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Chapter: The Beginning

"So Nami!" Arlong laughed as she started to run away, tears starting to form in her eyes, "Are you thinking of getting out of here? Hahahahaha!" Watching as his attractive orange haired navigator fleeing from the park. The blue skinned merman chuckled evilly as he settled back into his comfy chair before spotting something shiny coming from the sky. "Hmmm?…." Then from the sky a sharp 3 pronged short blade with a wooden handle with strange marking on it came down and punctured the concrete directly in front of the ruthless pirate.

"?Huh?" all of the Arlong pirates said curiously.

"SURELY I WILL HELP YOU!" exclaimed a red vested black hair boy to the sky. The orange haired girl, Nami, was on the ground, her arm bleeding from where she had stabbed a knife into her Arlong crew tattoo. Crying she looked at the hat that the boy had placed on her head and remembered the significance of the straw hat and what it truly meant to the boy. The boy started walking away from the girl and towards his other three crew members who were waiting for him. "Let's go." He said quietly to his crew with an serious look on his face.

"Yeah!" All three grunted. One grabbing his sword, another taking a puff of smoke from his cigarette, and the last adjusting his goggles. All leaving the navigator behind staring at their retreating forms.

"Aniki, you know you're a real bastard right?!" said a human sized amphibian to a blonde haired man who currently sitting on his head. The toad was red skinned and wearing a black hakama that was open in the front. On one side of him he had what looked like a large kodaichi. One of his eyes were yellow, and the other looked like had a silver cap over his eye, a brown strap wrapped around his head to hold it in place. There was a symbol on the cap that looked like a leaf.

"What are you talking about Gamakichi?!" Said the blonde haired man. He was wearing a large white shirt with an orange spiral symbol in the middle of it. He had navy blue pants on that stopped around his mid calves. Having both arms up he held a long sword across his shoulders behind his head. The sheath was pretty plain. Normal metal color while the hilt was sewn with a red fabric. Honestly, from the sheath and hilt, it really didn't look like it was that great of a sword. "I really don't know how any of this is my fault!" He said with a tick mark on his forehead. Looking at him, he looked pretty trim, about 19 or so, 6'0", long shaggy blonde hair that reached his shoulders. He had crystal blue eyes that were glaring at the toad underneath him. The most distinguishable feature about him though were the three lines that adorned each side of his face. "They were totally asking for it!" He said to his toad friend while looking around at the chaos and destruction that laid before them.

Around them there was fire and craters surrounding the area. The large building that stood in front of them was now turned into rubble. To both their left and right blood could be seen spread across the pavement along with bodies that were spread across the park. Fishermen body parts were littered around them.

"Hmphhh!" Snorted Gamakichi, "How is this not your fault! You spit a freakin senbon into that guys eye! What are you, Genma all of a sudden" The toad asked sarcastically looking at the senbon in the eye of a decapitated head in front of him. The blondes eye twitched.

"What?!" He said angrily looking down at the toad, "What the hell was I supposed to do?! Let him just continue to hold me by my shirt throwing me around?! Hell no! It was basically like having a ton of Kisame's in front of me all wanting to kill me" Gamakichi chuckled.

"Yea, but did you have to kill them all?" he said. The blonde scratched his cheek in question.

"Well… I didn't kill all of them." He stated. "There was that octopus guy who had the six swords. I Just kicked the hell out of him and he went flying off somewhere." Gamakichi just rolled his eyes again.

"Well I'm glad you had the decency to spare one of their lives out of the hundred that are here." He responded sarcastically. The blonde just shrugged looking at the decapitated fishman in front of him.

"What'd he say his name was again? Oolong? Hoe-long? Arlong? Something like that?" the blonde asked. The toad just shrugged.

"Meh, don't care enough to even remember. They may look like a bunch of Kisame's, but they were weak as hell!" The toad said with the blonde nodding his head in agreement. "Now let's get to somewhere where there's freshwater, all this salty air is causing me to chafe." Stated the toad as he began hopping towards the gate exiting the park. The blonde on top of him just shrugged and went along for the ride.

Coming from the opposite direction towards the park were two swordsmen with serious grimaces on their faces. One where a pair of sunglasses, while the other was wearing something that looked to be like red headgear. "Just wait till I get my hands on Arlong! Doing that to Nami-oneechan!" Cried the one with the sunglasses, "I'm gonna shove my sword so far up his ass he wont me sitting for weeks!"

"Wait your turn Jonny!" Said the man with the headgear, "When I get my hands on him, I'm gonna shove my sword up his ass so far he's gonna be tasting metal in his mouth for weeks." He finished with a fist pump in the air. This little banter between the two continued for awhile each saying how far they were gonna shove their swords up Arlong's ass until they came upon a site that they usually didn't witness everyday. Coming towards them was a human sized toad jumping down the road with a blonde man on its back. Not only that, but it seemed as though the toad and the man were arguing with one another.

