Milk and Pepsi is the best

Better by far than all the rest

Milk so smooth, Pepsi so sweet

It's the drink that can't be beat

Any time, night or day

My craving just won't go away

Until I have just one more taste

I never let it go to waste

For milk and Pepsi I'm so glad

Or else I'd go stark raving mad

I proclaim, loud and clear

Nothing else to me is so dear

By the glass or by the cup

I just can't wait to drink it up

Milk and Pepsi puts a smile on my face

It makes the world a better place

At the beach or in the park

Morning time or after dark

It's the taste I put above

Everything else I truly love

With a flavor so sublime

I enjoy it any time

It puts the bounce in my step

It fills me with pep

When I'm thirsty, nothing else will do

Milk and Pepsi, I love you