finally Komui was able to look at his lover's completely bared body.

A shiver of arousal ran up Komui's spine, not wanting to waste another minute he stripped quickly, kicking his boxers away from him, as he made his way toward the bed and the beautiful waiting man laying atop it.

Komui slid in between Yuu's spread legs, coming face to face with his lover's hard erection. Wanting to taste the younger man again after so long Komui slipped his tongue out of his mouth, and ran it slowly from the base to the tip of his lover's cock. Taking the time to swirl his tongue around the sensitive head of Yuu's member.

Yuu's mewls were feeding Komui's already rampant need, wanting to see his lover lose control he took Yuu's slender cock further into his mouth, sucking lightly, as he teased the thick vein on the underside of his lover's length with his tongue.

Komui groaned when Yuu's slender fingers grasped, and twined in his hair, pulling a bit, encouraging the older man to speed up his ministrations. He never could deny his younger lover anything, so Komui sped up his pace, bobbing his head, taking the rigid length deeper into his mouth and suckling Yuu's flesh harder.

Yuu was writhing in ecstasy, so much so that Komui had to pin his hips down with his forearm. The Japanese man was gorgeous like this, letting himself be swept away in the sensations of pure pleasure. Komui brought his free hand to his lover's balls, rolling the two globes in his hands firmly but gently.

The only warning Komui received when Yuu was about to cum was his name shouted to the ceiling, as the cock in his mouthed pulsed releasing his lover's essence into his mouth. Komui sucked on Yuu's length greedily, swallowing everything his lover had to give him, as Yuu weakly thrust his now free hips shallowly.

When he felt Yuu's length begin to soften Komui released the spent cock from his orifice, and made his way back up the bed. Resting on his knees and elbows he lowered his head to press their lips together.

Yuu moaned into his mouth when Komui thrust his tongue into the younger's mouth, letting him taste himself on Komui's tongue. He was brought out of his haze when he felt his still untouched cock twitch in need.

Pulling away from the kiss Komui reached for the bedside table's drawer, pulling it open and removing the tube of lube he had there for their sessions. Komui and Yuu had experimented with many things since they had gotten together. Since Yuu was inexperienced in the ways sex they had figured out together what the younger man enjoyed and what he didn't.

Sitting up on his knees Komui popped the top of the tube and slicked up four fingers thoroughly. Once he was satisfied Komui brought his now slick hand down Yuu's perfect body until his slick pointer finger was teasing his lover's fluttering entrance.

Yuu being the impatient man he was thrust his hips down, taking Komui's finger inside of him all way to the older man's knuckle. Komui just watched in awe as his finger was swallowed inch by inch by Yuu's pretty pink hole.

Snapping out of his reverie Komui began to thrust his finger inside his lover's tight passage, massaging his lover's silken walls, pulling more moans from Yuu's lips. Komui brought his free hand to his lover's half hard cock and began to pump Yuu back to full hardness.

When his first finger was sliding in easily Komui slipped another two fingers inside his lover; Yuu enjoyed a little pain when Komui finger fucked him. Three fingers were now being thrust, and scissored inside his lover's greedy hole.

Komui, as he always did, watched the scene in front of him in reverent awe, still not believing that the gorgeous man on his bed was letting him do this to his body. Wanting to show his love and thankfulness Komui leaned down to press a soft kiss to Yuu's pouty lips.

The younger man responded enthusiastically, bringing his tongue to slide against Komui's invading appendage. Komui broke away from Yuu's addictive lips and brought his swollen lips to his lover's ear; "I love you Yuu, so beautiful. I'm lucky to have you. Thank you for choosing me."

Komui pulled away and rested back on his knees, continuing to pump Yuu's now reawakened length, as he thrust his fingers inside his lover's tight ass.

Komui watched the emotions fly across Yuu's usually guarded eyes, and couldn't help it when his heart melted when the only remaining emotion in Yuu's eyes was love.

Yuu threw his head back when Komui's deeply thrusting fingers scraped his prostate; Komui smirked in triumph and focused on hitting that spot until his lover begged him to stop. Soon three fingers were sliding inside his lover with no resistance, taking this as his cue Komui slid the final fourth finger into Yuu's receptive body.

Komui wasn't sure how long he could last and brought the hand stroking Yuu's length to his own flushed leaking erection. Before he could wrap his hands around his thick length Yuu lunged forward, grabbing his wrist. Komui looked at Yuu in confusion, silently asking his lover to explain what he was doing.

"I want you to...I want you to make love to me." Komui had to strain to hear his lover's embarrassedly mumbled request. When Komui realized exactly what Yuu had asked him to do he froze; "Are you sure Yuu? I don't want to do anything you aren't ready for."