"How the hell is it my fault that you have a rash?!" Cried the blonde man. "We didn't even go close to being in the water while we were here!" The toad continued to jump while getting a tick mark above its eye.

"You threw that damn kunai and freakin hiraishined our asses to this place. You could have scouted it out first and made sure that we weren't near the ocean!" The toad argued back.

"Well excuse me for including you on my little journey!" Said the blonde sarcastically rolling his eyes, "Oh wait! You were the one who begged me to take you with me when I left the elemental nations you crybaby!" He yelled.

"Go to hell aniki!" The toad growled back at him, "If I wasn't so damn itchi right now, I would slap you back to the elemental nations right now!" He paused as he saw the two swordsmen that they were coming up on. Both had their jaws open and were staring at them wide eyed. "Hey you two! Quit gawking! Ain't you ever seen a toad and his idiot summoner before! Ouch! Aniki you bastard!" Cried the toad as the blond used the end of his sheath to whack the toad on the head.

"Shut up Kichi! They're just normal people. Thank goodness too!" He sighed in relief, "I was hoping the rest of the world wasn't just Kisame's left and right. Oi! You two! Sorry about my buddy here." He said patting the toad on the head eliciting a growl from the giant toad. "He's just a little cranky right now. You boys know where we can find some fresh water around here?" He asked the two.

The two swordsmen, still in their little state of oooo's and awww's just pointed down the road. "Thanks a lot boys!" said the blonde cheerfully. "Giddy-up little toady!" He said to the toad.

"I'll giddy-up alright" He mumbled. "Giddy-up and kick your ass more like it." Hopping down the road where they were led. The two swordsmen just watched as the two headed down the road until they disappeared.

"…Well… That was weird and random." Jonny said with a sweatdrop forming on his face. The other just nodded his head in agreement before snapping back into his angry mode.

"Whatever! We still got to go shove our swords up Arlong's ass remember!" He cried out with another fist going in the air. Jonny's eye's widened with rememberance.

"That's right!" He cried out as well. Then the competition of whose sword would go up Arlong's ass continued.

"Oooohhhh yyyeeaaa…." said a much relived toad. "That feels much better" The two had found their little freshwater pond, which were actually just a bunch of rice patty fields, but hey, the toad wasn't complaining at all.

"There you go you big baby." The blonde said sitting on the toad chewing a piece of long grass that he had found. "You didn't even get wet from the ocean." Gamakichi just opened his eye and sighed, not even wanting to argue with the blonde because he was just glad the itching was over. "Anyways, now that we're here, let's think about what we are gonna do next." The toad looked up at him.

"I thought you knew what you wanted to do already?" Said the toad to the blonde. The blonde shook his head.

"Not really, I just figured we would just walk around and see what the world has to offer. I mean, we already went around the elemental nations, and there's nothing left." He finished grimly. Gamakichi quieted down as well remembering past events.

"Well what about those scrolls you picked up earlier from that Kisame look alike? What were those?" The toad questioned remembering the random things that they say while they were fighting the fishmen. The blonde's eyes widened.

"That's right!' He cried out swinging his bag that he had tied over one shoulder with a string attached to it. He then pulled out the scroll or parchment-like paper that was in the sack. "They were maps. There was a room there that was full of maps." He said smiling.

"Maps?" Gamakichi asked with the blonde nodding to him.

"Yea, and they were way detailed as well! I don't think that I have ever seen any maps like these before though." With that he rolled out a few and held them down for the toad to see. "I couldn't grab them all, cause there were a ton, but I just grabbed a few random one's." The toad continued gazing as the maps until he finally recognized it.

"These are nautical maps." He said with the blonde on top of him giving him a confused look. "Yea these maps are for the ocean. Aniki you dumbass, I don't want to be on the ocean the entire time!" He cried out. The blonde just shrugged.

"Oh well, we might as well see what else is on them. I'm not sure if I can follow these maps though. Never really been on the ocean." The toad sighed and closed his eye enjoying the freshwater cleansing his body.

"…..What the hell happened here?" whispered a man with a mustache that had many scars adoring his entire body. Gazing upon the once great Arlong park, the inhabitants of Cocoyashi Village just stared at the carnage that was within the park. The place was littered with kunai, shuriken's, and other bladed objects around the dozens and dozens of bodies that were on the ground.

Jonny and Yosaku's jaws were once again on the ground staring at the scene. A pretty blue haired busty girl looked on the scene with tears in her eyes. 'What is this? Is it over?' She thought, desperate to make sure that this was reality.

"Who could have done something like this?" A long nosed goggle wearing person asked eyes wide at the scene.

