Just as he opened his mouth to speak, he was interrupted by a deep baritone coming from behind him.

"Shut up, Lestrade. If I want them to know anything about me, I can tell them myself." Not even looking up from his phone he spoke, "My name is Sherlock Holmes. You are Joan Watson, the twin of the boy in front of you, John Watson. You have two older siblings, Harriet and Hamish Watson. You live with your mother. You don't normally wear those clothes, either of you. Both of you are more familiar with looser, more comfort-centered clothing. Today's outfits were inspired by a whim to try something new. They don't suit either of you, athletics uniforms would be much better. Now shut up, I've already had enough trouble from Anderson and Mycroft today." With that, he fell silent, still typing on his phone.

Joan and John stared at him, shocked and open-mouthed. Greg looked at them sheepishly and was about to apologize on Sherlock's behalf when Joan's mouth broke into a wide smile. "Ahahahahahahahaa!" She began to laugh, loud enough that people looked in from the hall. Greg looked at her, confused, while John began to grin. "Wow," he said, "How did you know all that? I mean, I realize this is a small town, but I don't think information travels that quickly." Joan was laughing so hard now she began to bang her hand on the desk while she silently shook in her seat. Sherlock looked up at the twins with a weird face on and John burst out laughing. "Joan!" he exclaimed! "Look! Look at his face! His expression!" Joan stopped laughing long enough to see Sherlock's expression, then joined John in laughing again. "That-that exp-press-sion, it's p-priceless!" Sherlock exchainged glances with Greg right before the bell rang for the start of class. The twins immediately sat up and began to look disinterested again. Sherlock turned back to his phone and Greg watched John and Joan with a perplexed look on his face until they both broke into grins. The teacher started the class by introducing the two new students who apparently had all their classes together. How convenient.

After school John, Joan and Greg went to the grass field to introduce John to the cricket team. Joan met the team as well then sat on the bleachers to draw. As the three headed home after practice, Greg living in the same apartment building, they saw Sherlock step into a limo pulled up in front of the school. As it drove off John turned to Greg. "So how did he know all that? First period, I mean, how could he tell us so much about ourselves when we had just arrived? He was supposed to introduce himself but all I got was that his name is Sherlock Holmes, he hates Anderson and this guy called Mycroft and he's an ass." Greg looked at the twins on either side of him. "Well, I suppose we should talk about the enigma that is Sherlock Holmes. When we get to the apartment building, ask your mother if you can stay over at my place tonight. My parents won't mind and we can talk all night about anything you guys like."

A/N: Alright, picking up where I left off, I think the next few chapters will be really short, depending on how much my muse decides to give me. Tell me what you think and whether I should add Moriarty later. Also, for the purposes of this story, Greg, Sherlock, Joan and John will be the same age with Donovan and Anderson a year ahead of them. Mycroft will be 4 years older and Sherlock and Greg may graduate early. I don't care what kinds of pairings happen in this story but if anyone wants anything specific I can make it work. I hope you enjoyed it!