Once Upon a Time (T/G)

A/N: 'Once Upon a Time' is a short piece that illustrates the de-evolution of Tucker's feelings for Genevieve— from the beginning of their relationship until the present.

He had loved her with everything he had, once upon a time. Long ago, when he was young and naïve and stupid, he had loved her— he believed in fairy tales then, believed that she was the distressed princess.

Who was he kidding? He was no prince, never had been.

Her innocence was what he loved most about her, the way her eyes sparkled as she looked at him, unsure, and oh-so-blue. Though, soon enough, her eyes became hard and distant as she turned to another man.

To Colin.

That damn, powerful, worthless, ruthless man.

He had stripped Gen of her innocence, her humanity, created a heartless monster… But Tucker too had been maimed by life's unending array of curveballs, and he too became heartless, soulless, tearing down people and crushing their dreams, in an effort to hide the bruises and the pain, to hide the gaping hole where his heart had once been.

Hell, he didn't know better; after all, the man he became was in light of all that Genevieve had taught him, all that she had done to him. And so he puffed up his chest, strode into the fray of life and came out again, leaving no one standing.

Because all of his humanity, all of his true self— all that had been left in the long ago, dormant, frozen there in his own fairy tale, waiting for the happy ending that never would come.

A/N: Just a short piece on one of my personal favorite character and his broken heart. Hope you enjoyed it.