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Couples; Sasuhina and Naruhina

April 26 was our three year anniversary. Naruto took me to a fancy restauant where you'd have to dress formal. These three years of being together was amazing but I wasn't fully satistfied. I was just 16 years old when we first when out. The first year was amazing but the second and now on our third year being together it got a little boring. I am still not sure it is love or it was just a childish crush.

"Hina-chan, are you there?" Naruto asked waving his hand in front of my eyes. Waking me from my daze.

"Naruto kun, I'm sorry I was just day dreaming." I said smiling, reaching for his hand to hold for an apologetic gesture.

"its okay Hina-chan," he said showing his famous foxy grin. "Anyways, I want to know if you want to move in with me."

My eyes had widen open from his question with shock. Even if I did sleep at Naruto occasionally, and he slept at mine. I personally didn't know if I was ready to move in with him. If I was still confused on our relationship.

"I'd love to move in with you Naruto-kun," I said smiling slighty. Naruto's reaction was excited. His deep ocean blue eyes were sparkling. I loved seeing him happy but sometimes it hurts me to lie to him.

"That's great!" Naruto shouted loudly. Everyone had stopped eating for a minute to check out what was going on between us.

"Naruto-kun, I think you should sit down. Everyone is starring" I said a blush appeared upon my cheeks.

"Alright, sorry Hina-chan. I'm just glad you accepted my request" He said while rubbing the back of his neck while taking a seat.

"I am just glad you finally asked" I said smiling, taking both of his hands with mine. "I love you Naruto."

"I love you too Hina-chan" Naruto said smiling. He leaned over the table, closing the distance between us, He slowly tangles his finger through my hair, looking deeply in my eyes. Ocean like eyes looking into winter white eyes like mine. He closes the distance between our lips, for one single kiss, but when that kiss came. All I felt was my heart stop. Only feeling my heart returning to its normal pace. Soon as the kiss was over, I felt relieved and guilty for such a feeling.

"I will be right back Hina-chan," he said smiling sheepishly. Naruto quickly left the table walking out of the restuarant doors. I sighed out of relief. I slowly placed my hand over my chest to feel if it was all in my mind that my heart has gone to it's normal pace. Sadly I felt nothing but a steady heart beat and the butterflies in my stomach had been long gone since the kiss.

"Excuse me maddam? The gentlemen over there had asked me to give you this note and a glass of our famous red wine," the waiter said smiling passing me the note while placing the glass on the table. As soon as he left I opened the note reading what was on it.

Here's my number, 759-4634. I hope you like red wine.



Your Beautiful.

I looked where the waiter had said where he was sitting. I met eyes with the mysterious man. His eyes was as black as the midnight sky, his hair was raven black. He wore a black suit with a white shirt underneath
and a black tie under the jacket. He winked at me smirking. My heart had skipped a beat from the sight of a beautiful raven hairred man. I smiled feeling my face burning knowing full well my face must looked like a tomato right now.

to be continued...

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