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"We're all born in a world of doubt, but there's no doubt I love you."-Green Day, "When It's Time"

"Oh, God…"

"Like that, Edwards?" Eli pulls away from my neck and ceases his ministrations under my bra. The smuggest smirk I've ever seen adorns his face; I don't know whether to smack him or shove his head in-between my breasts.

I groan and clench my eyes shut, harshly fisting the covers beneath me. "Shut. Up. Eli."

Laughter floods my ears, and I don't need to see his eyes to know they're sparkling. He is FAR too pleased with himself, as usual. "Okay, okay…I'll get back to business…"

"Wait," I push him off me and laugh at his look of delight when I unhook my bra and toss it to the floor with only the slightest bit of embarrassment.

Eli's eyes darken as he stares at my chest.

"What?" I ask while fighting the urge to cross my arms.

"It's just…" he trails off and licks his lips. "I know I've seen them before, but damn, Clare…"

His sentence goes unfinished because his mouth can't keep from mine. He tugs on my bottom lip with his teeth, forcing a jolt throughout my body and another involuntary moan out my mouth. I feel him smile against my lips before he pulls away. "Your boobs are fucking FANTASTIC."

A shade of pink begins to travel from my cheeks to my belly button. I try to cover up the blush, but Eli won't allow it. Pinning my wrists behind my head, he starts a trail of kisses down my neck toward my breasts. He releases my hands and I tangle them in his sweaty hair as he takes one nipple into his mouth and the other in his warm hand, moving in ways that make me feel amazing. Sweat drips from my brow as I rub myself against his leg, desperate for any sort of friction.

Eli must notice my frustration, because he soon stops what he's doing and moves his hand teasingly up my thighs before looping his fingers around the waistband of my underwear. "Clare. Look at me." His voice is surprisingly soft and without a trace of its usual cockiness.

My eyes flutter open, and I feel myself melt at the look of adoration on his face. Even when we're fooling around, which is fairly new for us, Eli never fails to make me feel far more special than I truly am. "Is this okay?" He tugs on my panties and looks at me with serious, heavily dilated eyes.

Unable to form coherent words in my mind's foggy state, I answer him with a nod. This is fairly new territory to us; he's used his hands on me once, and I've returned the favor twice. My blush increases at the very recent memory of my hand wrapped around Eli's penis an hour ago. I never could have imagined how good it would feel to make someone else so blissfully happy.

Eli sits up and rids me of my underwear before fervently attacking my lips again. Our tongues battle for dominance; unfortunately, I lose the war. When he plunges two fingers inside me, I feel my breath grow ragged and my heartbeat quicken.


He rips his mouth from mine, and I open my eyes for just long enough to see him in a look of deep concentration. His thumb brushes over my clit and I shudder with pleasure. "Oh…"

Eli latches his lips to the spot where my neck meets my shoulder as he speeds up his movements. I arch my back off his bed, and when he bites down, it's all over.

"Oh my God." Waves of pleasure pulse from my belly to my toes; Eli continues stroking me until I finish. Still shuddering when I finish, I brush Eli's hand aside, feeling rather sensitive after my intense orgasm.

Eli's face is lit up like a bright morning sky; he looks pleased with himself, and I can't really blame him. "I think watching you get off is the most spectacular sight I've ever seen," he declares in a serious voice. Mirth fills his eyes before he adds, "And keep in mind, I've seen the Grand Canyon!"

I giggle and pull Eli's shirtless body on top of my own. It's Friday afternoon; I had come over after school to "watch a movie" with him, but I'm fairly certain we both knew that wouldn't happen. We've been fooling around for weeks, and with every touch, every kiss, and every breath, I feel my desire to sleep with him grow exponentially.

He's patient with me, and never, ever pushes. I want to make love to him, more than I honestly ever thought I would, but something keeps holding me back. I just wish I knew what.

"I love you," Eli whispers softly in my ear before playfully biting it. His arms are wrapped tightly around me. Part of me wants to put my shirt, or at least bra, back on, but the feeling of our kissing skin is amazing and wins out.

"I love you too." I roll over and look at his smiling face. "You're pretty amazing."

Eli waggles his eyebrows. "Oh, you don't have to tell me." He smirks. "I know I have skills."

I punch his arm. "You're so gross," I declare, but the grin on my face undoubtedly cancels out my words.

"You wouldn't have me any other way, Edwards." He leans in for a quick kiss, and I know he's right. I refuse to admit it out loud, though, so I just snuggle deeper into his embrace.

After a few moments of cuddling, I peer over Eli's shoulder and notice the time. "I should go." I wiggle myself out of his arms and begin to dress my upper body.

"No," Eli whines, putting his arms around my naked torso. "You shouldn't." He places a kiss on the nape of my neck, and I desperately try to ignore the shivers it sends down my spine. "You should stay with me tonight, since, well, you know, YOUR PARENTS ARE OUT OF TOWN."

I laugh and roll my eyes. "Eli, I already told you, I promised Jake I'd keep him company tonight." I lightly push him away and resume dressing myself. "We haven't hung out in a while and made plans to order take out."

