Godzilla and Rodan were on the other side of Monster Island, raiding the female monsters' panties. Godzilla and Rodan were giggling like idiots as they had the panties on their heads, the panties being pink and yellow colored. The residential Mothra, who was in her adult moth form, flew over towards the section, gasping as she saw all of the panties on the ground, as well as noticing Godzilla and Rodan.

"Oooh!" Mothra fumed as she tackled Godzilla and Rodan down, using her yellow poison powder on them. "You two dorks always do bad things when you're bored!"

Godzilla and Rodan coughed as they got back up to their feet, shaking off the poisonous powder. Mothra stopped using the powder, although she was still enraged, and rightfully so.

"Hey girl, can you just be calm for once, like you always are?" Godzilla asked as he shrugged.

Rodan nodded in agreement, a pair of blue panties around his neck. "Yeah, we're just having fun doing stupid stuff."

Mothra murmured as she flapped her rainbow, butterfly wings. "Well, if you want to be idiots, then I guess you could go fight some generic monsters of the day on Generic Island Of The Day nearby." She turned herself around, pointing to the eastern direction. "It'll make you two happy, and keep you out of trouble."

Godzilla and Rodan looked at each other and nodded, but not before giving Mothra a wedgie, leaving her hanging on the top of a nearby mountain as they laughed, heading eastward as Godzilla went into the salty water while Rodan flew in the sky.

"Hey! This isn't funny!" Mothra exclaimed, her pink panties hanging from the ledge, "These aren't suppose to tear, guys!"