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Chapter: 1

Clary was always the kind of student who sat in the middle of a classroom. Not the front where the goody-two-shoes sat, and not in the back where all the *popular kids* think it's cool to hang out. Siting in the middle gave you a good view of the board so you could take notes, and a great spot to pass notes to Sebastian Verlac, who always sat in the front and paid attention to class. Sebastian was the definition of perfection. One of the top athletes of Shadowhunter High, Deans List student, and the best friend of Clary Fray. It all started freshmen year…


"Damn it! What's wrong with this stupid lock!?" Clary mumbled. She had put in her combination eighteen times already and it never opened. Not even once. About to make her last threat and give up, someone tapped on her shoulder.

"Sometimes saying nice things to it works like a charm." Clary turned around to see the most beautiful guy she had ever seen before. His hair was black a messy, and his eyes were the color of chocolate, warm fudgy melty rich chocolate….

"Ummmm… I… I think this locker was made to hate me for life." Clary quickly came up with something instead of drooling over the hot, dark angel.

"Haha all the lockers here are like that. You just gotta show them some love." He said with a wink. He walked to the side of her, hit the locker in a few spots, and then the door magically popped open.

"Oh my Angel, thank you so much! I almost panicked about carry all these books around school." Clary said.

"Thank you actually. Now I have the important job of opening a locker for a damsel in distress. I'm Sebastian." His face wore a grin that was too cute for any guy. But it worked for him.

"I'm Clary but you don't have to worry about me. Just show me your magic locker opening skills and I'll be on my way to class!" Clary tried hard not to blush and form words at the same time.

"Don't worry, I never miss school and I'll send you my résumé later. You won't regret hiring me!" His grin grew wider.

"But…." Clary tried to stop this madness but he started walking away. Clary started walking to her class rerunning the scene that just happened moments ago in her head to make sure in wasn't a dream. A god sent dream where the hottest guy on Earth was going to open her locker every time she needed. Before she walked to the end of the hallway she heard someone say, "And I'll be waiting for you at your locker at the end of class!" Clary walked into her next class feeling like the luckiest girl on Earth.

*End Flashback*

Now a junior, Clary and Sebastian have been best friends ever since. Sebastian kept his promise of always opening her locker for her. Even though Clary hated the feeling of needing someone to do things for her, it was a constant reminder of how they met. She was glad to have met him but now thought of him as a second brother.

Jonathan, her real brother, was Sebastian's best friend. They both were seniors and they ruled the school together. It was a plus to be the sister and best friend to the two most popular boys at school. But Clary didn't think of herself as popular. She would rather sit in the art room and spend her time painting and sketching. But the three were joined at the hip and did everything together. They even made her try out for sports the way they did. Jonathan and Sebastian are both on the soccer team, football team, basketball team, and track team. Clary humored them by trying out for the soccer team. It was the only sport she actually liked. When she made the team, Jonathan started bragging about his sister becoming the next big soccer star. Sebastian would just look at her and smile like she was already a star.


Every day after school during soccer season, the three of them would head out to the field to start practice. But today, Clary had to ask Mr. Hodge a question on the science homework so the two boys headed out without her.

"So when are you gonna tell Clary you love her?" Jonathan asked.

"Way to start a conversation man, and no, I'm not gonna tell her just yet. I wanna wait for the perfect moment." Sebastian replied. Jonathan always knew Sebastian lover his little sister. From the moment they met, Jonathan could see the way he looked at her, how he placed her on a golden pedestal. He was glad that a guy like Sebastian like her, but was surprised that Clary didn't even notice him the way he noticed her.

"Well dude, you know I approve of you but I'm kinda tired of the love-sick puppy eyes you give her. She's my sister. It's gross. No me gusta." Jonathan complained.

"Shut the hell up man. A guy of my status does not do "love-sick puppy eyes"! That's just wrong to even think that!" Sebastian shouted back. He knew he was wrong. But would never admit that. Ever.

"Hey guys! What are you guys talking about?" Clary caught up with them on the field.

"Ohhhhh nothing… Just gossiping like two normal chaps do!" Jonathan said with a silly grin.

Clary laughed. "First of all, you said chaps, and no one says chaps. Secondly, don't gossip with poor Seb. He can't handle all that girly talk." She giggled at the sight of Seb pouting his lips.

"I can always count on Saint Clary to save me from the evil, evil Jonathan demon" Sebastian faked a sob here and there.

"VERLAC! FRAY AND FRAY! Five extra laps for talking! Shut up and start on it!" Coach Morgenstern blew his whistle and started drills with the other players. He planned on the boys and girls soccer team to dominate this year and was not putting up with any horsing around. Especially not the star members of his team.

"RACE YA!" Clary started to sprint around the track not waiting for the boys to answer. A few moments later, she was flanked on both sides by Sebastian and Jonathan. Clary loved competition, and but the boys always outran her. It didn't help that she was only five foot one while the boys towered over her by a foot.

"Maybe next time Clare-bear!" Jonathan laughed and surged forward. Sebastian winked at her and caught up with Jonathan. Clary rolled her eyes and finished her five laps five minutes after them.


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