The navigator, Nami, walked up to the scene. Eye's crusted and red from the crying that she had done earlier. In a trance-like state, she walked past the villagers of Cocoyashi and into the park that she had entered so many times before. Oh how she hated walking into this place time after time again. This time though…. Nothing was left. She looked down at the bodies. 'Kuroobi, Chu…..' she thought. 'They are really all gone.' Then she came to another body, which she had known very well. The large muscular body of Arlong, with his tropical shirt on, laid on the ground, with his head off to the side with a what looked like to be a large needle stuck in his left eye. She continued to just stare at the head as though it were going to disappear at any moment and Arlong was going to pop out and scare the hell out of them. She continued staring until she heard a voice.

"Awww maaannnn." Said the black haired boy that had put his straw hat on her earlier. Once he also got over his initial shock he continued, "Someone already beat his ass already. I really wanted to do that." He said with a pout crossing his arms. Everybody just looked at him like he was crazy. Nami looked at him wide eyed.

"Wait! You didn't do this?!" Nami asked shocked. The red vested boy just shook his head.

"I-if you didn't do this then who did?" She cried out asking, "Zoro? Sanji? Usopp?" She questioned before thinking. "Nevermind that last one actually." Getting a face fault from the long nosed man wearing the goggles. Both the swordsman and the chef looked at each other and shook their heads as well. "Then who?!" She cried out. "Who could've had the power to do this?" Silence permeated throughout the crowd.

"W-w-well….." Started Jonny slightly raising his hand while Yosaku just shifted around nervously. "T-t-there was this one thing we saw on our way here." He said quietly, everyone now listening with rapt attention.

"I still don't get it Kichi." The whiskered blonde said on top of the toad, resting his fist on one side of his cheek other hand still holding his sword across his shoulders. "Gamatatsu is huge! Like Gamabunta huge! Why the heck haven't you grown at all?" He asked causing a tick mark to form on the red toad.

"I've already told you you dimwit!" He replied. "It's just like how Ma and Pa can kick the crap outta Bunta. Same thing with me. Gamatasu is huge, but make no mistake, I can kick his ass any day of the week! And my pops too mind you." He finished smugly with a grin on his face. The blonde just chuckled.

"Yea yea, I'll let Bunta know that next time I see him." He said with an evil grin getting a worried look coming from the toad. Looking up and peering off into the distance, he saw a multitude of people head down their way. "Wonder what they're up to." He thought aloud causing the large amphibian to look up at what the blonde was looking at.

"Dunno… Looks like they're coming over here though from the looks of it." Gamakichi said watching the crowd draw closer.

Once in sight, both Jonny and Yosaku started running until reaching the edge of the rice patty pond both pointing at the blonde and his toad. "That's him!" They shouted, "That's the guy that we saw earlier!" The blonde slightly lifted his head off of his fist and cocked his head off to the side in confusion staring at the two men who they had met earlier.

"What the hel…" The blonde started, before having a dark haired boy all of a sudden stretch his neck a ridiculous length way into the blondes personal comfort zone.

"YOU!" He yelled causing the blonde to put his hands up to his ears. "BECOME MY NAKAMA!"

"WHAAAATTTTT?!" Cried four other voices.

"Kichi… do you mind?" the blonde said still covering his ears. Then all of a sudden a long tongue shot out of the toad and stuck to the stretchy boys face.

"HMMMMPHHHH!" He cried out struggling to get oxygen to his lungs causing everyone around to get tense. The blonde saw this and with a wave of his hand the toad flicked his tongue and shot the boys head back to wear it belonged. The boy gasped for breathe while his friends looked over him to make sure he was alright.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR YOU DUMB FROG?!" he yelled at the toad causing him to gain a tick mark for being called a frog. The blonde just sighed.

"Dude." He started gaining his attention. "Haven't you ever heard of personal boundaries? That was waaayyy too close for comfort." Causing everyone to slightly relax but still be watchful of the blonde. The scarred man with a mustache then came to the front of the crowd making himself known to the blonde.

"Forgive him for that." He said quickly never taking his eyes off of the blonde. "He can be rash sometimes. My name is Genzo and I speak on behalf of Cocoyashi Village. We have a couple of questions for you if you don't mind answering them for us?" He asked trying his best to be respectful to this youth. 'I have to tread carefully here.' He thought, 'If he really did take down Arlong, there is no telling what he can do, especially to our homes.' The blonde looked over the man carefully as if he were evaluating him.

"Genzo…" he started, interrupting the scarred mans thoughts. "You are a man who has seen and experienced a lot of pain and suffering in you life haven't you?" Causing the mans eyes to widen. Looking over the entire multitude and getting a better view of them he continued, "Everyone here actually has suffered in one way or another…." He paused looking down and closing his eyes. "Now…. I wonder why that is? Even children…" he finished his statement opening his eyes with a sharp look. This caused Genzo to tighten up.

'What is he planning' he thought. Everyone else just silently stared at the blonde. Zoro's hands were on his swords just in case something went wrong. Sanji was carelessly smoking his cigarette, but his body was tense just in case something happened. Usopp was quaking in his boots left and right. Nami and her sister were huddled in close to each other expecting the worst. The straw hat wearing pirate was just smiling at the blonde imagining what job he could have the whiskered man do on his ship.

