Baabaa black sheep.

My first Akira Sendoh ficcie in 14 chapters-

Story: Ruki Aida is a freshman. The youngest of the three Aida's, Hikoichi being her twin and Yayoi being her older sister, she is nothing like them, at least in the Akira-Sendoh-hailing-department, a graduate of Tomigaoka Jr. High herself, she's best friends with no other than Kaede Rukawa. To all the black sheeps out there.






"Oie! I'm talking to you stupid Rukawa!" Ruki dashed along the corridors of the freshman building and ran smack (and on purpose) right into Kaede Rukawa,

"What is it you idiot?"

Every student within the area stopped on their tracks taken aback by the shocking scene… a dark haired girl wearing a baseball cap just jumped onto Kaede Rukawa who was walking quietly down the corridor and who was now slumped on the floor with the girl sitting on top of him.


"Get off me a'hou. You weigh like a sack of rice."

"Nye… don't you mean ramen? I've been stuffin' myself with all-you-can-eat ramen lately!" pausing for a while she wiggled her brows at the slumped fox, "Ne, ne, ne! Did you notice my uniform? Huh?"

"Get off me."

"Took me a while to transfer from Jonan to Shohoku. That school was boring as heck! The reputation is waaaaay overrated and… HEY! Where are you going wait up!"

Running past Haruko who she didn't know that time, Ruki ran after Rukawa, babbling away while the fox just looked straight ahead and continued walking.

"W… Who?" was all Haruko could utter and nobody around could give her an answer for no one knew who Ruki Aida was.

Ruki stopped talking the minute she stepped into an unknown territory: The rooftop. It was overlooking the whole school, and she can see everything from up there, it was peaceful and serene… the exact opposite of Kaede Rukawa's out of control energy which is probably why he liked places like this. She sat on the floor, resting her elbows on her knees, not caring if she was wearing a skirt or not, and stared at Rukawa.

They've been friends since middle school, and then they've been closer in Jr. High School. Their passion for basketball brought them together, but then she left basketball after she decided that she won't get stuck doing only ONE THING in her life, she was too great to be focusing on one thing.

"You got kicked out of Jonan." Came his voice.

"Grrr… I didn't! I told you, I missed Kanagawa and wanted to go to school here."

"Did you get into a fight? Damage school property? Talk back to someone important? Skipped too many—"

"Flunked English." Ruki confessed, embarrassment made her look at the ground, "They told me to transfer schools before they finalize my grade so that I won't have a failing mark in my record, hn… pretty generous of them huh?"

"Hn, weren't you good in English?"

"I've been absent more than the allowed days so…"


"Hey! You're one to talk! You always sleep in class. Besides, I didn't know they can flunk a student for being absent…" she lay on the floor and stared at the sky, "As long as you ace quizzes and tests you're good right? Turned out, that school was too strict."


"I know what you're thinking… what distracted me? See! See!" Ruki sat up from excitement, "I found a new hobby. Skateboarding is really cool, I met some really cool people too, they're in college but—HEY!" Ruki realized that Rukawa was sleeping instead of listening to her. Then again, at least some people never change.

To be continued…

Note: Yep, you read it right the first time. It's an Akira Sendoh fic, so just chill out, relax and read! Don't forget to review!