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"Mm, so you're inviting me to Yerba with you?" Cat asked as she and Tori cuddled on the couch.

"Yeah," the rockstar replied. "I wish it could just be the two of us, but I need to invite Andre because we can't do it on our own. But he'll be in a different room, Baby, so it'll just be the two of us at night." Cat grinned at that and leaned in to kiss Tori just as there was a knock on the door. Cat pouted as Tori stood to answer it.

"Hey Andre…" Tori's face fell as glasses and a puppet came into view. "…and Robbie."

Tori glanced at Cat to find her girlfriend examining a knife in the kitchen. "Cat, put the knife away."

"Kk." Cat said, waving the knife and making it fly past the three friends (narrowly avoiding slicing into Robbie's nose) and get stuck in a passing car.

"Never mind." Tori sighed, leading the two boys into the house. Tori showed the guys the same thing she had shown Cat on the laptop. Things went slightly downhill when she was forced to take Trina with her with the bribe of a new car. The singer could tell that Cat was not happy about the development. As soon as they were in the brunette's room, Cat morphed into her demon form and pouted.

"Do we HAVE to bring Trina?" Cat inquired, ears drooping sadly.

"So that she doesn't harm my parents again." Tori replied, changing into her demon form as well. "Plus, I'll have a new car so that I can see you more often."

"Either way, a week with no touchy from Tori is torture."

Tori took one look at Cat's puppy dog kitten eyes and waved her hands,; Cat didn't even turn as she heard the clink of chains forming on the door. "Well, you can get touchy from Tori now."

A large smile slowly spread across Cat's lips as she asked, "Since it's Friday, can I get touchy from Tori tomorrow and Sunday too?"

Tori pulled Cat close and nipped the pointed ears, her claws stroking Cat's back. "Of course, Kitten."

Cat moaned and leaned into Tori's larger shaggier form happily, leaning up to kiss the other she-demon. "Good."

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