Then the blonde man just smiled, "Anyways, nice to meet you Genzo! My name is Namikazi Uzumaki Naruto. How do you do?" He asked politely getting a "Huh?" from the grizzly older man.

"Er… well, fine I guess…" He said awkwardly rubbing his arm wincing slightly at the wound he had received earlier. Naruto's noticed this but said nothing.

"Well what questions could you have for a wandering sage like myself then?" Naruto said with a smile.

'Sage?!' Everyone thought.

'Aren't sages supposed to be old men who sell charms and stuff?' thought Nami and her sister.

"Er… Well.. you see…. We were wondering if you had anything to do with what happened earlier at Arlong Park?" He asked Naruto awkwardly. The blonde looked at him in confusion as if he had never heard of the place before. Then placing his thumb and index finger under his chin he thought hard.

"Umm…. What supposedly happened there?" He asked the man. Causing the man to blink in surprise.

"Are you joking?!" He asked, "The entire park was demolished and destroyed! Every one of the Arlong pirate dead!" He cried out causing the blonde to stare at him before something clicked in his head.

"Oh!" He cried out. "Did they look really weird? Like they were fish people or something like that?" He asked causing the scarred man to nod his head furiously.

"Umm… I don't remember." Naruto said causing the entire multitude to face fault into the ground.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T REMEMBER?!" He cried out at the blonde, his hair being blown back by the power of his voice even though he was like 5 meters from the man. The blonde just gave a goofy smile and shrugged.

While the sheriff was yelling at the blonde for how someone can be stupid enough to not know if they fought one of the most powerful pirate in the East Blue, Zoro and Sanji were both scrutinizing the boy. 'He's a fighter that's for sure, if anything is to say about his eyes.' Thought Zoro, 'That sword isn't much to look at if that sheath has anything to say about it, I wonder how good he is with it though.'

'That look was pretty intense… He's dangerous.' Sanji thought.

Nami and her blue haired sister just looked at the blonde with amazement, one second he was dead scary serious, the next he's acting like a grinning idiot. 'Like a certain captain I know!' She thought with a small smile watching the blonde digging in his ear with his pinky from all the yelling the major was doing. When he found gold he sniffed and flicked it off casually.

"I don't see what the big deal is." He said causing the major to just stare at him. "If this Arlong dude was a tyrant to all you guys, shouldn't you guys be celebrating instead of grilling me?" He asked causing the major to grit his teeth.

"But we want to celebrate the person who freed us from his cruel hand!" He said exasperated, before another person came running in screaming.

"THE MARINES ARE HERE! HURRY AND GET BACK TO THE PARK!" He cried causing everyone to gasp before running away back in the direction they came from getting a eyebrow raise from the blonde. The only people that remained were Nami, her sister, the black haired kid with the scar who was still grinning, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp.

"…..Soooo…. What's up?" Naruto asked the six people left.

"Be my Nakama!" Cried out the stretchy guy causing Naruto to deadpan.

"WHAT?!" cried the same four from before.

"Luffy!" Yelled Nami. "You don't even know who this guy is! For all we know he could be dangerous to us all!" She cried out hitting Luffy on the head.

"Shishishishi…" Laughed Luffy. "Naw he's fine." Causing another eyebrow raise to come from Naruto. "He's the kind of guy who would sacrifice himself for his nakama any day of the week!" He said with a smile looking at the blonde. This caused a small smile to appear from Naruto.

"YOU IDIOT!" Cried Usopp and he started yelling at the man for why it was a bad reason to let Naruto join. After this happened for awhile Naruto interrupted them.

"Umm…. Guys?" he said causing everybody to freeze and look at him curiously. "Umm… who are you guys again?" Causing everybody but Luffy to sweatdrop.

"I'm Luffy and I'm going to become the King of the Pirates!" He yelled out causing Naruto to just stare at him.

"…Pirates have a king?" he asked to himself before everyone else began to introduce themselves.

"I'm Usopp the Great!" Cried the man with the goggles, "Men from all regions of the seas fear my name for the great power that I wield!" Everyone sweatdropped at that. Naruto was just giving him a look like, 'Dude, seriously?'

"Roronoa Zoro." The three sworded man said simply.

"Sanji, the chef." The blonde smoking man stated.

"I'm Nami," the orange haired girl said nervously, "And this is my sister Nojiko." The Blue haired girl just waved at the blonde.

"Now that that's out of the way… Become my Nakama!" He cried out again. Causing everyone to just look at him like he was crazy again.

The blonde just stared at the boy for a minute, then he shrugged his shoulders. "Meh, sure why not?" Causing everyone to now look at the blonde like he was crazy. "But first we might want to help those villagers of yours first. It sounded like these marines were some pretty serious business." He said causing the two sisters to go wide eyed.

