Where it all began!

Cassidy pulls up to the Theta house slowly almost like she was trying to process where she actually was. Even though it's been four years she is still waking up in cold sweats, having nightmares and reliving every death through the eyes of her late sisters She once went so far as cutting her wrist to try to make the pain go way. Why won't it go way?

She gets out of the car walks up the stone stairs to the double french doors that lead to the living room where the new house mother and sisters were wating.

"She's here, she's here! Trina said as she skips back to her place on the couch from the window.

"Gosh get wet why don't you," Michelle rolled her eyes as the other three girls began to laugh.

The girls now aren't any different from the girls in years passed. You have your ring leader, Michelle Totter, Jen Ross, the drunk party animal; Alex Starmost, the one with the relationship problems, and Trina Voss, the good girl of the group that the girls don't really like.

"Now girls remember what I told?" Ms. Wintermeyer asked.

"Young ladies are always on their best behavior," They all said mocking Ms. Wintermeyer's voice.

"Very good!" Ms. Wintermeyer began. "Now who wants to go get the wine from the basement?"

"I will." Jen said flying out of her chair but stumbling on her feet from already being half crocked. "If I have to stay in this hell hole all night might as well have a hangover."

"Ladies do not get hangovers," Ms. Wintermeyer scowled.

"They also don't get an STD but Jen has both so I guess she screwed," Michelle laughed."

"Haha, Fuck you!" Jen yelled as she ran down the basement stairs.

" Where's Maggie?" Ms. Wintermeyer asked.

"I haven't seen her sense last nights party,"Trina said. "I'll go find her."

" I have to go Ms. W. Josh needs help with geography," Alex exclaimed running to the back door.

" More like sexography," Michelle retortted as she fell back in her chair.

Meanwhile, Jen reached the refridgerator and took out the bottle of Merlow. She made looked to make sure no one was around and then untwisted the bootle cap. She let it pour down her throat as her eyes went to the back of her head. Then, she stopped and dropped the glass bottle to the ground. Her mouth started to foam and she started to vomit blood! She fell back and hit her head on the cement floor and she began to bleed to death. The dark figure came from out of the shadows of the basement and carved a message into her flesh. "Ladies do not get hangovers!"

The doorbell rang and Ms. Wintermeyer quickly opened it and greeted Cassidy.

"Welcome back Ms. Tappan!" Ms. Wintermeyer said.

"Home...Sweet...Home...sort of?" Cassidy replied.