Another boring day at work for Jack Darby. Around four o clock his shift was over he went out side and put his old bike behind the store and locked it. He than

heard the sound of an engine he recognized and ran around the corner to see his favorite mechanical transforming partner Arcee. "How was work today Jack?"

Arcee said as Jack hopped on the seat and put his motorcycle helmet on. "Boring as usual Arcee, so whats on the agenda for today since we have a few hours

to kill" said Jack as they drove out of the parking lot. "Well we can go for a drive till I have to take you home before your mom gets home at 5:30pm to make

dinner" replied Arcee. As they drove around town Arcee had an emergency call on her intercom for her to come back to base and help bee with an energon

mine. "Copy that Ratchet ill be their as fast as possible but first I have to drop Jack off at home and you can ground bridge me back to base" Arcee said in her

intercom. "Be careful Arcee and kick some decepticon medal" said Jack. Arcee smiled to her her partner being so supportive of her and caring for her. "Hey Jack

Ratchets making me new blasters and I wanted to ask if you want to come with me and test them out in the dessert?" "Sure Arcee I would love to come and

watch you shoot and destroy thing" Jack said with a smile. It was now 5pm when Arcee and Jack made it to his house, Jack hoped off and put his helmet away

when he turned around "Arcee be extra careful out their cause ill hate to miss out on that date" said Jack teasing Arcee. "I will Jack now get some rest, ill pick

you up at 11 am" for that so called date Arcee said before going threw the ground bridge. Jack unlocked the door and walked inside took off his shoes and

went in to the living room to watch TV till his mom got home to make dinner. He plopped down on the couch and put his backpack on the floor. He soon fell

asleep only to hear his moms car pulling up to the drive way. She walked in and went inside the kitchen to start making dinner. "Hey mom how was work?" Jack

asked as he walked into the kitchen. "Ok we had some patients sick with the flu and on had an allergic reaction and was rushed to the emergency room" June

said looking at her son. Later that night Jack walked up stairs and went into his room, plopped down onto his bed and fell asleep. Jack woke up to the sound of

his alarm going off, he hit the off switch and got out of bed stretching. He saw that he slept with his yesterdays clothes on, so he went over to his dresser and

got out a clean pair of clothes. He walked out of his room and fell down the stairs cause he was still tired and he slipped on an old pair of shoes he forgot to

put away. "Aw my head, I should really watch my step or at least clean up after words cause that really hurt" Jack said while rubbing his head and back. He

than got up and his head still hurt from the fall of 15 stairs. As he made his way to the kitchen he was surprised to see breakfast on the table with a note

taped to the plate. He sat down and grabbed the note and read out loud

Dear Jack

I'm going to be late coming home tonight cause work is really packed and need everyone to help out. If you are in bed when I get home I just wanted to wish

you a happy 18th B-day and I told Arcee if anything happens to call me since I know you two have those thing still after you and that gross arachnid. Almost

forgot to say tomorrow ill take you out to dinner and that Arcee can join if she wants to.

Love: Mom

"Morning partner did you sleep well" said Arcee transformed in her robot form and sat inside the garage. "Yes Arcee I did and how was your mission with bee?"

Jack asked. "good we got a few energon cubes for us to use for a while" Arcee said with a smile. "So you ready to go for that date" Jack said with an excited

expression. "Ha ha yes Jack, I am but first we have to swing by the base and pick them up" Arcee said with a smile on her face before she transformed back

into her motorcycle form. It took them 30minutes to arrive at base and when they drove in jack noticed the lights were off. "hey did Fowler forget to pay the

electricity bill?" Jack asked Arcee as they drove in. Jack than got off of Arcee and she transformed, "i don't think he did" said Arcee looking down on the dark

figure do to the darkness of the base. Just than the lights came on and everyone including the auto bots "Happy birthday Jack" said everyone as they came out

of were they were hiding. Jack saw the party hat on Ratchets. "Nice hat Ratchet it suits you very well" said Jack laughing a little. "Don't get used to it Jack, im

only wearing it because its your birthday and plus Miko talked me into it" said Ratchet looking down at Jack. "Thanks guys really this is amazing" Jack said

amazed at all the hard work they put into it. After they all ate the cake agent Fowler had bought, Jack followed Arcee to her headquarters (aka) bed room.

"Look Jack we've been partners for 2 years and I don't know why but you have grown on me always their when I tell you to stay behind, always coming back

no matter what dangers are to come you are always next to me" said Arcee while looking at Jack and smiled. "Its ok Arcee I've grown to like you every day

especially since the first day I laid eyes on you, from that day on I've always loved you" said Jack hugging Arcee and she returned the favor and hugged him

back. "Jack can you close your eyes for me while I give you my birthday present" said Arcee while taking in a deep breath. "Ok Arcee but don't have anyone

scare me" Jack said, and than he felt Arcee's medal lips his his and it felt great and he didn't want it to stop so he put his hands around her head to saver this

moment. When they finally split apart Jack looked at Arcee, "don't tell any one cause if Optimus finds out" was all Arcee could get out before Jack cut in, "i know

Arcee its our little secret" Jack said with a smile. They walked out and saw Bulkhead walking down the hall, "hey where have you too been off to we were

looking for you for the pass 20 minutes" said Bulkhead looking at both of them. "Um" was all Jack could say when Arcee cut in, "we were deciding on what

objects I can try out my new blasters on" Arcee said trying not to look to suspicious.