Aurthors Note: This chapter is short for its only the Prologue. Hope you enjoy it. More to come soon.


"You know Chase, one day you'll need me. One day you'll realize that JACK SPICER, evil boy genus, will be your lifesaver. One day you'll respect me and-"

Before Jack could finish a suitcase was shot at him like a bullet and struck his stomach. He fell to the ground attempting to regain his breath.

"Listen worm, and listen well. I have put up with you for longer then I needed. Your weak, annoying, and you leave your underwear all over the place"

Chase shuddered at the last thing he said. Still his eyes were closed and arms crossed. He had grown sick of Jack hanging around his place. Finally he decided that he shouldn't have to put up with him. He could of simply killed him, but then the blood would stain his nice stone floors. They were hard to get out.

"Oh poor Jack, maybe if you could actually fight, you might have a chance" said Wuya emerging behind Chase.

Chase twitched his right eye before getting an idea.

"You know since I'm throwing him out-"

Chase gripped Wuyas throat

"I might as well throw the other annoying one out"

Wuya was thrown right into Jack. Chase gave off a smirk now satisfied that two problems were gone. Why he didn't do it earlier, he was asking himself that now.

"Worm and Hag, if you two even step foot on my mountain, I'll kill you both. I kill you both at the front door so as not to stain my floors inside. Let that be your only warning"

Chase turned around but Jack got up, obviously not getting the message.

"You know Chase you may be almighty, but one day you'll be crawling to me. One day I, JACK SPICER, Prince offffffffffffffff-"

Jack shuttered at the last word as Chase picked him up. His face filled with Rage.


Jack tried to put how head further down his coat but it wouldn't do. He was terrified now. After a long pause, Chase dropped him and walked back into his lair. The stone door shutting behind him.

"I don't need him, right Wuya? I can win all by myself, right?"

Wuya burst into laughing unable to stop herself

"Please, as if you could actually take over the world. You can't even fight the monks"

"Neither can you" said Jack pointing an accusing finger at her.

"True but you saw how I almost won when I had my powers. And I still can kickass unlike you. Face it Jack, you terrible at your job"

Wuya picked herself up and walked away.

"And where are you going" he asked not wanting to be abandoned.

"To find Hannibal. He'll actually make a good teammate, someone I can count on"

"So even your leaving me. Doubting me I can take, but come on, even your leaving? We made a good team"

"Oh god Jack must I make it clear? Your not a villain, your the worse one. You can't win, no matter how hard you try, you can't do anything right."

"But I can, I can take over the world" said Jack now on the brink of tears.

Wuya again burst into a laughing fit

"Jack, you taking over the world is something that will NEVER happen. I've never said anything before hoping you figure it out by now but it seems you haven't. Your not the prince of darkness, trust me, I've seen people who are that title. You are a genius, but a terrible 'evil' one at that. You can't win a single showdown unless you have help. And even thou you have here and there, your luck is slimming down to nothing."

With that she started to walk off.

"You know Wuya, I'll be strong, it may take time, soon I'll be the one at the top. You, ALL OF YOU-"

He stopped for a second to be sure he had Wuyas attention.

"All of you, the almighty ones, the monks, Chase, Hannibal, and you will all eventually fall. And at the very top will be-"

"Spicer when I said leave, that also meant the whole mountain." yelled Chase on his balcony.

Wuya quickly scurried away while Jack picked up his suitcase.

"At the very top will be me, Jack Spicer, Ruler of the World." he muttered.