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My first Akira Sendoh ficcie in 14 chapters-

Story: Ruki Aida is a freshman. The youngest of the three Aida's, Hikoichi being her twin and Yayoi being her older sister, she is nothing like them, at least in the Akira-Sendoh-hailing-department, a graduate of Tomigaoka Jr. High herself, she's best friends with no other than Kaede Rukawa.

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Chapter 3: "I will defeat you!"

Ruki Aida sneezed, she smiled to herself at the implication of it. She didn't think it was because it was 6 in the morning, no she thought it was because she was standing inside Ryonan's school gate in her Shohoku Uniform carrying Hikoichi's forgotten bento-box in one hand and her school bag on the other. Was she allergic to anything related to her brother? She snorted in an unfeminine way, was it a habit? Was her body now giving off signs to warn her off on things related to her brother? With a sigh Ruki walked in a slow pace, like a hippie taking her time in a flower garden, but in her case, it was her first time stepping foot inside Ryonan High School, she might as well pay attention and observe the place her sister graduated from and her brother is currently enrolled in.

The sun just came up and Hikoichi, the ever so punctual and avid learner that he is, made a promise that he'd develop a secret training program from himself and voila… he'd been devoted to it ever since. She's gotta admire her nutcase twin brother for his optimism.

"What a sight in the morning. Let me guess you don't go here do you?" Ruki turned around at the sound of the lazy drawl. A face she'd only seen one too many times in their house every single day, posters and magazine photos everywhere in their house to be exact, was now in front of her in person.

"Well, that's a lame remark coming from the genius who's carrying the future of Japanese Basketball on his back." She said sarcastically.

"Mmmm." He smiled, not the least bit offended, "Read this month's Sport's Magazine Issue huh Shohoku?"

"Unfortunately." She mumbled, she had to since she's her big sister's slave when it came to transcribing interviews and re-typing articles for the magazine.

"Can you show me where the basketball gym is Mr. Genius?" She asked politely, with her gamine-like smile.

"I'm also headed there." He said, now smiling in amusement, "You're not my fan are you? Let me guess… One of Rukawa's groupies?" he cocked an eyebrow while scratching his nose.

"Hmmm. Why do you think a Shohoku student is doing in Ryonan looking for the basketball gym if not for the infamous drool-worthy Akira Sendoh?" she said prettily, batting her lashes at him.

"Hahaha! Shohoku sure has interesting girls. I give up, what are YOU doing here anyway?"

"heh…" she smiled back, genuinely this time, "To see my brother."

"Oh… Let me guess, Koshino? Since you're probably a freshman and you are a bit tall for a girl."

"I don't know who that is… but he's my twin,"

"Your twin… hmmm… not Fukuda, not Captain Uozomi, wait a second, if you have your twin here, why go at a different school?"

"Your question basically answers your question."

"Why? Because your twin goes here?" Sendoh asked incredulous.

"Part of it, and because I like Shohoku's energy. NOT because my grades don't meet the cut off average to your school. Haha."

"Haha. Funny girl. So who's this 'twin' brother? Surely not Ueksa because he's a bit on the dark skinned side while you look like you've never seen the sun before."

"Funny man Sendoh-senpai." She laughed then without warning said, "Hikoichi Aida." At that, Sendoh choked.


The girl wasn't kidding, she really was their little manager's twin sister… and as Hikoichi said in detail while 'formally' introducing her, he's the older twin by only 30 seconds. He couldn't see the resemblance except for the jet black hair and fair skin, other than that they were polar opposites. Where Hikoichi was optimistic, eager, enthusiastic, energetic and animated… the girl has that practiced look of boredom, kind of cynical and arrogant. At least it looked like it to him, she was quiet around Hikoichi, although he recognized fire himself when he sees one.

"Well, I better get going, mom just asked me to deliver you your lunch. Nice to finally meet you Sendoh-senpai."

"Oh, respectful now are we?" Sendoh couldn't help himself.

"Considering you're ancient, I have no choice." She smiled sweetly as if she didn't just insult him, and although Sendoh took it lightly her twin didn't… NOBODY insults Akira Sendoh after all. Not even his former classmates and a distant rival high school's ace ever escaped Hikoichi's pro-Sendoh-retaliations.

"Ruki! Apologize for that comment right now!"

"Tch. I'm leaving, have a nice day." She bowed and started to walk away crossing the basketball court in the process.

"Pardon her rude attitude Sendoh-san, she's a bit of a rebel but Yayoi-nee-chan's polishing up her attitude." Hikoichi said within Ruki's hearing distance, out of irritation she picked up the ball, she was supposed to walk over, with her foot and in a swift and powerful motion she threw it from the 3-point line and it swirled inside the net, which unintentionally (or intentionally for that matter) impressed Akira Sendoh.

"Ms. Shohoku." Sendoh called out in his low cool voice, "Wanna play one on one?"

Ruki turned around, checked her wrist watch in a way that made it seem like she's used to challenges being thrown at her (which is mostly the case) and tossed her bag on the floor at the base of the basket. Smiling cockily at Sendoh she blurted, "I could use a morning workout."


Hikoichi's jaw dropped to the ground, what did just happen? Where did that come from? Hikoichi was too surprised to utter a word, as if rooted to the ground he didn't move. He finally snapped out of his momentary alarm and realized that the two were already on the court, Sendoh was on defense while Aki was on offense, she was able to borrow an extra shirt from Hikoichi, one he was most reluctant to lend since it was his after practice clean shirt, then she surprised Sendoh and even her brother when she unzipped her skirt and inside she wore her running shorts…

"What? I'm in the skateboarding club." She explained when they gave her an odd look,

"Sendoh san what are you thinking? There's no way you can play one on one with an amateur!"

"I hardly think your sister is an amateur."

"Well she is, she got kicked out of the basketball club on her second year in jr. high school."

Sendoh got one ball from basket of hundreds, suddenly piqued, "So you were in the basketball team? What position?"

"guard, point guard."

Sendoh smiled knowingly, mysteriously, "Ah. Most point guards are arrogant, defiant, temperamental, impulsive and calculating. Although good traits at times it's better to conceal them… most are good at hiding them."

Ruki clucked her tongue, "If only you were there to enlighten me three years ago." She said sarcastically, a bit irritated at her twin for careless revealing something which could be used by Sendoh as her weakness.

The game began, there wasn't any tension, there was no competition, there was no stress. Sendoh passed the ball to Ruki and she caught it in a relaxed manner, she dribbled it while he lightly guarded her for warm up, and then drew in for a turnaround jump shot successfully.

"Nice form." Sendoh praised, hand on waist.

"Hn, let's see you." She cocked a black brow at him when the 6'3 feet tall ace player retrieved the ball.

Ruki couldn't fault Hikoichi and her older sister from worshipping the man, he had charisma. The moment she saw his eyes gleam in a menacing way while looking at the basket she thought him to be not all what he seems. She stood out of his way, he dribbled the ball low, his eyes locked on the hoop at the opposite court, Hikoichi gasped when Sendoh lay low and dashed, in a flash he was spinning on air dunking the ball into the basket flawlessly.

"Impressive… Let's start old man."

"Hn." Akira Sendoh smiled warmly, "Brat." He said throwing her the ball and guarding her for real this time.


To be continued!

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