Note: This is a piece I wrote a while back...seeing that it will be the 2000th story posted for The A-Team...I found it an appropriate topic.

They were driving down a nondescript dirt road when out of the blue Murdock asked, "When is our birthday?"

Face cocked his head to the side, unsure he wanted to pursue this conversation. But it had been a long drive and he was bored. "What do you mean by 'our birthday'?"

"You know…when did we first officially become a team?"

Hannibal turned around in his seat. "Hmm…interesting question, Captain." He pulled a cigar out of his pocket and held it out for Face to light. "For me it was the day Morrison called me into his office after the four of us barely made it back from a particularly tough mission. He referred to us as his best team…his 'A-Team' was the term he used."

Face shook out the match. "For me it was after I showed up in the middle of the jungle with that pink Cadillac. You should have seen your faces!" He smiled at the memory. "I was still kind of new to the unit, and you three didn't think I could do it. The four of us went joyriding around the base in that thing for hours like a bunch of kids. We just fit…the four of us stuck together after that."

"I knew we were a team when we had to make our first emergency landing …" Murdock began before being interrupted by B.A. snorting loudly.

"There was no emergency landing…you crashed the plane, fool."

Murdock cleared his throat. "Like I was saying, I knew we were a team when I crashed the plane and B.A. had his hands wrapped around my throat."

Hannibal and Face gave each other a confused glance. For the second time in a matter of minutes, Face was unsure he wanted to ask, but again he relented. "Um, Murdock, what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well, B.A. didn't squeeze. I figure if we weren't on the same team, I would have been a goner."

"He got a point. That's my answer too."

"B.A., you can't steal Murdock's answer." Face admonished.

B.A. turned around and shook his fist at Face. "Wanna make a bet, sucker?"

"On the other hand," Face stammered, "this is the first time the two of you have agreed on anything in months…great answer B.A."

B.A. grunted and nodded his head in satisfaction, before turning his eyes back to the road.

They drove making small talk over the next hour. Hannibal noticed that Face had become less and less involved over time with the conversation and was staring out the window. "You okay, kid?"

Face kept looking out the window as he spoke. "I've been thinking…I'd like to change my earlier answer. I know the exact moment I realized we were a team. It was right after we escaped the camp. I remember waking up in the medical tent and when I looked over the three of you were occupying the beds next to me. We had just been to hell and back together." Face turned and looked at each one of his friends before adding, "that's when I really knew we were more than just a unit…we were a team."

"And have been ever since," Hannibal added.

"Yeah," B.A. agreed.

"And we lived happily ever after," Murdock smiled.

"Unless you fools put me on a plane again," B.A. muttered.

Hannibal couldn't resist his trademark line, adapted to the current situation. "I love it when a team comes together."

The End