The Return to Soroity Row

"Don't Open the Closet!"

Maggie Blaire stumbles into her bedroom after a long night of partying at the Delta frat house. She was wearing a peach colored dress that stopped a little be fore her knees. Her curled brownish blonde hair cascaded down her back and her makeup was smeared down her cheeks. She fell on her bed laughing and letting the empty bottle of Captain Morgan fall to her bedside. The first part of why she was drunk that night is because it was the beginning of her senior year and that meant it also was the four year anniversary of the death of her sister, Megan and the pain of her death was just so unbearable she couldn't help drink the pain way. The other reason is that she was your typical college party girl and spent most of nights drunk and pasted out on her bedroom floor. After laying on her bed for about ten minutes she kicked off her black stiletto heel and ran into her bathroom to vomit up her third lemon- lime margaretta. After she was done she went over to her mirror and put her head down in the sink. At this time she was thinking about the night that the Theta Pi massacre happened. Her mind keep reliving the fire that trapped in a corner of living room. She could almost fell the fire on her very skin. Melting her flesh down to her bones. She covered her face with water trying to wash away the image. She looked up to find her sisters tomb stone sitting at thefoot of her bed! She put her head back down into the sink then quickly came back up to see if it was stiil there. It was gone but she still had noticed something strange near her bed. She walked over to her night stand to get a better look of what it was and to her surprise it was framed picture of Megan with a note that said "Theta Pi Must Die!" Maggie paniced and dropped the picture letting it schatter onto the floor. Maggie stepped on ridged piece and fell back nearly screaming in terror. She got her cell phone out of her purse to cell the police and noticed that on the back something was hanging on the back. It was a sicky note with a message wriiten on it. "Don't Check the Closet!" Maggie's head snapped in the direction of her closet and slowly started to walk towards it. She grabbed her nail file from her night stand knowing it wouldn't do much but felt a little more safe with it. She slowly got to her closet and began to open it. Her eyes filled up with so many tears that it was almost blinding her. She took a deep breath and opened the door with meaning and force. She screamed but soon realized nothing was there but a note hanging by a string that made the light work.

"Its Just a Joke! Right?" Maggie read. She began to fell sick to her stomach and starting crying out for help but soon stopped when a piece of glass from the picture was stabbed into the back of her head by a blck hooded person in a graduation gown.