The walk back to Kurt's house is mostly silent, but comfortably so. Their breath steams the cold night air, mingling together before disappearing. Blaine roars, pretending to be a dragon to make Kurt laugh.

Between them, their split red string twinges once in awhile, tugging them closer as they walk.

The door creaks when Kurt pulls it slowly open, and they both freeze, listening for Burt's footsteps. When there's nothing, Kurt heaves a relieved breath and gives Blaine a grin that makes his heart jump in his chest.

When Kurt's bedroom door is safely shut behind them, Kurt asks, "I don't really feel like going to sleep. Do you?"

"Not really, no."

A slow smile spreads across Kurt's face. "Then I think we should do some experimenting."

When Blaine just blinks at him, Kurt hides his face in his hand, pink blush dusting across his cheeks and visible between his fingers. "Not what I meant. It's just…" he falters, his eyes avoiding Blaine's. "You can touch things, but not people. So what fits under 'things'? There's gotta be a limit."

Blaine drops himself onto Kurt's bed, pulling his legs up to sit crisscrossed. "So where do you suggest we start?"

Kurt bites his lip. "Well, clothing doesn't seem to stop you from going through people, so maybe if it's not being worn?" He gets up, fumbling around in his closet for a moment before returning with a soft-looking green sweater. He offers it to Blaine.

Blaine's tentative hand goes straight through it and he pulls back, slightly disappointed. Kurt sighs. "Clothes are a no-go at all then. Hmm…" his eyes fall to the comforter that Blaine is sitting on. He tugs it out from under Blaine, his soulmate falling backwards with a startled noise. "Sorry. Bedding? I mean, if someone else is holding it, that is?"

Blaine reaches out and grasps a corner of the comforter, tugging it from Kurt's hands. They share a smile as Blaine bunches the blanket in his hands absently. Pulling at the fabric, Blaine gets an idea. He stands, ignoring Kurt's confused look at his sudden enthusiasm, and pulls the blanket completely over himself, one corner covering his head like a hood.

"Blaine, what-"

"Hug me." He says, cutting Kurt off. Blaine can't bother fighting off his excited grin. Kurt gives him a look that very plainly states how loony he thinks Blaine is, but he opens his arms and steps forward anyway, letting Blaine shuffle closer.

As Kurt's arms hesitantly wrap around his comforter-covered back, Blaine holds his breath and hopes.

They don't pass through him.

Kurt lets out a small squeak and pulls him closer, making Blaine trip over the blanket edge. He lands against Kurt's chest, his head resting against Kurt's shoulder. Blaine can feel Kurt's laughter before he presses his lips to Blaine's crown through the blanket.

"You're a genius. A complete genius."

"And to think that this morning you thought I was an idiotic drunkard."

Kurt snorts. "Can you blame me?" He drags his hand down Blaine's back, fingers marking off where the knobs of Blaine's spine protrude as he presses the blanket against them. "I shouldn't care about you this much," Kurt murmurs, holding him impossibly tighter and swaying just a bit. "You turned up randomly in my yard, claimed to be my soulmate-"

"Which is extremely true, thank you,"

"-claimed to be my soulmate, told me that I'm going to d-die," Kurt stumbles over the word and Blaine tries to press himself even closer into his shoulder. "I don't even really know you."

"Please don't let go of me because you've had a sudden realization that I'm kind of a stranger. I might cry."

Kurt laughs, a choked little sound, but a laugh nonetheless. "It's really late. I should go to bed." Blaine sighs and reluctantly breaks free of Kurt's arms, backing away carefully do he doesn't trip again. Kurt disappears into his bathroom and Blaine fixes the comforter, tucking it back onto the bed.

He doesn't mean to be presumptuous, but the pillow and soft blanket look incredibly inviting. Blaine can't stop himself from curling up and dozing off.

It feels like mere seconds later when Kurt shakes him awake. The lights are off and it takes Blaine a moment to realize that Kurt managed to touch him. He squints into the darkness, making out the silhouette of Kurt's face and figure. "How-?"

"I had an idea. Promise you won't laugh?" Blaine nods, rubbing at his eyes as Kurt crawls into bed beside him. "Snuggie."


"Snuggie," Kurt confirms, holding his arms open in invitation. Blaine scoots into them, pressing his face into his soulmate's cloth-covered collarbone. "Tina got it for me as a joke. Glad it has some purpose." He reaches down to tug the comforter over Blaine and himself, covering his hands with the sleeves of the blanket once more. "I'll probably overheat, but I really don't care."

Blaine snuffles against his chest. "Love you," he mutters. Kurt freezes, but Blaine's too tired to think about it right now.

But as he drifts into unconsciousness, Blaine swears he hears Kurt answer with his own "Love you, too."

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