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Chapter Start

Chapter 1

"Is she awakening? Or is she...?"

"Calm yourself professor. I assure you she will succeed."

"Doctor, I'm not sure if she will live in these conditions. Are you sure she will not die?"

A tall man dressed in a white overcoat looked at his colleague and said, "I gave her everything she needs to stay alive. The one thing she won't have is a memory. We set her with a name that suits her needs and put her at an appropriate age. We even put a tracker in the necklace she wears right now."

The man with glasses said, "You know that this is illegal."

"That's why we are doing this only once."

The other man took his glasses off and wiped them on the same overcoat like his colleague and put them back on asking, "She won't remember anything? Because if she fails, that's millions of dollars down the drain."

The taller man smirked, "She won't remember anything, I promise you. Come let us go."

The tall man started towards a door but waited for the other man. The man with glasses looked back at their creation and slowly went towards the same door. The taller man patted the other man on the back. They went through the door and the door disappeared.


The girl heard a door closing somewhere near her and she slowly opened her eyes. She felt cold marble under her body and above her was the ceiling. She lay there for a few more minutes before she sat up. Her head started to hurt and her muscles started to tingle. Where am I, she thought. She looked from left to right and saw trashed tables and upturned chairs. The girl stepped from the table and tried to find the door. Actually any door would be fine. Straight ahead of her she saw a double door went straight for it.

She opened the two and found another room with tables and chairs, all broken and papers were strewn everywhere. Stepping carefully, she made her way to another door. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a picture that stood out in the piles of strewn papers. The girl reached out and grabbed the paper of a boy with wings dressed in black. She looked at the picture for a long while before she put it away in a pocket on her dress. He looked familiar, she thought. She stopped in her tracks. She doesn't remember anything about her life before this. But somehow she had to find this boy, she just had to.

She opened another that showed another trashed room. Every room that she went through had broken and upturned tables and chairs. The girl felt as though she was going nowhere. She grabbed another broken door knob and enter a dark, dank hallway. A shiver ran up her spine. The hall went both ways into darker hallways. I'm not going either way, she thought, but I can't break down a wall with my bare hands.

Her bracelets started glowing with a bright light that seem to light up the hall. "Oh." she said out loud.

Instinctively, she went right and went down the corridor. She stopped at another door and opened them. What she saw was a room that wasn't as trashed as the others but still had broken tables and chairs. It was also bigger than the others with windows that looked outside. The girl approached the window warily and looked out. She saw houses close to each other with busy people going left and right. There was also children playing along the road. They ran around the adults in what seemed to be a game of tag. She smiled at their joyful faces and felt something behind her.

It made flapping sounds. She hastily looked back and saw nothing. The flapping started again and looked back at the window. She caught a glimpse of it and grabbed it. A wing bigger than what it should usually be. The girl followed back to the source and saw that it was her wings. I can fly, she thought. She looked around for the exit and saw big double door that looked like they were in the rotting process.

The girl carefully opened the door into bright light. She covered her eyes and was blinded momentarily. She peeked out between her fingers and saw the village again. For some reason, she didn't want to step out. Am I afraid, she thought. She took tentative steps outside and reached the top of the steps. She took in her surroundings. On both of her sides are overgrown bushes and grass that poured onto the concrete she was standing on. They grew in between the lines.

The girl was unsure what to do but stepped down anyway. She remembered that her wings were still out. She thought about what the people would think but they didn't pay any attention to her or her wings. Some kids that were resting stared at her wings. The girl didn't know where she wanted to go but her body had a destination in mind. But before she even entered the bustling village, a loud noise erupted from the southern side of it. A tremor shook everything around her and threw some people off balance. A crack went to the heart of the noise then a giant dog with two heads arose from the ground in a pillar of fire. The thing roared and started demolishing everything in sight. No, this isn't real, the girl thought. But the fact she had wings didn't support what she thought. I have to have a weapon of some kind, the girl thought.

Her bracelets started to glow again but this time it was transforming her hands. They produced a black and white tiger-like pattern that ended at her shoulder. Her hands, however, were black and white gauntlets that ended at her elbow. Her fingernails changed into black and they became longer and sharper. She stared at her hands, or paws, for quite awhile in this situation. Her trance was interrupted by the dog which was staring straight at her.

