The War for Pixie Hollow
by ShimmeringFairyPrion


Tagline: Before Neverland, Disbelief was the least of their worries...

According to history, In the Realm of the Never Fairies: The Secret World of Pixie Hollow, pg 64, it reads:
"Pixie Hollow was not always the small patch of Never Land's forest that it is now. Once it was a great kingdom, covering forests, canyons, mountains, and lakes. Back then, it was a separate place from Never Land. To get there, you had to fly through a secret portal hidden behind a waterfall...There was no Home Tree. In its place stood the Pixie Dust Tree...

The fairies lived this way happily for many years. Then came a battle that destroyed the Pixie Dust Tree. Pixie Hollow itself began to disappear, for without dust there could be no magic, and without magic there would be no belief in fairies. The fairies feared for their existence. And then they found Mother Dove."

Get ready for a story over 2 years in the making.
Get ready for the never-before-told story of the sacrifice, destruction, and glory of Pixie Hollow before Never Land.

A storm over the sea is filled with lightning flashes ever second.
But not a sound is heard.

A laugh travels through to Pixie Hollow.

A new fairy emerges...her glow shining pink instead of yellow-gold.

"My name is Alivia. My talent in battle..."

As she gets familiar with her new life, she meets a sparrowman named Caradoc (Doc for short).
The two become best of friends and work and play together in peace.

Another fairy emerges...this one different from the rest.
She fulfills an ancient prophecy.
That after her marked arrival, Pixie Hollow will be utterly destroyed.
She is shunned and tormented, everyone fears for their lives.
"We'll take care of you." reassure Alivia and Caradoc.

A fairy named Fieva, armed with genius and genocidal visions, rises up and crowns herself queen...

Her machinations and armies terrorize and slaughter everyone she touches...

She brings weapons that are no match for the Royal Defense Force of Pixie Hollow...

Alivia pulls out her katana, back to back with Doc.

"I serve only one queen."

Doc arms his crossbow.

"Bring it on."

Arrows block out the sun...

Fairies collide in midair...

New weaponry is launched...variants of engineered Dust...
Dust on fairies is cancelled with Anti-Dust...

Fairies plummet from the sky...

Helpless on the ground, unable to fight...

[ scene change ]

"Claire!" as Doc grabs her from falling off a cliff...
[ scene change ]
A young fairy and sparrowman are standing in a charred countryside, the latter picks a surviving flower and gives it to the fairy...they embrace, their wings beating fast, and kiss, knowing they could die before the day is over...
[ scene change ]
Non-combatants are not spared from the wrath of Queen Fieva...
Rotating-Cylinder crossbows fire nonstop...

Swords are shattered...
Hope is all but lost...
black screen, only voices

"Why do we protect Clumsies?"
"We need them to survive...and it's the right thing to do"
The Dust Tree comes into view

It is destroyed in a fireball, wiping out trees within its radius...
Earthquakes tear the beautiful land apart...
Hurricanes and fire engulf vegetation...
The sky is mixed with day and night simultaneously...

The surviving stockpiles will not last forever…

The only hope besides sure annihilation is exodus...

Find out how Mother Dove came into existence, Clarion's beginnings, and the valor of new characters in this action-packed, author's interpretation of the untold history of Pixie Hollow.


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Everything else was constructed by me, ShimmeringFairyPrion.

This fanfiction story is based on the Disney Fairies® stories, including but not limited to:

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