Young Viking Love

Chapter 1

Un easy emotions

After the final battle with the Green Death, things in Berk had changed. Everyone changed their views about the dragons, and not to mention, something new was going on in Berk as well, love.

It had been at least a week, and Hiccup had seemed to have gotten the hang of his prostetic leg. Toothless helped him if he was having trouble.

"Mornin." Gobber said as Hiccup got outside

"Morning." Hiccup said in reply yawning a bit

Hiccup then headed to the Great Hall


"Hey, its Hiccup!" Fishlegs announced with his mouth full

"Hiccup!" Astrid said in delight as she ran toward him

Ruffnut however bumped into Astrid to get her out of the way

"Heyyyy Mr. crazy pants. You had us scared there for a bit." Ruffnut said while trying to make a move on Hiccup

"Uhhhhh..." Hiccup said unsure of what to say with his eyes widened

"HEY! PAWS OFF SISTER!" Astrid said charging at Ruffnut with her axe in hand

Ruffnut ran off top speed.

"Hey Hiccup." Astrid said droping her axe and putting her arm on Hiccup's Shoulder

"Hi...Astrid" Hiccup said a little supprised noticing Astrid had her arm on him

"D'ya have anything planned for today?" Astrid asked as her eyes sparkled

"*blushes and smiles* Uh...probobly just flying with Toothless,...maybe trying to swim with my new leg, stuff like that." Hiccup told Astrid trying not to make a fool of himself in front of one of his friends

"Sounds like fun." Astrid said

"Yeah." Hiccup said

"Hey, there was something I wanted to say to you." Astrid said gazing into Hiccup's grass green eyes with a more serious look

"What is it?" Hiccup asked

"Uh...nothing. Just you know...have fun with your plans." Astrid said taking her arm off Hiccup's shoulder and rasing her voice slightly attempting to hide her face blushing

"Well...ok then. Thanks" Hiccup said as he walked out

*Door close sound effect here*

"Have fun with your plans!? DAHHH! STUPID, STUPID STUPID!" Astrid yelled to herself as the door closed

Astrid went back to her seat

"Sooooooooooooo, what happend back there? Hmmmmmmmmmm?" Snotlout asked all smooth like

"Pfffffffff. Wouldn't you like to know?" Astrid said annoyed

"What'd Hiccup have to say?" Fishlegs asked

"Not much. Just-" Astrid said

"Hiccup asked you to marry him didn't he?" Ruffnut asked interupting as she finally came back from running away from her hostile friend

"HE DID NOT!" Astrid said out of emberassment getting up with her hands on the table

"You're in loooooooooooooooooove" Ruffnut went on teasing

"I...AM...NOT!" Astrid declared again

"Ladies and Gentelmen, I give you the future Mrs. Haddock the 3rd." Snotlout said gesturing to Astrid and clapping

Everyone else just joined in

"THATS ENOUUUUGHHHHH!" Astrid yelled grabbing her axe and throwing it clear across the hall

"HAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Astrid said when she threw it out of anger from the emberassment

As she threw her axe, it spun with so much speed, that it knocked a viking's helmet off their head and it stuck to the wall with the axe still loged in it

"DAHHHHHHHHHHH!" A viking said as he noticed the axe spinning twoard him. He ducked just a split second before the axe took off his helmet

The Great Hall was now silent for a few minutes as everyone just stared in shock of what just happend

Everyone, including her friends, just looked at Astrid. Her face all red with anger, teeth clinched, breathing hevily, eyes widened, looking left and right frantically as if she was about to explode on the spot.

When she realized that everyone was looking at her, Astrid felt her whole body freeze in place just staring at the helment with the axe in it, then at the person she knocked the helment off of.

"Uhhhhhhh...whoops!" Astrid said emberassed

Astrid then slowly walked out of the hall with all eyes still on her

*Open and close door sound effect here*


"Well, after that catastrophe, I'll head home to think about some stuff or just relax. I don't know." Astrid said as she headed home