Chapter 6: -Dawn of Destruction-

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Alivia and Caradoc worked together when they could, played together, and enjoyed life.
Caradoc was always a gentleman and Alivia was always a lady.
They became friends and it was like the lyrics from the song "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse "Forgetting all I'm lacking / Completely incomplete /."
They loved each other platonically. They hugged each other, looked at the clouds and stars together, and washed each other's wings occasionally.
They hoped this would never end.

After a year and a half of friendship, a new Arrival emerged.
The arrival carrier was a pure white rose. It drifted slowly and gently and then rested delicately upon the Arrival Landing Platform.

A fairy slowly stood up; her eyes were sweet, innocent, and adorable. Her wings looked like butterfly wings in shape, they were fluffy but not exactly like a bird's. Her gown and hair were pure white; but the most extraordinary thing about her was that her glow was also pure white. Not a single speck of yellow.

Everyone gasped in amazement.
The new fairy looked at all present and smiled.
"Fly with you everyone. My name is Clairette. My talent is love…light…and the healing of others, and regeneration."
The same ID-talent who mocked Alivia came up.

"This one's Incomplete. She- Ow!"

The ID-talent suddenly had a flame on her butt and flew away, extinguishing herself in the fire-suppressant water basin.
Alivia smiled and tried to look innocent. Fortunately no one noticed the source. Further, the queen was busy elsewhere at the moment.

A young Clarion (who liked to be called "Ree") came up and shouted: "Wait! I have a clarion call of our destruction! Remember our history books? The famous legend, Dawn of Destruction? Let me remind you:

Dawn of Destruction

'An arrival in a white rose will appear / (11)
The destruction of the dust tree now draws near /

No other fairy such as her has existed / (12)
Avoid death, clinging to life she has persisted /

Wounds cannot last, weapons are pointless here / (10)
No matter poison, arrow, sword, or spear /

Losing loved ones and hope; of her they blacklisted / (12)

During her life, near extinction hath consisted / (12)

At the last hope of escape, it has become very clear / (14)
Only after her death, will fairies live another year /

She will be the end of us all!" Ree shouted and sat down amongst the crowd. She was dressed in yellow, her favorite color at the time {However, it is known that pink is her favorite later}. She was Caucasian, very attractive, had pretty blonde hair, and was highly skilled in combat.

Everyone murmured among themselves, then shouted "We must save ourselves! Kill her!" Then they charged at her like a riot, striking her.
Only 2 defended her: Alivia and Caradoc.

They fought off the fairies and sparrowmen with fire and water, but struggled with hand-to-hand combat.
They looked at Clairette, whose cuts, bruises, and other wounds vanished. She was just as healthy and pristine as the second she arrived. Blood was still on her arrival gown though.
Queen Miliani shouted "Enough!"

Everyone froze.

"What is the meaning of this?" the queen called.
"Did you hear the Legend of the End? This fairy will bring death to us all!"
"So she has a white rose as her arrival carrier! So what? That is no reason to use violence on an innocent fairy or sparrowman! You all can be severely punished!" the queen retorted.
"But look at her! Her injuries are gone!" they protested.
"You've got a lot of nerve talking to me like that! I saw her injuries; you could have killed her! And- What?!" the queen said.

The queen moved closer to examine the injuries and thought of the phrase "Wounds cannot last, weapons are pointless here."

An elderly couple was injured when the mob ran toward the Arrival. Clairette healed their wounds with white Dust. But not only were they healed, their aging was reversed…they were young again! Everyone stared in amazement. Fieva was in the crowd and placed her hand on her chin thinking hard. She smiled and took notes furiously.

Queen Miliani continued, "So far the legend is true. But we are Not going to sanction the killing of an individual without proof. Especially since she healed injured citizens tonight…and somehow…undid the process of aging. Alivia and Caradoc, you are to be publicly commended for your actions. You stood up to hundreds of fairies and sparrowmen to do what was right. In the face of overwhelming odds, I give you a medal. The medal of Unshakeable Integrity." the queen said, taking medals from her servants.

"Thank you your majesty," they said as they received the medals.
"Alivia. Caradoc," Miliani whispered.
"Yes, your majesty?" they asked.

"You are the only 2 I know who won't try to kill her. I need you 2 to quietly escort Clairette to a safe place and watch over her. I will do what I can. In the meantime, a trusted advisor, named Osprey, will train you and teach how to fight against armed enemies. He, along with a handpicked few will be under strict orders to defend all 3 of you. Understood?"
"Yes, your majesty. It will be done."
"I trust you will succeed." she whispered.

Alivia, Caradoc, and Clairette snuck away with some of the queen's Special Forces while the Queen distracted the masses with slideshow presentations made out of Dust on a virtual "screen." Ree sat next to her, with her head down, sad and defeated; for she felt guilty for what she instigated. She felt it was her duty to warn, but did not know that they would physically harm the Arrival. Instead, she expected a trial, hearing, and possibly exile. She was just trying to protect the queen.

