The Miracle

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Chapter Twenty: The Savior of Corona, His Amazing Tale; Part 4

The Present…

Lord Marcus, after having the two young couples come closer to their opposite number, astounded the group with word of the power of the blue drop of sunlight as it interacted with the communal well in Avandell; the supplying aquifer of which went much farther…

"The drop of sunlight entered the aquifer that supplies, even today, the waters to Avandell. This underground lake, as it were, apparently spreads much, much farther underneath the continent of Io than was initially believed. It interacted in the most amazing way with the molecules of water contained within it. Additionally, this drop of azul sunlight is apparently the most powerful of the three…"

"Spreads much farther? The most powerful of the three…? Do you mean…?" King William began as he digested the amazing words of his good friend.

"Yes, my friend. This aquifer, which was thought at first to only spread over ten cubic kilometers in volume and contained completely within the confines of Avandell apparently, goes much, much farther and as stated does extend way beyond the hidden borders of Avandell."

"Is it safe to presume that this aquifer follows the path of the grassy plains that run between the four primary kingdoms of Io?" Queen Catherine asked, her tutored geography lessons suddenly coming to mind.

"You are most observant and indeed quite correct, my good queen. You have accurately deduced that Avandell is hidden within this area, bordered as it is by the vast forests of these four primary kingdoms. What was once thought to be a very small aquifer is, in reality, over 25 million cubic kilometers in volume." Lord Marcus confirmed.

"What does this mean for me?" Stephanie asked as she smiled at the similarly smiling Marcus junior.

"Or me?" Chelsea asked as she smiled at the similarly smiling Robert.

"The aquifer spreads out and actually connects with the smaller aquifers that supply the water to both Estrella and Constella in such a way that…"

"…it is what also provides the two royal compounds with their water?" Interrupted Rapunzel as her extensive intellect suddenly made the connection.

"You would be most correct, my dear Rapunzel." Marcus replied with a large smile.

"So, Marcus, are you saying what I think you are saying?" Eugene asked as he suddenly made the connection as well.

"Yes, my good friend. Stephanie and Marcus, as well as Chelsea and Robert, both sets of their parents having taken water from the same magical source, have been preordained to be the other's soul mate as they share a powerful link with the other. This connection will link Constella and Avandell and Estrella and Avandell just as you Eugene, and you Rapunzel have linked Avandell and Corona as of today. This link will serve, with the miracles provided by Eugene's actions and the inherent powers of these six young people, to render Sonnen 3 in general and the four principal kingdoms of Io in particular safe from pestilence and the horror of war for tens of hundreds of generations to come. The offspring of these three young couples, as well as the couple of Rupert and Amanda, will only serve to bind these four kingdoms even closer together with a familiar closeness not seen since the days after the signing of the Treaty of Unity and Friendship over four score years ago. Now, it is time for our two young couples to attempt their first link with the other. I will preface this with the caution of not to be too concerned if this first attempt does not go well, as Rupert and Amanda can attest to."

The group, after seeing the confirming nod from both Rupert and Amanda, waited with baited breath as Stephanie and Marcus and Chelsea and Robert faced the other and joined and then held hands. Each of the others of the very august company present could not help but notice the gentle sighs and change of expression of the four young people as they first brushed their fingertips together and then loosely held the other's hands. It was obvious, at least to those with an inkling of what was to come, that the words of Lord Marcus were indeed true.

"Now, as I told Eugene and Rapunzel previously, please relax and let go your pensive thoughts. It will be easier that way for the energy to flow between you." Mistress Cassiopeia gently told the two couples as she added her calming words to the obviously quite nervous pairs of teenagers.

"Yes, Mistress." The four teenagers softly replied, their gazes never straying from the other.