The thing charged with speed that she didn't have time to react. The thing kicked her with its paw and she flew back into where she came out of. The building crashed down on her. She heard the dog triumphantly howled and continued to destroy the town in a jocular manner. The girl pushed rubble off of her and they landed with a loud thud. A pain traveled up her leg and she looked down. A piece was stuck on her thigh and blood was running freely down. The girl took a few deep breaths and shouted, "You...won't...get away...that easily!"

She jumped off the rubble and her hands were shining brightly. Her wings were also flapping behind her. The two headed dog looked back at her with anger. The heads breathed out fireballs which the girl dodged quickly. She started to advance towards the dog while he was busy shooting at her with fireballs. The girl heard cries below her, "What is she doing?!", "Twinbellows will kill her!", "Wait look at her arms!"

So, he's called Twinbellows, huh, she thought. She closed the distance between the two heads and her. She used her claws to swipe at his head and she hit home. The girl hit one of them in the eye and the other on the nose. They cried out in pain but still had her locked on. She flew away from their gnashing teeth as they tried to bite her. She then gave a powerful flap as she traveled over the heads. The girl made her way on their back and she grabbed their ears. Asking for strength to something, she lifted them up in air and threw them back down. While they fell, she shot a light orb that when it combusted it covered Twinbellows, head to tail.

A voice out of nowhere shouted angrily at her, "What have you done?! You ruined everything!"

Twinbellows stood up shakily and shook the light off hastily and the voice said, "Come back Twinbellows. Next time, I'll make sure you die young lady."

At that the dog was gone and the voice didn't speak again. Letting out a breath of relief she descended back to Earth. The people were cheering for her as she landed. The girl staggered and sat down on a piece of rubble. A man came forward and asked, "If I may ask, what is your name young lady?"

The girl took in a few breaths and replied, "Kenya."

The man smiled, "You have done us some good Kenya. Tell me, are you part of Palutena's army?"


People around them exclaimed as they saw another angel like Kenya descend. Kenya looked at the boy with interest also. Brown hair, blue eyes, a white tunic shirt with something like a skirt, and a blue intricate bow. She felt as though she knew this boy somehow. The boy approached the man that was talking to Kenya and said, "What happened here?"

"Twinbellows attacked our town again but then she arrived to save us." he motioned towards Kenya.

The boy looked at Kenya and approached her. When Kenya felt as though he got too close, she shot up, pointed one of her sharp claws at his nose, and said, "Back off."

The boy raised his hands and walked backwards a few paces. Then he asked, "What's your name?"

"Kenya. You?"

"Pit. I'm not here to hurt like Twinbellows but I was sent here to investigate what was happening. But it looks like you took care of everything."

Kenya dropped her hand and sat back down. Something clicked in her mind and she reached into her pocket. She pulled out the paper, carefully unfolded it and showed it to Pit asking, "Do you know who this is?"

Pit stared at it for a moment and said, "Yeah, it's Pittoo. I mean, Dark Pit," he looked back at her, "What about him?"

"Do you know where he is?"

"Yes." Pit said warily.

"Oh, okay. Just, uh, just wanted to know."


Kenya paused for a moment. She didn't really have a good reason. She finally replied, "I actually don't know why but I feel as though I should know him. Or you."

Pit was silent for a moment when another voice, a feminine voice, said, "Pit are you done?"

"Oh, Lady Palutena! I found someone that defeated Twinbellows."

This woman sounds a whole lot nicer than the other one, Kenya thought. "Oh really," the voice asked, "who is this person that single handedly defeated Twinbellows?"

"Um, well, she's actually with me now. Her name's Kenya."

A silhouette formed first then it revealed a woman with green hair and a staff. Pit kneeled on one knee. Kenya eyed the woman warily. Palutena smiled and said, "Well are you the one that took down Twinbellows?"

Kenya nodded. Palutena looked at Pit and asked, "Did she ask for something?"

"She asked for Dark Pit but nothing more."

Palutena thought about what she should do. It would be nice to have another angel around. Especially if it was a girl angel. Palutena smiled at Kenya again, "You can come with us. If you want to."

Kenya bowed her head and thanked her. Of course Kenya took the offer. She had nowhere else to go. "Do you need the power of flight?" Palutena asked.

"No ma'am. I can fly on my own."


Kenya's first flight left her exhilarated. She flew above mountains and lakes, rivers and forests. She even laughed with glee as she looked down at the land. Once she paid attention again, they both stopped at a door in midair. Kenya made a confused sound and looked at Pit. Pit made his way to the door and pushed it in. The door opened with ease and he stepped through. When Kenya didn't come after him he looked out again and motioned for her to come.