"That's right!" They both cried out before taking off after the villagers. Sanji started chasing after them proclaiming his love after them. Usopp and Luffy then started running after them as well. Leaving only Zoro and Naruto with his toad.

"So you coming or not new guy." He said with a smirk causing the blonde to just smile back.

"Go ahead without me, I'll catch up." He said waving a dismissive hand at the swordsman. Zoro just shrugged and ran off to join his crew. Naruto looked down at the toad he was sitting on. "Well Gamakichi, it looks like we're in for one hell of a ride!" The toad just rolled his eyes.

"I swear that Luffy kid is as bad as you were when we first met." He said causing the blonde to smirk.

"That's how I know life won't be boring at all with them. Alright, might as well follow them. Let's see how far you can jump nowadays." Naruto said with a grin. Gamakichi just looked at him with a competitive glance.

"You better hang on to yer briches then aniki. I'm getting fired up!" With that the frog shook his shoulders from side to side before tensing up and shooting off into the air before they were no longer able to be seen.


"Because of you, every single beli of Arlong's will be mine!" Cried a man that had on a long trenchcoat with a hood over his head making him resemble a teddy bear. He had a small soul patch and actual whiskers as a mustache. "I, Commander Nezumi of Unit 16, will be happy to accept all the treasure!" He said standing with his hand forward. Everyone just stared at the man in horror and disgust. Just as a certain swordsman was about to lay waste unto the commander, everyone just looked up at a noise that heard. Seeing a speck coming from the air they squinted their eye's until they all of sudden became wide once again.


BOOOOOOMMMMM!. As they saw the giant toad from earlier hit the ground in front of them creating a large crater underneath him. They saw the blonde man from earlier still on top of the toad looking all disheveled with large swirlies in his eyes mouth wide open.

'What the…' was the collective thought of everyone around. Shaking his had back and forth before slapping himself in the face Naruto looked wide-eyed at his toad companion.

"Holy shit Gamakichi!" He cried. "I didn't know you could jump that freakin high!" The entire town could've sworn they saw the large amphibian cock a grin at that. Genzo snapping out of his little trance and looking around noticed something.

"Hey!" he cried getting the attention of the rest of the villagers. "Where is Nezumi?!" With that, everyone started looking around until they heard a certain blonde cough. Turning to him they saw him pointing downwards at something, when they followed his finger, all of their jaws dropped at what they saw.

"Is this the guy your looking for?" He said looking at the commander who was completely squashed underneath the large toad. He was missing a few teeth and bleeding all over the place. The villagers could see that one of his arms was bent in a way that shouldn't be normal. "Sorry about that, I hope I didn't kill him. I can see most of his ribs are broken and maybe there's a punctured lung there somewhere... Oh well…. He looks like a douche to me." Then looking up he saw more people who were on the ground. "Looks like they got hit with the shockwave also." The villagers looked up as well and saw many of the marines were scattered on the ground, swirls in their eyes indicating they were unconscious as well.

"C-C-CAPTAIN!" One of the marines called out gaining the blondes attention. "How dare you do that to the captain! You will be punished!" He cried out pointing his musket at the blonde. The blonde gave him a deadpanned look before looking out into the water.

"I'm guessing that's your ship out there seeing as it says marines on it and your shirt also says Marine. So Kichi? What do you say? Help these nice gentlemen onboard their ship." He finished with a smirk and the dangerous tongue of Gamakichi lashed out wrapping around the remaining marines and chucking them high into the air at their ship.

The villagers jaws dropped even further as they saw the marines falling on their ship. Naruto Squinting with a hand up over his eyes to get a better view then smiled. "Great shot Kichi!" He cried out. "A perfect bullseye! Now lets get the rest of this scum over there!" He said with his fist thrusting up into the air. Gamakichi just shot out his tongue again at the downed men this time including Nezumi.

"Y-y-you can't do this to me!" Nezumi cried out. "Do you know who I am!" Naruto just rolled his eyes.

"Sure I do. You're the blah blah blah of the marines." He replied opening and closing his hand as if it were talking. "The blah blah blah of whatever. And the blah blah blah you're an asshole." He finished before Gamakichi started to throw the men.

"You'll pay for this!" he cried out getting smaller as he was launched with his men to the ship.

"Maybe if you live after that." The blonde muttered before turning around and seeing the shocked expressions of the villagers. Naruto nervously chuckled.

"Sup?" He said causing everyone to start cheering and running up to him trying to hug him slap him on the back. "Hey hey hey now!" He cried out, no one really paying attention to him. "Watch the shirt! Do you know what a 700 year old grandma toad will do to me if I wreck the clothes she gave me?!" He gave a little yelp. "Alright who grabbed my butt!" He cried out. The entire crowd going crazy and lifting him up they started throwing him up in the air while he was still yelling at them to stop. Off to the side the mayor, Nami and Nojiko just looked at the blonde. The major grinding his teeth.

