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Wuya woke up with a thumbing hangover. The smell of alcohol littered the air. She looked around the dark and damp room.

"Where am I?" She mumbled out

"Interrogation Room A" said a Jack-Bot

"Oh, what did I do last night?"

"Nothing but drink"

"Then why am I here?"

"You came here"


The Jack-Bot pointed its claw like finger to the prisoner chained above the ground

"That is prisoner 3920202, detain for attempting to assassinate the Ruler of the World"

"What happen to Prince of Darkness?" Remarked Wuya

"Lord Spicer found that too childish"

"Well ok, guess ill leave" said Wuya seeing no reason to stay further. She knew she must of wondered in here and passed out drunk.

"Do not forget you are to attend the ship, The Invincible to celebrate the defeat of the Asian Resistance and Invasion of America.

"Well tell Spicer I ain't going, I'm gonna go drink now"

"Lord Spicer has order me if you refuse, I am to sedate you and fly you over"

"Like hell your gonna stick a needle in me"

With that Wuya kicked the Jack-Bot across the room who crash into the wall.

"So be it, restrain her" said the Jack-Bot

Multiple Jack-Bots came from the shadows all flying to her. Now sober, Wuya could easily fight. She leapt up the air allowing two Jack-Bots to crash into each other, exploding on impact. Another one swung at her before she kicked its head off. Another one came at her, both arms stretched out, Wuya jumped over it, grabbed both its arms and ripping them off before turning around to slice the robot. Three more opened fire on her, but she leapt in the air easily smashing and slicing them. The one Jack-Bot who ordered the restraining hovered motionless with the sedative in his right claw. Wuya leapt behind him and he desperately tried to turn to stick her but Wuya used both hands to retrain his arm.

"Shit" was the last thing the Jack-Bot said before Wuya kicked it harder, breaking its arm off and having the robot fly across the room, this time exploding when it hit the wall. Wuya smiled triumphly at her recent victory.

"Well done Wuya, you killed off the security, no surprise for a depressed drunk"

Wuya turned to see a giant screen with Ashley on it.

"What do you want" asked Wuya nastily

"Why for you attend, it get so lonely without another girl in this ship" she said sarcastically

"I bet it does. Is that why you ordered those toys to restrain me?"

"Well I knew you would refuse, you always had to make things difficult. Besides it not hard to order the Jack-Bots when I the one who's built the system"

"Well I'll tell you what I told that hunk of metal, I'm not going, especially with a blonde bitch like you"

"Ugh, find, have it your way, but don't forget, at least I'm not some depressed drunk who spends her time drowning her sorrows because she didn't get to be ruler of the world. It's called GET OVER IT! Maybe if you actually got out more, you may accept it"

"The only thing I see is my failure! Thick black smoke, fear in people's eyes, the masses under one control, THAT SHOULD OF BEEN ME, NOT SPICER!"

"We'll guess what, it is Spicer, boo-hoo. But look at me, Im living the life"

"You never cared for world domination, you wouldn't understand"

"Puff, who cares who rules the world, as long as I'm set for life, I could careless who it was"



Wuya and Ashley looked to the new waking up Ashley who amazingly was asleep through the entire fight and argument.

"Awe, the little assassin is waking" said Ashley in sweet voice

"Wait what? Where am I?" Asked Jackie

"Interrogation Room little assassin"


"Oh Wuya, Bring her along to the ship so Spicer can be creeped out"

"For the last time I'm not-"

"For gods sake what else do you have better to do? Drink?"

Wuya gritted her teeth but knew she was right. What else did she have better to do?

"Find, but if you thing I'm gonna bring the girl, don't expect me too"

"Always gotta make things so much more complicated. Just have her be your servant or something to help clean you up. You look like a mess but then again, when's the last time you haven't?"

Ashley laughed at her own joke before quickly ending the transmission.

"I'm gonna strangle her!" Yelled Wuya. She looked up to see Jackie, fear in her eyes.

"Well, um, prisoner 392, um, ah screw it, what's your name?"

"Jackie" said the girl fearfully

"Well ok Jackie, lets go"


Wuya forgot the girl was chained and quickly jumped before easily breaking the chains off the girl. The girl fell to the ground, more freaked out then before.

