A/N: Hi everyone! It's been a long time since we've done anything with this story, but we found some bits that we never published, and figured we'd stick them up here. Hope you enjoy, let us know if you'd like to see more!

Jack hoped to awaken to the sound of singing birds and rustling grass, but found his eyes forced open by Thorgil's shouting. "Get up, thrall! We've got a day of work ahead of us."
"Work? We don't have anything to work on..."
"Oh, but we do. We still don't know where we are."
"Yeah, but Thorgil-"
"Don't 'but' me. Let's go!"
Jack sighed. So much for the nice Thorgil he'd seen a glimpse of last night. He wanted more than anything to say something about it to her, but he knew better than that. If he mentioned it, there was a possibility he'd never see NiceThorgil again.
While searching - or, rather, storming - through the woods, Jack stopped and remembered Pega once more. Anything could have happened to her while they were asleep - and it would have been his fault for not keeping her around. A deep, guilty feeling began to build in his heart - but was soon interrupted by Thorgil's voice.
"Stop sitting around," she shouted.
"Stop yelling at me. I'm sick of it. Did you ever think maybe that's why people don't like you?" Jack snapped, and then immediately regretted it. Thorgil may have been tough, but she was also very sensitive, and had a tendency to overreact when she was offended.
"You know what? Maybe I have. But I don't know any other way to change it," she said, shaking.
"It's about time to start," Jack said, no longer taking caution. "You could have put Pega into danger."
"Maybe, but no one cares about her. Except you."
"But I do care about her. And even if you don't, if you care about me you'll respect that and suck it up."
Thorgil paused. She seemed to be stuck, unable to think of another insult. Or maybe it was more that she didn't want to insult him. It would be a first, Jack thought.
"I guess I will, thrall. I guess I will." Nice Thorgil was almost back. "But we still need to keep going."
They continued to make their way through the forest in silence until Jack made a sudden statement. "I'm hungry."
"So am I. I'm not whining about it." Thorgil stated simply. She didn't mean it in a rude way. It was just Thorgil beingThorgil.
"We've gotta find something to eat."
"Hey, I've got an idea. Let's eat Pega."
"In case you've forgotten, you chased her away."
"So you'd eat her if she were here?"
"No." Jack smirked.
"I figured," she replied. "You're too much of a wimp."
He rolled his eyes and held back a comeback. As much as he enjoyed teasing Thorgil, he could never call her a wimp. Not only did he respect her too much, he also didn't want to lose Nice Thorgil. "So, what are we going to do? Steal some eggs?" he asked.
"Let's find a bird," she replied, grinning evilly.
"Wait, can't you talk to birds?"
"Yeah." She continued to grin. "That's exactly why we're doing this."
"You're terrible."
"And you're still a wimp."Thorgil wandered a little bit, seeming to be sensing the air around her.
"You know, maybe-"
"Shut up, thrall. I'm trying to focus."
A few more minutes passed. Then, Thorgil's pace quickened. She stopped, turned around, and put her hand on a tree behind her.
"Here we go." she smiled.
She took hold of a branch and checked to see how steady it was. She then proceeded to climb a few branches up. Jack, squinting, could see that there was a small bird nest sitting on the branch.
"Thorgil! Don't you dare!"
It was too late. Foreign sounds were already coming out of Thorgil's mouth. A small blue bird that had been sitting in the nest flew away. Thorgil waited a few moments, and then gathered three eggs that were sitting in the nest. She slid down from the tree.
"What did you tell the bird?" Jack inquired.
"That I'd found food that she could gather and I'd keep an eye on her eggs for her."
"You're awful."
"You wanna eat or not, thrall?"
"I guess. But don't you feel bad?"
"About what?"
He stared. "Are you kidding me?"
"You just stole her babies!"
"Her babies are our food! Now shut up. We're not going to survive on just these three."
By the end of the hour she had convinced nearly twelve birds that they needed to leave their nests - and had collected two dozen eggs.
"Sometimes I'm not even sure what to do with you." Jack stated.
"That's easy. Thank me. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm the reason you're alive right now. And continue to be alive. You'd have been dead years ago if it weren't for me."
"How kind of you to let me go after enslaving me."
"Just be grateful. Besides, what would your life be without me?"
"Absolutely nothing, Thorgil. Absolutely nothing." Jack rolled his eyes.
He continued. "And I'm not so sure that you've freed me. You still boss me around AND you call me 'thrall.'"
"I didn't say I couldn't still boss you around, thrall."
"Thanks a lot."
"Any time."
She suddenly cracked an egg open and ate it raw.
"Thorgil! That's disgusting! You could get poisoned."
"Well, how else are we going to eat?"
"We could..." They certainly hadn't thought this through. "...we could cook them on a rock or something."
"On a rock? How can we heat up the rock in this weather?"
"I don't know!"
"Just eat! If you're hungry enough, you'll eat." Thorgil tested.
Jack sighed. He didn't want to let Thorgil win, but he was hungry. He sighed, popped open an egg, and ate it.
"There ya go." Thorgil grinned.
They sat in silence.
"Wow, I've missed this." Thorgil suddenly burst out.
"Oh. Sorry. Nothing. Just thinking out loud."
"You mean the silence?"
"Yeah, sort of. And I haven't had raw eggs in a while."
"Sounds like you really enjoy those," he replied. "Speaking of silence - where is Pega?"
Thorgil stared at him, bug-eyed. "Don't ruin my breakfast!"
"I'm sorry. I'm just worried."
"We've been over this. There's nothing to worry about. She's probably out crying somewhere else."
"Yeah, I know, but you have to wonder if she's okay."
Thorgil put her hand on Jack's arm. "Seriously now. She'll find us when she needs us."
There was something very calm, kind, and, well- not Thorgil-like about her voice. She paused, and then smiled, verifying that she meant it. She put her arm down.
"Seriously, you worry way too much." she shook her head and continued to eat.
Jack sat in shock. Was it possible that Thorgil had just been kind to him?
"What-what did you just say?"
"You worry too much." She smiled warmly. Warmly. Thorgil NEVER smiled warmly.
"I-I know, but..."
"But what?"
"You're just..."
"Amazing? Oh, I know."