"Damn it!" He cried out, "I wanted to kick the shit out of that little rat!" While Nami and Nojiko just giggled at the mans antics before looking at the screaming blonde who was still being thrown in the air like a ragdoll. "I never thought that pirates would have helped us though." The mayor finished looking down while tilting his hat.

Then all of a sudden the villagers started running back to their village. "We can't keep this joyful story to ourselves!" A villager cried out.

"Let's tell everyone on the island!" Another cried.

"Arlong park has become a part of history!" Another yelled while dragging a very disgruntled blonde behind him with another villager grabbing his other arm.

"Dammit! Let me go!" He cried out. "Gamakichi! Get your warty ass over here and help me! Don't just sit there and laugh!" He cried to the toad who clearly had a look of amusement in his eyes. "Dammit, at least let me walk! I'm a man dammit, let me up!" He yelled at the villagers who were still ignoring him. The strawhat pirates just looked at him getting smaller in the distance as he got smaller and smaller.

"Alright!" Cried Luffy. "It's party time!" Getting a grin from the rest of the pirates as they headed over to the village where they could already hear celebrations going on and the cursing of a certain blonde man.

"Phew… Glad that's over with." Naruto mumbled as he laid back and gazed at the stars that were above him. One week, one freaking week the people were continuously throwing him up in the air, hugging him, slapping him on the back, pouring beer down his throat left and right, and he could have sworn that at least a good handful of people had forcefully groped his butt. "That was a nightmare."

"There you are!" The blonde looked up and saw both Nami and Nojiko climbing their way up to him. "What are you doing up here?" Nami asked. Looking around Naruto was currently on the roof of one of the few houses that survived Arlong's little temper tantrum.

"Trying to get away from all the crazies. Holy hell, I didn't know anyone could party that hard for that long." Naruto said causing both of the girls to giggle at that as they both sat on either side of him. This caused Naruto to get a confused look on his face. "What are you girls doing here anyways? Shouldn't you be sleeping if we're gonna take off in the morning with Luffy?" He said pointing at Nami. The girl just shrugged.

"Eh… Not like you guys can go anywhere without me." She said confidently getting an eyebrow raise from the blonde. "I'm the Navigator." She said plainly as she saw Naruto's face causing him to then get an 'Oooohhhh' face.

"We came here looking for you though." Nojiko said to him, the blonde cocking his head to the side in confusion. "We wanted to see what you were doing way up here?" The blonde just shrugged.

"I like to come to places like this." The blonde said. "Being able to see everything out there. It's really beautiful you know?" Causing the girls to lean back against the roof with him looking up at the sky.

"Yea…" both girls sighed as they fell into a comfortable silence for a few minutes just gazing at the stars. Naruto glanced to his side to Nami before noticing her arm.

"Your hurt." He said getting a look from the Navigator before she just shrugged and looked at the wound on her arm.

"It's alright, the doc says I need to get surgery on it to make it better, but its fine for right now…. H-hey!" She cried out seeing the blonde taking her arm in his hands unwrapping the bandages. "What do you think your doing?!"

"Shush, I'm going to help you." He said removing the bandages and looking intensely at the wound. Nami began to blush and became self-conscious at the intensity the blonde was staring at her arm. Naruto just sighed, "Damn, this always wears me out afterwards." Getting two confused looks. Both girls then saw Naruto go though some weird hand gestures before points both of his palms right at the wound. As a green glow came to his hand both girls went wide-eyed and just watched the blonde do his thing.

"H-how.." Nojiko started before Naruto cut her off.

"Shhh!" He grunted. "I need to concentrate." Then he went back to work as the girls just continued to watch him. Nami just stared at him amazingly before she stared to feel something happening with her arm. Her eyes shot even wider as she saw the wound begin to close up and repair itself. After a few minutes, the light died down from his hands and Naruto fell back onto his butt breathing heavily a little bit. Nami and Nojiko continued to stare at the navigators arm. Nothing, it was like she had never even had the wound to begin with. Her tattoo of being an Arlong pirate was still there, but the wound had healed. Nami touched the spot where the wound had been. She slowly went along the area wincing slightly. It seemed like it was still a little tender. Naruto saw her wince.

"Sorry about that." He started. "I'm not that good at that technique. Takes up way too much of my chakra and takes way too much concentration. Never really had the patience to get it down though." He finished the girls now just staring at him in awe.

"W-w-what was that?" Nojiko said. "Did you eat a Akuma no Mi just like Luffy did?" She asked getting a nod with Nami. Naruto looked at both of them weirdly.

"Akuma no what?" He asked

"Akuma no Mi." Nami said, "It a cursed fruit that gives the consumer different abilities and powers. Like Luffy, he ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi and now he's a rubber man" Naruto's eyes widened.

