Godzilla and Rodan got bored of tormenting Mothra, so they decided to fly across all of Monster Island. Well, walk in Godzilla's case. Anyway, the two morons were looking for something to do, so they stopped by King Kong's place on the island.

"Oh man, this will be great," Godzilla chuckled as he rubbed his reptilian hands together. "Ol' Kong won't know what hit him. You're ready, Rodan?"

Rodan smirked as he nodded his head. "You bet. One windy wake up call, coming up." Rodan began moving his gigantic wings back and forth, creating huge gusts of wind. Of course, Godzilla hid behind Rodan, to prevent being bowled over by the strong winds.

King Kong was sleeping on the smooth green grass amongst the tropical palm trees, groaning as he shivered, feeling the cool air pulling in as he tried fighting it. He twisted and turned, his facial expressions changing in pitch as they were mostly of annoyance, with Godzilla and Rodan giggling like young girls.