Later that night, Clairette, Alivia, and Doc met Osprey, an older, wise, and experienced sparrowman who had seen fighting in the past.
"Good evening, I am Osprey, Human Technologies Division. I served in the Royal Defense Forces 9th Recon when I was younger."
"Human? Not Clumsy?" the 3 asked.

"No. Clumsy is an offensive term for beings who are so similar to us, that we are insulting ourselves. They even look like us, just larger and without wings. Tell me, what makes them so Clumsy anyway? I've seen plenty of fairies and sparrowmen who couldn't use coordination to save their lives. We must respect humans. Do we not rely on their belief in us? From now on, we say 'human.'"

"Now, my research has helped the queen in advancements in weaponry, fighting without flying, and understanding humanity. Too often the fairies rely on their wings. When fairies and sparrowmen play fun & games, they throw water at each other so they can't fly. What if that happened in a real battle? I will train you how to fight, even without Pixie Dust."

For whatever reason, Clairette chose not to fight or learn how to fight. So Alivia and Caradoc worked twice as hard, knowing her life depended on them. Clairette lived and learned schooling under the queen's fairy guards and tutors.

Osprey trained the 2 in exercising, dodging enemies, how to get out of control holds, manipulating their enemies' bodies, fighting without any Dust or the use of wings like humans do. They were also trained in swords, spears, bow & arrow, and the rotating crossbow. When not in training under Osprey, the queen's tutors trained them to refine their flight, defensive and offensive Dust capabilities, and fighting while flying.

After learning all they could, Alivia and Doc trained in the Royal Defense Forces Reserve Officer Training Corps for a few months. They learned how to march, military customs & courtesies, how to use the standard-issue weapons, how to wear the royal uniform with dignity, and military tactics. They learned how to write in Leaf Lettering, a language used by the military to communicate, with varying degrees of encryption and encoding. There was a common version that citizens that used direct letters for formal communication. They stood in uniform in the sun, before the queen, saluting her with their palms out facing her, just like the British Royal Air Force does. Of the millions of fairies and sparrowmen in Pixie Hollow, there were 4,200,000 fairies and sparrowmen in the Royal Defense Forces. They got to be a part of history and service, becoming more than just themselves. They felt satisfied in their new legacy.

Unfortunately, they were Medically Disqualified because they were both Incomplete. They felt like failures, not being able to serve Queen Miliani and give confidence to Clairette.

Clairette was still happy with their hard work. Alivia and Doc were depressed about not being able to join the Royal Defense Forces; but Clairette cheered them up.
"Thank you for saving my life on my birthday."
"No problem," they said.
"Look, I have pet doves. See?" Clairette said.
"That's great! They're so cute!" Alivia exclaimed.

Clairette continued "I like taking care of animals. I just wish I could heal fairies and sparrowmen too. I wish they stopped trying to kill me. But I cope with animals, knowing I may never be accepted amongst the rest of the population."

"You found a passion in life. I need to focus on what I have instead of what I don't have too," Doc said.
"I really do love humans and fairies and sparrowmen and animals. I love this place. I would never want to kill anyone or destroy anything. I don't even have weapons or talents in war. I cry sometimes because I feel their hatred and their fear of dying," Clairette sobbed.
"We believe you," Alivia and Doc said at the same time.

"Queen Miliani believes you too, otherwise she would have had you exiled or executed," Doc said.
"That's right. And I see innocence and goodness in you. You were right about your talent. I do see love in your eyes Clairette," Alivia said.
Clairette hugged her. Then she hugged Doc too.

Then she built 2 white roses out of Dust and gave one to each of them.
"How did you do that? Is it magic?" Alivia asked.

"The queen says that it is converting energy into matter; so it's science. And standard Dust shields the user from gravitational waves, allowing fairies to fly. Further, fire-talents simply convert pure energy into fuel mixed with heat. And water talents manipulate gravity mixed with focused diamagnetic fields to move water around. Pixie Dust is a catalyst, like a spark near dry wood and air."

"Cool! I can see you paid attention to the tutors too," said Doc.
"Many fairies and sparrowmen do not know what they are doing when performing their feats with Pixie Dust. We would not be able to survive without it. And if we ever lose it, we would be smaller versions of humans, and have to work very hard just to eat."
"Wow! You're really smart. You don't need to fight with skill like that," Alivia said.
"You're right, you can change the world with your mind, and let Alivia and I do the fighting," said Doc.
"We'll take care of you," reassured both of them.

"Thanks," said Clairette. She wanted to heal others in the medical areas, but was obviously not allowed due to everyone's fear of her. She held roses and slept in rose petals constantly. She wore a ring of tiny white flowers in her hair which she had constructed herself.

She liked dancing, singing, enjoying nature, and nurturing animals. Her smile was sincere, innocent, disarming, and seemed like purity itself. It touched Miliani, Alivia, and Doc; and they were shocked how so many could hate her so much.

Whenever they talked to Clairette, they felt warmth, comfort, joy, and innocence. They felt like she knew what was in their hearts before they did. It didn't feel invasive, but freeing. The new fairy was wise, smart, but humble and sweet. She never bragged about her talents or abilities.