She stepped inside and the door closed behind her. They walked down a dark hallway that looked familiar to the building she was in. Then they entered a brightly lit room. Pit turned back to her and stated, "This is called the Temple. I guess this is where you'll be staying."

To her right, Kenya saw Palutena sitting down and drinking something. Pit casually walked over to her and plopped down on an open seat saying, "Aw, why did I go when someone else had already taken care of it?"

Palutena put her drink down, "Pit if you had not went, and Kenya wasn't there then you'd let all the humans die."

Pit sighed, "Yeah, okay, I know."

Palutena looked back and saw Kenya staring blankly at the ground. "Kenya?" Palutena called.

Kenya looked at the goddess and responded, "Yes?"

"Would you like to come and sit with us?"

Kenya slowly made her way to an open seat across Pit. When she sat down, Palutena said, "Hello. I'm Palutena, the goddess of light. And the young boy across you is Pit."

Kenya nodded. "Would you like something to drink?" Palutena asked.

"Um, sure."

"What about you Pit?"


Palutena got up and walked towards a doorway. Kenya sagged on her seat thinking about what happened before all of this. She tried breaching a wall in her mind but it was built too solidly to destroy. Kenya sighed again and started tapping her foot. Pit just looked at the ground. When Palutena returned with three cups of tea, she asked Kenya, "Why did you want to come to Skyworld?"

"I, uh, I don't have any memories about me before all this happened. I also have nowhere else to go."

Palutena raised her eyebrows while sipping her drink, "Oh really? You don't remember anything before you defeated Twinbellows?"

Kenya nodded her head. "Very peculiar." Palutena commented.

Palutena then stated, "Well, you're welcome to stay here as long as you want until you remember your purpose."

There was a knock at the Temple door. "Pit could you go get that?" Palutena asked.

Behind the door was Viridi and Dark Pit who asked if they could come in. Viridi approached Palutena, about to say something but spotted Kenya. Viridi raised her eyebrows in recognition, "Aren't you the one that defeated Twinbellows?"

Kenya slowly nodded. Viridi made a huh sound and said, "I've heard about you. They're even talking about you in the Underworld. I never thought rumors can spread that fast. I don't suppose you're an angel?"

Pit and Dark Pit eventually came and sat in empty seats. "Actually," Kenya said, "I don't know what I am. I have wings but they fold up into my back."

The boys had confused looks on their faces and so did the two goddesses. "This is very interesting indeed. May I see?" Palutena said.

Kenya stood and turned to show her back. She thought about her wings and they folded out like paper first. It folded out forward but then it started unfolding in different directions to make the outline of the wings. Then when the wings were done unfolding, they turned white and jutted out paper feathers. Then the wings gained volume and was made more realistic. Kenya turned back around to see their faces. Everyone was silent as she put her wings back inside of her. Dark Pit spoke up, "So you're a clockwork angel or something?"

Kenya lifted her shoulders and sat back down. Palutena said, "If that's the only to explain it. No one in Skyworld can fold their wings like that. And so expertly."

"It's not me, it's the wings." Kenya said.

"However," Palutena spoke up, "that doesn't change the fact that your wings can work automatically. Do you have a weapon with you?"

Kenya summoned the black and white gauntlets again. Palutena and Viridi examined her melee weapon. "The pattern shows a white tiger. They're rare to find. How did you end up with this?" Viridi asked.

Kenya tilted her head with raised eyebrows. "Oh, right. You don't have any memories whatsoever."

"But it has something to do with these bracelets." Palutena added.

Viridi looked closer around it, "I think these bracelets contains a white tiger spirit. I found a crystal over here." She pointed at a small crystal lined with silver. Inside the crystal, there was a swirling black fog that went from image to image of white tigers doing different things. The two angels stared in awe when they looked a hunting scene playing out. A white tiger was crouched very low against the snow to camouflage itself. However, the scene changed to the same tiger tending to her young.

"Um, you guys?" Kenya spoke.

Everyone looked up, "May I put my arms down again?"

"Oh, we're very sorry. Yes, you may." Palutena said.

Everyone was silent for a moment before Palutena looked at Kenya and smiled, "Well, shall I show you to your room?"

Kenya nodded and followed the friendly goddess. She opened a door at the end of a hall and said, "Well, here you go. I hope you'll like it here."

Kenya smiled and walked in. The goddess left and closed the door behind her. Kenya fell to the bed and buried her head on the soft pillow. She sighed in relief and said out loud, "Well this might turn out better than I thought."

Chapter End

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