The Miracle

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Chapter One: The Visitor

The Kingdom of Corona had never been happier. Eighteen years of heartache had finally been ended in the most remarkable way; not even two months earlier and in the most unlikely of ways. Not all was calm in the peaceful community by the sea, however. The dashing and heroic Eugene Fitzherbert, the permanent guest of the ever grateful Royal Couple of Corona, was having a bad night as he tried to sleep and was tossing and turning as he dreamed, the recurring scene of sickness and death repeating itself yet again this night. In his dream; no, let's make it a nightmare; he found himself surrounded by sick children and adults, all with horrible sores and boils all over their bodies, crying out to him to save them. In his dream, they were all saying the same thing, 'Eugene, please, only you can save us. The doctors do not know what afflicts us and cannot help.' His dream suddenly ended as he heard yet another voice calling out to his subconscious and waking him from the horror.

"Eugene… It will soon be time."

Eugene, the only recognized suitor and new found dream to Rapunzel, the Crown Princess of Corona who had been brought home not even two months previously, instantly snapped awake at the sound of his name and quickly sat up in his enormous and quite comfortable bed.

"It is time?" Eugene thought aloud as he tried to figure out what it was time for. He did not seem to recognize any of the people in his dream so he began to wonder if he was having some sort of vision of a future event.

He pulled the dagger he kept under his pillow free of its scabbard, and quickly scanned the room for any obvious sources for the sound and initially came up empty. It was, to say the least, becoming quite annoying to him, as he could never remember the dream, only the siren call for him to awake. He did not like to feel like someone was playing a joke on him for solely their entertainment unless, of course, it was at the hands of his new dream, Rapunzel. For the tenth time in as many nights he found himself befuddled by the sound of his name as uttered by someone he somehow believed he knew, just not from where or when; or why they were calling to him.

This night, Eugene easily hearing the tower clock in the distant central square softly marking the 2 A.M. hour, was to be quite different. He was to receive the message that would send him into action to save the happy citizens of the kingdom and mark the beginning of an adventure that would further serve to cement his role as one all the citizens of Corona could look up to. As his eyes adjusted to the dimly lit bedchamber he was amazed at the sight before him.

A woman of about 40 or at least the semblance of a woman of about 40 stood before him at the foot of his bed. She appeared to be dressed in a fine black or navy blue flowing gown with white floral lace at the neckline and sleeves. Her gown flowed out from around her as if she was outside on a blustery spring day. She had flowing black hair, with light grey streaks throughout, done up in a body braid that moved in time with the ruffles of her skirt. Finally, she had perhaps the most piercing blue eyes that he had ever seen on any woman; eyes that seemed to fluoresce on their own in the darkness of his room. He would later swear that they glowed with some sort of internal fire. Eugene, who also could not remember the last tankard of ale he had consumed, was not sure at first if he could truly believe what his eyes were telling him as she appeared to be transparent. As he looked ever more intently at her, he soon realized that the moonlight streaming through a slight opening in his window drapes was actually hitting the floor and his bed in front of her.

"The pestilence is soon to strike. Only you have the power."

"Yup;" Eugene thought to himself, "She's definitely a spirit of some sort. Who else, after all, can you so easily see through?"

The shock of this revelation of her apparent transparence soon wore off and Eugene found his voice and asked the most obvious of questions.

"Um, excuse me. Who…, or would it be better to ask, what are you? And, why are you here and why do you come before me? Do I know of you? Are you a ghost or spirit of someone in my past? I seem to think that I might know you or of you, at least." Eugene asked rapid fire, as he rose from his bed to face his nocturnal visitor, somehow knowing the answers even before he asked them.

The woman did not answer his questions, but instead issued a warning of what was to come and that only he had the powers necessary to save his kingdom.

"Who I am matters not; though you are right to presume that we know of each other from the past. However, the events you dream of will soon occur. I come before you, therefore, to give you this warning so that you may help your kingdom as my antecedents helped this wonderful kingdom in the past."

"Um; I guess I can live without knowing who you are, for now. What is this about some sort of warning?"

"A pestilence is soon to strike the Kingdom of Corona-by the sea. Many may die…"

"DIE!?" Eugene shakily asked as he dropped to his knees in horror, quite rightly terrified at the thought of those he loved suffering or dying, and somehow missing the key word in her warning.

"Yes, Eugene. However, you and you alone have the power within you to end the pestilence even before it begins."

"Me?" Eugene asked, totally confused; no, not confused, absolutely terrified at the thought of such heady responsibility being foisted upon him.

"Yes, Eugene, it is you. Just as you were preordained to perform yet another miracle at an earlier time, so shall it is for you now. You and you alone have the power of foresight and the ever powerful means to stop the pestilence."

"But, how?" Eugene asked, still trying to come to grips with the riddle of the spectral lady in black.

"You will know when it occurs and what you need to do, Eugene. However, I will leave you with these words of advice."

"Words? What words?"

"Eugene, please listen carefully to me, you have a deepening connection that will serve as your greatest ally. Do not fail to heed its voice. Please hear it and listen to what it tells you."

"Ally? Heed its voice? Hear it and listen to it?"

"Yes. If you allow it to, that is…" And with those last words, the spectral vision of Mistress Katelyn faded into nothingness. Eugene, shocked beyond words, slowly stowed his dagger and walked over to his bed and lay back down; his mind running a mile a minute. He soon fell back into a troubled, yet dreamless, sleep…

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