Komui watched his lover carefully after he finished his questions; he saw no doubt only nervousness in Yuu's dark eyes and angelic face. Nodding his head in agreement to his lover's request Komui slid his fingers out of Yuu's now slightly gaping entrance.

Picking up the lube Komui slathered a generous amount onto his erection, paying special attention to ensure he covered himself fully and completely. This would be Yuu's first time with another, and Komui wanted the younger man to enjoy it fully with as little pain as possible.

Once he was properly lubed Komui once again rested on his knees and elbows, adjusting his hips so the thick head of his erection was pressing against Yuu's clenching hole. Komui looked deeply into his lover's lust darkened eyes as he thrust his hips slowly forward.

A hint of discomfort flitted across Yuu's face, but other than that he showed no other signs of pain or discomfort. Heartened by this Komui continued to slide his length inside Yuu's lithe body, stopping when his heavy balls met his lover's plump bum.

Stilling Komui let his lover adjust to being filled with his cock for the first time. Gods, it was hard not to just fuck the man below him into the bed, Yuu felt so hot and tight around his cock, but Komui held himself back not wanting to hurt his young love.

Komui knew that he had finger fucked Yuu on several occasions, but nothing could simulate being penetrated by someone's cock, and he knew his lover would need a bit of time to adjust to the new feeling.

His chocolate orbs never left Yuu's face, searching for any signs of pain on his lover's face. Komui knew that he would stop immediately, no matter how hard it would be to do, if it became too painful or uncomfortable for Yuu.

Finally, Yuu moved giving Komui permission to continue, the man beneath him placed his arms around Komui's shoulders, as he clenched his anal walls around Komui's intruding cock. Komui groaned loudly, and began to pull his straining cock out of Yuu's channel.

He thrust back in slowly, shifting his hips on each thrust until Yuu's eyes rolled back, as he whimpered loudly. Komui knew he found the smaller man's prostate and just like he had done before he mercilessly hammered it with each inward thrust.

Komui felt like his length was encased in silk as he plunged his large cock inside Yuu's hot, slick passage. Komui would swear he saw heaven behind his eyelids the immense pleasure he was feeling was that great. Bringing his arm down Komui wrapped his hand around Yuu's erection.

Pumping the hard flesh in hand in time with his quickening pace Komui was determined to make his lover scream his name as he came. Only then would Komui let go and fill his lover's body with his seed, marking the younger man completely as his.

Yuu's eyes were glazed, his mouth slack as the moans and mewls continued to pour from his mouth; the intense pleasure overwhelming his body. Komui continued to abuse the younger man's prostate, pumping Yuu's length until the younger man's anal walls clamped down on Komui's cock like a vice.

A scream of Komui's name was shouted from Yuu's lips, as rope after rope of his lover's cum was released unto their sweaty stomachs. Yuu's walls were still clamped down tightly around Komui's hard length, pulling a growl from the older man's lips. Komui continued his hard thrusts inside Yuu's compliant body until he felt the familiar pressure in his lower belly explode, bringing an acute sense of euphoria through his body.

Komui groaned clenching his eyes shut as his orgasm flooded through him, shattering him, as he released wave after wave of his semen inside his lover's still quivering passage. Komui thrust a few more times milking his release until he had no more to give.

He lowered his larger body until he hovered over Yuu's relaxed form; wrapping his arms around his lover's back. Komui rolled them so the smaller man was now on top of him.

Yuu winced when Komui's flaccid length slipped from his body; his older lover's cum began to run from his abused opening bringing a grimace to Yuu's perfect face. Komui leaned forward for a quick kiss before he slipped Yuu onto the bed.

Getting up Komui went to the bathroom, coming back with a damp towel, Yuu sighed in relief when the cum was wiped off his taught belly. Komui coaxed his sleepy lover onto his belly so he could clean up the younger's now far from virgin hole and sticky thighs. When that was done Komui went into the bathroom and cleaned his own soiled body.

Komui emerged from the bathroom, smiling when he saw Yuu had already slid under the soft blankets, making his way over to his large bed Komui slipped under the covers to join his lover.

Yuu wiggled over, resting his head on Komui's chest, as both men wrapped their arms and legs around the others. Komui placed a kiss to the top of Yuu's head; "I really do love you."

Yuu tilted his head, letting his dark eyes meet Komui's, a small smile appearing on his lips; "I know and I love you too, Komui." Komui's smile could have lit up London it was so bright! He felt complete in this moment; he had a decent job, a wonderful sister, good friends and the man he loved in his arms. Life was finally how it should be for the thirty year old man.

Hugging his lover tighter Komui settled down to have a nap, maybe when they woke Yuu would be up for another round of love making. Smiling at the lewd thoughts running through his genius mind Komui drifted off into sleep.

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