"Can't Katie keep him company?"

"She has plans with Marisol or something," I respond. Eli's been harping on me to stay over ever since he heard about Mom and Glenn's plans to take a cruise. I want to, and I'm sure I'll end up sleeping over at some point while my parents are out of the country. (It wouldn't be the first time, but something tells me THIS sleepover will be much less innocent than our first one during which we literally just cuddled and watched foreign films until falling asleep.)

My boyfriend sighs petulantly. "Fine." I turn to see him pouting like a two-year old. "Be that way."

"Oh, stop it." I kiss his cheek. "We're going to spend the whole day together tomorrow," I remind him.

His face lights up. "I know. I have big plans."

"Oh?" I quirk an eyebrow. "And what, pray tell, might these plans be?"

A devilish grin overtakes Eli's features, and I know I'm not getting anything out of him tonight. "That's for me to know and you to find out," he singsongs.

I roll my eyes and throw Eli's Dead Hand shirt at him. "Walk me to the door, Boyfriend-of-master-plans."

He does, and the searing kiss he leaves me with before I depart nearly sways me to stay after all.


I toss my book bag to the floor on my way to the kitchen. Loud music reverberates from upstairs. Jake is obviously listening to his dumb dub step music again. He once tried to explain what, exactly, dub step was to me, but I didn't care enough to pay attention. It IS hilarious to watch him attempt to dance to it while dressed to the nines in plaid, though.

Pulling a coke out of the fridge, I catch sight of my purity ring shining in the artificial light. I close the door and hop on the counter, running my thumb along the cool metal. I take it off and immediately feel nearly naked; the jewelry has adorned my hand for seven years. Thinking back on the day I made my vow to wait until marriage for sex, I feel just a little bit of resentment toward my parents. Who were they to tell me to make such as serious commitment during the earliest of my pre-pubescent years? I was completely blind to what I was promising that day. At ten, I never questioned my parents' actions or the decisions they made for me. Always eager to be the "good, perfect daughter", I went blindly ahead with whatever they told me to do,

"Pure Hearts Wait", reads the inscription on my ring. Part of me still believes in the sentiment, but I question so many things about this rounded piece of hollow silver and everything it stands for. The number one question on my mind: wait for WHAT?

I think over my Sunday school lessons. In Biblical times, women got married at ages much younger than I am now. Today, most young adults hold off on marriage until they have an education under their belt, a steady job, and a promising future. That path is certainly the one I intend to take, and I made that decision all on my own, no parental guidance needed.

I'm wondering if what pure hearts wait for is love. The real, all-consuming, passionate kind of love that makes you declare "forever and always" and mean it with every fiber of your being.

If that's what my vow means to me, then I believe that I've reached the point worth waiting for. Eli makes me feel unstoppable, and I know I'm lucky to have found him, especially at such a young age. I don't really think there is such a thing as soul mates, but I do believe that our souls compliment one another quite well. I love him; I've always loved him. He's IT for me, and I know he reciprocates the feeling.

So what are we waiting for?

Shaking my thoughts from my head before they can get me into too much trouble, I decide to head upstairs and ask Jake whether he's in the mood for pizza or Chinese food. The music becomes almost painfully loud by the time I'm outside his door. I enter without knocking and soon wish I hadn't.

"Hey Jake, do you want to get-OH MY GOD."

Of all the things I imagined I might see upon acquiring a new brother, never once did the scenario in which I see a topless Katie Matlin bouncing up and down on said brother's naked body cross my mind.

"Clare! Fuck!" Jake pulls Katie flush against his chest, which accomplishes nothing but granting me a view of her bare butt.

"Oh God," Katie moans.

"Clare?!" Jake asks with wide eyes, and it's in that moment I realize I'm still staring.

"I AM SO SORRY!" I turn around and bolt for my room, locking the door behind me and throwing myself under the covers of my bed as if attempting to hide from my embarrassment. No such luck, for I can't get the image of my brother and his naked girlfriend out of my head.

"Oh my God," I groan into my pillow before raising a hand to feel my impossibly hot cheek. I've suffered more than my share of embarrassment over the years: singing the hymn in the caf, the vibrator incident, the "stuff Clare says" debacle, and many more humiliating events make up the myriad that is my awkward past.

This, however, takes the mortifying cake.

I did not just see that.

I did not. I did not I did not I did not.

The mantra is of no use to me; the mental recording of the act I unfortunately witnessed plays over and over again in my head.

It's during what must be the hundredth time the horrifying scene folds out in my head that I realize something.

Katie sure looked like she was having fun.

"Clare?" Katie voice is muffled through the wall. She jiggles the doorknob. "Clare, come on. Let me in."

"I'd rather not!" I call out from under the covers.

"Clare." Her voice is stern, reluctantly leading me to grant her wish.

I can't look her in the eye upon opening the door. "Yes?"

"We should talk." She pushes past me and parks herself on my bed.

I close the door behind me and lean against it, sighing heavily while continuing to avoid eye contact at all costs.

I really don't want to have this conversation.