Marcus, tenderly holding Stephanie's hands and amazed by the feeling of energy surging between them, was the first to clear his mind enough to begin to see the azul aura surrounding the Constellan crown princess. He smiled at her while gently pushing small tendrils of passive energy towards her. Surprised at first by the gentleness of Marcus' initial probings, the similarly smiling Stephanie, who was also quite amazed by the feelings, soon cleared her mind as well and soon saw his azul aura as well and not only allowed Marcus further access into her subconscious, but found herself able to reach out towards the quite receptive Marcus as well. They were both shocked, to the point that they had to rely on the other for support, as their twin azul auras suddenly merged into each other in a powerful explosion of benign energy and almost overwhelmed them with the wonderful feeling of completion that was at least matched by those of Andrew and Annabella, Rupert and Amanda, and Eugene and Rapunzel.

"Mmmm…." The two teenagers quite loudly sighed as they closed their eyes, took a small step towards the other and gently embraced the other with foreheads touching and looked inward as they brought their two singular auras together into a much larger, brighter and presently still quite invisible joined aura; bringing quite the large smile to everyone present especially those who had the ability to see the joined aura. Cassiopeia and Marcus had the largest smiles by far.

"Stephanie…?" Marcus shyly asked through their now firmly cemented link. The feeling of completeness completely overwhelmed him for he had no idea that such feelings truly existed.

"Yes, Marcus?" Stephanie asked, she too ever amazed at such wonderful feelings that she did not realize could truly exist.

"I know this is probably quite cliché, but have you ever felt anything like this before?"

"It may be cliché, but that does not matter to me right now. What matters to me is that I have never felt as complete as I do now. I never knew that this emptiness inside me existed, let alone that it was tailored made for only you to fill. I was so envious of the link that Rapunzel shared with Eugene; each the other's soul mate. It never occurred to me that I might too have such a wonderful soul mate. I feel so honored."

"Stephanie, the honor is mine as you are quite the beautiful and wonderful young woman that your parents must be so proud of. Most importantly, I too did not know of this emptiness inside me that existed solely for you to fill. I understand why my father insisted I accompany him; how else to meet such a wonderful individual as you."

"Oh, Mark, that is so sweet of you. Now that our initial joining is complete, why do we not see how much closer we can become?"

"Ok, Stephie." Marcus replied; bringing a verbal giggle to Stephanie and a red tinge to both of the teenager's cheeks that brought even larger smiles to those present.

"I guess I can say that their first link was a success and that I also feel that they must have already made pet names for each other." A brightly smiling Catherine remarked.

"I am inclined to agree with you; on both counts. Now I feel that they are seeing how much closer they can become." William replied.

The group was shocked to see the first pair of teenagers faintly beginning to glow a surreal azul light. Mistress Cassiopeia and Lord Marcus were counted among those most shocked by this turn of events as they had never seen such a reaction in all their previous experiences. The joined azul aura of the two young people soon grew in brightness that matched that of the initial joining enjoyed by Eugene and Rapunzel.

Meanwhile, the young pair was deepening their connection and their relationship.

"Stephie, would I be out of line to ask you a certain question?" Marcus shyly asked. He was, even after all that had just occurred, reluctant to express those feelings that were plainly visible for Stephanie to see.

"Mark, sweetheart, please you do not need to be pensive with me as I can easily sense everything you are thinking. I already know the question you wish to ask, am flattered by it and I am sure you can sense my answer as well. Yes?"

"Well, yes I can, Stephie, my love. I will make it official though, as I am sure you will appreciate. Stephie, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh, Mark! I would be honored to be your girlfriend!"

"Mmmmm…!" The two suddenly sighed as they too moved even closer towards the other, brought their noses together, gently yet passionately kissed the other, and caused even larger smiles to the gathering.

"I guess my good friend Stephanie has a boyfriend, do you not think so, Eugene?" A brightly smiling Rapunzel asked her beau.

"Yes, I do think that Marcus junior has a girlfriend." Eugene replied as he smiled at both Rapunzel and his good friend, a similarly smiling Lord Marcus. Everyone, in fact, was quite happy at the unlikely turn of events; little Becky having the largest smile of all as she looked on as the embarrassed Pascal turned a very bright crimson.

Stephanie and Marcus were not the only two having success joining their auras with the other, however. The younger couple of crown princess Chelsea and Robert also were meeting with great success; success that would leave the gathering more shocked than before.

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