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The HellSpawn approached a house as images of who he wasflashed through him. The house was a eerie green with a purple roof; there were many lawn gnomes on the front lawn that looked familiar. The door opened and a all green skinned man walked out of the door. The man looked about 19 or 18 he wore a red and pink uniform like robe, black jeans, and black boots.

"... Hey Zim.."


"You got my back right?"

"Of course Luxeron after all your my bestfriend."

"Zim! Wait up!" A feminine voice called. The HellSpawn's eyes widened. The girl looked about 17 with almost black hair with white streaks instead of purple, she wore a black skin tight tank, skinny jeans that were grey and knee high boots. the HellSpawn rememebered her.

"Halley..." Spawn sighed sad. The two were talking the Spawn couldn't make out any words. Zim stopped infront of the girl and said something he did hear.

"Hey. Things will get better." He said and kissed her forehead she sighed and the two left.

Spawn growled and clawed the tree feeling emotions rise up inside of him. "GOD NO!" His mind screamed. "God... How long was I gone?" Spawn growled on his knees. "Oh come on! Don't tell me your getting all depressed over a women?" The demonic women growled. Spawn didn't respond. "Ok so she was the most important thing in your whole universe; and your so called bestfriend replaced you as her little boy toy. She wanted company and you were to busy blowing planets up." The Demon hissed. Spawn growled and stood up.

"I'M NOT DEAD!" Spawn growled. "Believe what you want toots but as far as everyone knows a so called 'prince' by the name of Luxeron. Is dead." She said as Spawn started to walk away. "Look at it this way. Your girl? Got a whole new life now a promising writting carrer, a boyfriend who still has his face. What do you got baby?" She asked.

Spawn turned she disapeared the words echoed through his mind. "What do you got?"

Every new HellSpawn try to find some kind of hope that all of this is only a nightmare. Trying to deny what they have become.

Spawn was now over looking a large crater that was in a secluded area in the woods outside of the city. All inside the crater were fragment and debry of what was once a space ship, a Irken Space Ship, the warrior searched all around the rubble. Spawn stops when he finds a badly burned corpse. The body had burned mercky green and twisted antenna that were once pierced but the metal has since melted away from extreme heat.

Realization always hit the warriors and it always nearly kill the new HellSpawn. "My god... How did this happen to me?" Spawn asked. Suddenly the corpes had red eyes and grabbed Spawn by the neck. "You made a deal you stupid son of a bitch. You made a deal with Malbolga." It hissed in a inhuman voice.

"You cut a deal for your soul! The deal was you see Halley and become HellSpawn. NOW PAY THE PRICE!" It growled. "Get off me!" I hissed and kicked the corpes off. The rot brok and my decaying head popped off and rolled away.

He left that god forsaken place with his head hung low and his red cloak trailing behind him. "Understand now?" The demon cackled. Spawn glared at her as she approached him. "Anyways you got a job to-" She started. "Get the HELL away from me!" Spawn growled and returned to the alleys. "You know your kinda cute when you get all bossy like that?" She said to herself watching him leave.

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