"Come along Jackie, my room needs cleaning. You'll have to wear a gas mask because the atmosphere in the room is poisonous.

Jackie paled even more. She was swearing to herself for trying to kill Spicer. When she had found a flaw in the computerized bars, she used it to set herself free. She should of just ran but instead revenge consumed her, and now she was with this lady and felt like collapsing of the amount of alcohol she was smelling. The stench then grew and Jackie approached a room that smelled even worse. There was just mountains of bottles everywhere.

"You'll need this" said Wuya holding a gas mask.

"Now I'm going to take a shower, don't bother running, or the Jack-Bots will tear you up"

Wuya walked away and Jackie merely stood at the doorway. She quickly put the gas mask on knowing this was better then the prison where people would die daily, fighting each other for food. The sounds of footsteps filled the silence and Jackie turned to see a women in a maids outfit that looked no older then her.

"Nín hǎo wǒ de míngzì jiào wáng lì, nǐ shì shuí?"

Jackie merely stood their not understanding what she just said.

"Oh I'm sorry, I thought you spoke Chinese"

"Umm no, I speak English" said Jackie sounding more awkward as the seconds went by.

"Well my name is Wang Li, and you are?"

"Jackie Sims, nice to meet you?" Jackie took then took the gas mask off and they both shook hands

"So, how do I clean this?" Asked Jackie. Li looked over in the room to see the never ending mountains of beer bottles.

"Don't tell Lady Wuya-"

"Lady Wuya?"

"Yes the red head girl who usually spends her time drinking, but she rarely gets up"

"I think I know why, she was talking to this blonde girl on the screen"

"Ah yes, that Ashley, Spicer's head Scientist"

"They argued"

"Ha, they don't like each other" said Li

"Now don't tell her, but we keep a furnace down below"

Li hit a button and they entire floor opened up, the bottles all falling to a giant fire pit"

"Thank you, I think you just made my job a whole lot easier" chuckled Jackie

Suddenly louder footsteps drew both of their attention to Wuya, smelling a whole lot better with a new black robe.

"Alright you two, you both can go. Wait! You, Jackie, come with me since Ashley wants to see you so bad puff"

Li waved goodbye to Jackie as they made off. Jackie was a little sad, enjoying the company Li had given her even if it had been only a minute.

"How?" Said Wuya

"How what?"

"How did that slave clean the room so fast?"

"Um? We just did" said Jackie, not wanting to tell her the truth. Wuya shot her a nasty look before walking on.

They approached a hanger, with many Jack-Bots hovering around. In the hanger was a giant machine looking Tank. A giant "S" stretched across the front, in the middle a giant Laser. Next to it was a jet with Jack-Bots guarding it.

"Get on" ordered Wuya.

She looked around the hanger for a second before hopping on.


Ashley was typing onto a keyboard. Recently Omi had nearly broken the siege by managing to flood nearly half the army stationed their. What amazed her was the way Omi managed to draw water from a desert area and able to flood the Jack-Bots.

"So how long?"

She turned to see Spicer dressed in his Robe and for a second he looked imposing until he slouched over yawning to himself.

"Be patient why don't you" she said

"I just want to win. I'm nearly complete ruler of the world" he laughed

"It's funny how we all doubted you ya know."

"YES EVERYONE DOUBTED ME! Wuya is now a drunk, Chase hopefully broke his back somewhere and freezing to death, and, any word on him?"

"We'll check this out"

Jack leaned over her shoulder to see her pull up some images.

"This was Chinese Military Secrets, Hannibal tried to turn more people into monsters, but they can't survive a bullet" she chuckled

"Any word on the Chinese Resistance near our base?"

"Well according to the last report by the Jack-Bots, a Fired up girl blazed through them, carrying a limp body"

"Kimiko and Raimundo no doubt" said Jack

"Yes I'm tracking her movements, she's moving fast towards this location"

A red dot came on to where the ship was headed.

"We'll that should be easy" said Jack

"Yep it sure will, we'll I'm done, we 'll be near Omi by dawn"

"Alright I guess I'll go, I need my 12 hours anyway"