"That sounds cool." Naurto said. "So that's why he could stretch his neck like that?" he asked getting a nod from the girls.

"So which one did you eat?" Nami asked. Naruto just scratched his head.

"None, I think. I don't think I have eaten any, but from what you told me, sounds like I might want to." Both girls just looked at the man.

"But then how did you just heal me? It had to have been a Akuma no Mi!" She shouted at the blonde. The blonde just looked at her and shrugged.

"I just trained." He said, "It was a bitch to get down, but I finally was able to work at it enough to get it to the point where I cold heal basic injuries and such." 'Sucks though, drains a ton of my chakra.' He thought.

"Wait!" Nojiko said. "Nōryokusha can't be in water right?" This got Naruto's attention. "Naruto, can you still swim?" She asked with a serious expression on her face. He looked at her as if she were crazy.

"Of course I can swim!" He said slightly offended that she didn't think he knew such a basic skill. "Why wouldn't I be able to swim?"

"Cause all Nōryokusha have that ability taken away from them when they partake in the fruit. They can no longer swim in water, if it touches them, they become weak and defenseless." Nami said. Naruto just blinked.

"Well that's a pretty major weakness." He said, "There's kinda an ocean right here for everyone to use against them then." Nami just laughed at the blondes thinking.

"So you really can swim?" She asked.

"Of course I can!" replied the blonde.

"Then how did you heal my arm?" She asked curiously. Naruto just grinned at her and winked.

"Magic." He said getting both of the girls to just playfully slap his head. They all just sat there gazing at the stars once again.

"Why did you do it?" Nojiko asked suddenly, getting the blonde to cast a sideways glance at her.

"Do what?" he responded.

"You know what?" she said plainly. "Why did you destroy Arlong Park and free us from his tyranny? And then you take out that rat Nezumi. Then you just take your time to heal Nami-chan, you looked exhausted do it. You don't really know any of us. You had nothing to gain. So why would you do something like that?" She asked now leaning on her side now looking the blonde straight in his eyes.

Naruto just stared right back at her and then just shrugged. "I didn't do anything." He said getting a smack to the side of the head. "Oi! What was that for?!" He said angrily glaring at the orange haired navigator.

"Why do you deny it?!" She said glaring back at him. "We all know it had to have been you or your frog!" Then realizing something she looked around, "By the way, where is he?" Naruto shrugged again.

"Dunno." He said, "He's probably off somewhere getting drunk." He mumbled.

"What was that?" Nojiko questioned causing Naruto to curse under his breath.

"Nothing." He said. "Anyways he's not a frog he's a toad." Getting glares from both of the girls. The blonde just sighed.

"What now?" He asked.

"You know what?!" Both girls cried out.

"Honestly girls…" He started getting both girls to quiet down and listen closely. "I'm not really that type of savior you think that I am." Both girls furrowed their brows in confusion. "Girls, I just came into the park and they picked a fight with me. They started trying to gut me with their swords so I just finished what they started." Both girls went wide-eyed at the statement. "And then the whole Commander Douchebag thing, Gamakichi just landed on him accidently." This caused both of the girls to blink. "I've seen tons of guys like that though. Give them a little authority and they get a major power trip. So I didn't really feel that bad." Both girls just stared at him.

"So…. Your telling me…" Nojiko started, "That you just happened to walk into Arlong Park, demolish the entire place, then accidentally crush and possibly disable Nezumi forever, and then throw them back to their ship as if nothing happened?" she finished in a shock. The blonde just nodded plainly at the girl.

"And I healed Nami cause I can. Is there anything wrong with that?" Both of them just stared at him for a couple of minutes.

"Besides, I'm not the hero you girls think I am." He said lying back down on the roof. "There's no way in hell I'm a hero." This got Nami to blink.

"What are you talking about?!" Nami said causing the blonde to look up at her. "You still liberated us from that jackass. You saved us from Nezumi as well. You healed my arm which would have been a lot more painful if I went through surgery mind you. Even if you really didn't mean to, your still a hero to us!" She said happily before giving her sister a little glance with a grin. Getting the hint she spoke up.

"That's right, and both Na-chan and I believe that you deserve a reward." She said seductively, in his ear getting the blonde to shiver. Before he knew it, he felt two pairs of lips on both sides of his cheeks. Blushing furiously, he sat up suddenly, and started backing up quickly.

"W-w-w-what a-a-are you d-d-doing?!" He cried out at them causing both of them to grin at each other.

"Awwwww. Look at that Noji-chan, he's blushing. I think he likes us." She said giggling leaning forward so Naruto got a huge look at her cleavage causing the blonde to become even redder than he already was. Nojiko just laughed.

"From the way it looks, it looks like he wants another one don't you think?" She said laughing at the poor blushing blonde. This caused the blonde to blink again before glaring lightly at the girls who laughed even louder at the poor boys expense.

