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Young Viking Love

Chapter 11

Love's Drastic Prediction Part 2

After Hiccup's extremely one sided argument about his relationship with Astrid, things later on in the day seemed that they couldn't have gotten any worse than they already have.

The moment Hiccup woke up, he didn't care if his dad heard him sneak out. He made sure his love letter was still tucked away in his tunic, it was. He dived out his window, and made a dash to Astrid's place.

"Astrid!" Hiccup yelled banging on her door

Astrid was still sleeping, she didn't hear him

He kept banging on the door. It got louder and louder

When she finally heard Hiccup banging on her door, she opened it to reveal a distraught, love sick, paranoid Hiccup.

"Hiccup, its not even 11 in the morning." Astrid said yawning

"I don't care. I just needed to tell you-" Hiccup was about to say

He paused noticing a small part of Astrid's hair that turned black

"Astrid, what happened to your hair?" Hiccup asked

Astrid, now fully awake, she was shocked realizing that her hair was still black from the night before.

"Hiccup, I don't have the slightest idea. I was in some kind of trance, and when I got out of it, the color started to drip. While the color was dripping, I wrote you this." Astrid said handing him her the black stained love letter.

"I wanted to give you this to." Hiccup said handing her his love letter.

They exchanged love letters, and read them.

"You really feel that way about me? Aww, you're sweet." They both said at the same time after reading each others letter

When Hiccup was done reading Astrid's love letter, he noticed the same black heart breaking from one of her many drawings the other day.

"Astrid, its the same heart from one of your drawings." Hiccup said

He still didn't know how to tell Astrid about his dream. Hiccup decided that he had kept this a secret from her long enough.

Hiccup then tucked her love letter in his tunic, Astrid stuffed his letter in her boot.

"Astrid, I have something to tell you." Hiccup said

"I need to tell you something to." Astrid said

She also wanted to tell Hiccup about her dream

"You go first." Hiccup said

"No, you." Astrid said

"Ok. I think I might know how this heart, and the other drawings are connected." Hiccup said

"WHAT!? You've known this for at least 2 days, and you didn't bother to tell me!?" Astrid asked

"I know I know, I just didn't know how to tell you." Hiccup said feeling really bad for keeping the truth from her

"Just tell me." Astrid said

"Ok. The night of our trust exercise flight, I had a dream. We were being separated by my dad, and Gobber. Dad led me down one path, you were going down the other side. We could still kind of see each other. It was extremely cold, and the snow kept falling. I kept asking dad why he and Gobber were doing this, and all he said was that I chose this. After that, it changed to something that was black getting burned, and mixed with some of the snowflakes turning them black. After that, I woke up in a shock. I had this feeling that everything around me was sinking. As soon as I saw you out my window, I ran to you, and hugged you because I thought I had lost you." Hiccup explained

Astrid was in shock. She had the exact same dream as Hiccup. It was exactly the same, right down to every detail he mentioned.

"Hiccup, I had the exact same dream as you." Astrid finally said after pausing from the shock

"We shared the same dream?" Hiccup asked puzzled

"Weird huh? Is there anything else you remember?" Astrid asked

Hiccup took another look at the heart in her love letter. He then tried to think back to his dream.

"...The only other thing I can remember seeing is this exact same heart forming in front of us when we were facing something." Hiccup said

"Your dad said the freeze was coming?" Astrid asked somehow changing the subject

"Yeah. Why?" Hiccup asked confused

"I think that our dream, this heart, and the freeze that is coming, are spelling our demise." Astrid said worried

"...You could be right." Hiccup said not wanting to realize what Astrid said could be true

"Hiccup, even if we have to meet our demise, I will meet it with the viking I love." Astrid said hugging Hiccup

They both hugged for what they hoped would be forever. Astrid started to cry, and the black tears returned, staining Hiccup's vest.

"Don't cry Astrid." Hiccup said trying to comfort her

He tried not to cry as well, but a few tears slipped out.

"Hiccup, we'll both be killed later today." Astrid said in a way making him sound stupid

"We don't know that yet. For now, lets enjoy the time we have now." Hiccup said

Hiccup let go of Astrid for a split second to kiss her. At this point, it didn't matter how many people saw them. He just wanted Astrid to know that they would be alright.

