Pero to the Rescue

Something wasn't right in the Smith household. Pero didn't know what exactly was wrong all he knew is that he smelled danger. He went from room to room sniffing carefully until he got to the kitchen. There he looked up at his friends Dorothy and Norman for help hoping they would help him but they were so busy making dinner that they didn't notice the tiny kitten until he began to yowl.

"What is the matter, Pero?" asked Dorothy picking up the crying kitten and cradling it in her arms. "Perhaps our Pero isn't feeling well," said Norman. He took Pero from Dorothy and carefully examined him. "Hmm, his eyes and ears seem clear, his nose is cold and wet." He lifted the cat's upper lip. "His gums are nice and pink." He palpated the kitten's belly. "His stomach seems fine. Let's see if Pero has a fever. Dorothy, would you please hand me the petroleum jelly and hold Pero down while I insert the thermometer," said Norman reaching for the first aid kit. Pero had never been examined by a veterinarian before. This was not too surprising since there were no veterinarians in Paradigm city, thus he had no idea of what taking one's temperature involved. He soon found out. It was the worst experience of his cat life. He would never forgive Dorothy or Norman. Never!

"I'm sorry, Pero." said Dorothy, softly stroking the kitten after the whole degrading procedure was over. Pero melted a little, unable to ignore the unmistakable sound of regret in his friend's monotone. A little chopped chicken liver and cream also helped and by the time he had consumed his second helping of chopped liver and cream, Pero, Dorothy, and Norman were friends again. But that didn't solve the mystery of what was wrong in the Smith Mansion.

Pero left the kitchen and continued to wander from room to room trying to find the thing that was not right. He had no success until he came to the room that was known as Master-Roger-Roger-You-Are-A-Louse's room. He entered the room and crossed over to the pile of clothes and shoes Roger had thrown on the floor sniffing excitedly. He found it! He found the source of the dangerous smells. The cat couldn't wait to tell someone but from the sounds coming from Master-Roger-Roger-You Are-A-Louse's bathroom Pero could tell that his friend was in the shower and didn't want to be disturbed. He sniffed again at the clothes and shoes on the floor. "I can take care of this right now," the kitten thought, and being a cat of action as well as words, went straight to work. "Oh yes, now everything smells nice and homey," Pero thought as he leapt onto Roger's bed to await his well earned accolades.

"What in the hell is this!" Roger bellowed. Alarmed by the roars coming from Roger's bedroom, Dorothy and Norman ran to Roger's room where a red-faced, sputtering Roger was holding a dripping wet pair of shoes by their shoestrings and pointing at the kitten sitting on his bed. "Oh dear," murmured Norman as he got a whiff of the negotiator's shoes.

Norman, Dorothy and Roger stared at Pero who was settling contentedly between the pillows of Roger's bed with a purr of satisfaction that comes from the performance of a job well done. "You don't have to thank me, my friends," he meowed. "I was happy to help. Now Roger's suit and shoes smell wonderful. Just like home."