"Aww come on Naruto-kun." Nami said patting him on the shoulder. "You can't say that you didn't like it!" She grinned even more when she saw the blonde blush even more mumbling something about how maybe he did or maybe he didn't. She could tell he was going to be so easy to tease. As she started to laugh again, the blonde just smiled and started to chuckle as well.

"Maybe this trip wont be so bad after all." The blonde looked at the two grinning girls giving them a smile of his own.

"Nami-san's not coming?!" Questioned an angry cook to his captain who just pointed to him.

"You tricked me about those fresh ham melons being on the ship didn't you?" he asked the agitated chef. The rest of the villagers started mumbling about where Nami and her sister were. Naruto just peered over from his position in the watchtower before shrugging his shoulders and laying back down to sleep, his sword lying next to him.

"RAISE THE ANCHOR!" Everyone heard and looked to the far end of the village. They saw two figures standing there before they both broke off into a sprint towards the ship.

"Nami and Nojiko are both running here? What are they thinking?" Usopp asked. Luffy shrugged.

"Dunno, she said to raise the anchor though, so just do it." The captain responded. Anchor being hoisted up from the waters bottom.

"Wait they're both going?! And they're going to leave without saying anything to us?!" Genzo shouted.

"What?!" cried the rest of the town. Both Nojiko and Nami lowered their heads to avoid eye contact with the rest of the villagers.

"Unfold the sail!" Cried the captain aboard the Going Merry.

"Wait Nami! Nojiko! You can't go like this?!" Genzo cried out. Both girls started running past the villagers with great speed.

"Is it a good thing to say goodbye like this?" Questioned Sanji. Naruto just looked down at him from his post.

"Just let them do what they want. This is probably better for them anyways." He said to the chef. Nami and Nojiko both reached the edge of the pier before taking a large jump and landing safely on the deck of the ship. The crowd was speechless. Then both Nami and Nojiko started shaking their shirt and tons of wallets watches and jewelry started to fall out of their shirts.

"My wallets missing!" Cried a villager.

"Mine too!" another cried.

"Mine too!" yelled another.

"We wish you luck." Said both of the girls. Genzo just trembled in rage.

"YOU LITTLE THEIVES!" The villagers yelled.

"Get back here and give us our wallets!"

"You brats!"

"She never changes." Said a deadpanned Ussop.

"Is she going to betray us again? Is her sister the same way?" A suspicious swordsman said.

"Nam-san, Noji-san, that was so cool!" Said a love struck chef.

"HAHAHA!" Luffy laughed. Naruto looked down at the girls before chuckling to himself.

"GOODBYE EVERYONE!" The girls shouted waving their arms. A love struck Sanji came up behind Nojiko.

"Nojiko-san!" He said with hearts in his eyes, "I'm so glad you decided to come aboard with us!" He shouted.

"Yea, why did you decide to come?" Usopp asked. She just grinned.

"I'm going to help Nami here with the navigating." She said getting looks from the crew. "What?!" She said when they looked at her like they were confused. "You think Nami is going to be able to navigate 24/7? She's going to get sick within a weeks time. Nope, I'm going to be helping her out whenever she needs it!" She said sticking out her fist. "Besides, with two navigators, you'll never be lost at see." She finished with a smile.

"Alright! We got another nakama!" Shout Luffy getting a sigh from the rest of the crew. Luffy then quieted down and looked around. "Speaking of nakama's, has anyone seen Naruto? Ouch! What was that for you jerk!" Shouting at the cook who just hit him. Sanji just sighed and pointed up towards the looking point.

"He's up there idiot remember? He's been talking with us since he got aboard the ship." Luffy looked up and saw his new nakama up there with a grin on his face giving him a wave.

"Ohhhh….. I didn't know that." He stated getting a sweatdrop from the rest of the crew.

"… your not that bright are you?" Naruto stated, getting a tick mark to form on Luffy's head.

"OH YEA!" He cried out yelling at the blonde, "Why don't you come down here and say that you jerk!' Pointing at the grinning blonde before getting a look of realization come across his face. "Oi, what is your job going to be anyways aboard my ship? Can you play music?" He said excitingly, getting an iffy wave coming back from the blonde. Luffy sat down deep in thought for a moment before jumping up in excitement. "I know, you can be our ships freeloader!" Causing everyone to face fault onto the deck.

"Oi! That's not a real crew members job idiot!' Naruto cried back to him with a large tickmark on his head. Luffy just looked up at him.

"Fine, the you're the ships moocher." He relied with a smile, causing the rest of the crew to start laughing at the blonde who was glaring daggers at his new captain.

"That's the same thing asshole!" He yelled at the captain as he started to chase the poor boy around the ship trying to strangle him.

"Hahaha." Laughed a near crying Nojiko, "There isn't going to be a dull moment on this trip is there Nai-chan?" Nami just looked at her captain being strangled by the blond whiskered man.

"Not a chance in hell Noji-chan." She replied with a grin.


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