"Hiccup." Astrid said after they broke for air

"Yes?" Hiccup asked

"No matter what happens, promise me this. Promise me that you'll still love me." Astrid said

"I've never stopped once, and I won't stop now Astrid." Hiccup said

"Thank you!" Astrid said kissing him on the check. One of Astrid's black stained tears slid onto his cheek

The tear slid from his cheek, down his arm, and started to form the same heart on the right side of the palm of his hand.

Just then, they heard a cry of mourning from the viking with the ill sister yesterday.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SHE'S DEAD!" The viking cried leaning over his sister's dead body

He had remained in the medical center with his sister, hoping that she would be ok. He just couldn't accept that his sister was gone.

"She was to young." He said

The viking then took the body, and buried it behind his house.

"What was her name?" The doctor asked

"...Jane." The viking finally said

"She's at peace." The doctor said

"Yet another thing that's spelling our demise" Astrid said hugging Hiccup again burying her face in his shoulder

Hiccup hugged her back, and kissed Astrid deeply with passion, and concentrated like it was the only thing that mattered to him.

Just then, Stoik ruined the moment.

He cleared his throat.

Hiccup and Astrid then broke away from their kiss.

"Alright Hiccup, enough of all...this." Stoik said gesturing

"You just gestured to both of us." Hiccup said

"Exactly. Hiccup, you can't be together with Astrid." Stoik said

"Why? Why do you hate the fact so much that I'm finally happy?" Hiccup asked

"First off, you're too young." Stoik said

"I'm 15 for Thor's sake!" Hiccup yelled back

"Second, you don't know what love is." Stoik continued

"I DO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS!" Hiccup yelled in protest

"Finally, I'm not ready for you to date yet, and you're growing up too fast." Stoik finally finished


Stoik didn't want to hear it. He was tired of having secrets kept from him.

"Enough Hiccup, I'm done." Stoik said

He then called Gobber over

"Gobber." Stoik said

Gobber walked up

"Separate em. Its time to end this." Stoik said

Stoik pulled Hiccup away from Astrid, and tied his hands behind his back. Gobber did the same thing with Astrid's hands.

The snow began to fall, and the dream that they shared, started to become reality.

They reached an extremely cold, snow covered forest. Almost everything around them seemed to be frozen. There were two paths infront of them. Stoik led Hiccup down one side, Astrid down the other.

Once they were separated, Hiccup began looking for Astrid. He caught a glimpse of her through the tree's.

"ASTRIIIDDD!" Hiccup called out

She remained silent.

"Why are you doing this!?" Hiccup asked demandingly

"You chose this." Stoik said

The same heart that began to form on Hiccup's hand, began to form on Astrid's hand the same way.

While they were walking, Stoik noticed something tucked in his son's tunic. He stopped walking

"Whats this?" Stoik asked grabbing what was tucked in Hiccup's tunic

Gobber noticed that Stoik stopped walking.

"Something wrong?" Gobber asked

"I found something. Hiccup was hiding something. See if Astrid is hiding something to." Stoik said

Gobber then saw something sticking out of Astrid's boot.

"Found it." Gobber said after reading it

Stoik managed to hand Gobber the other love letter through the thickness of the tree's.

"Burn them." Stoik said

Gobber then started a small fire, and burned the love letters. When they began to burn, the blackness from Astrid's hair on the letter mixed with some of the snowflakes turning them black.

As they resumed walking, Astrid wanted to tell Hiccup how much she will always love him, but her efforts didn't turn out, the only thing she could do was sing. She kept trying to escape Gobber's grasp, but couldn't. She then began to sing.

"Liiiiiithiiiiiiiuuuuuuummmmm mmmm. Don't wanna loock me uuup inside liiithiiuuuuummmmmmm. Don't wanna forget how it feelllsss withouutt liiiithiiiiiiuummmmmmmmmm. I wanna stay in loove with myy sorrowwww. Woooahhh oooo wooaahh aaoooo oooooooooooooooooooo, but God I wanna let it gooooooooooooooooo." Astrid started to sing

She kept on singing

"Cooooooooooommmmmmme to bed don't make me sleeeeppppp alooooneee. Coudln't hide the EMPTIENESS you LET IT SHOOOOWWWWWWW. Neverrrrrr wannnnnted it to beeeeeeee so coold. Just didn't DRIIINK ENOOOOUGH to say you loooooveeee me. I can't hoold onnn to mee, wonder whats wroooooong with me liiiiiiiiithiiiiiiiiuuuuuuum mmmmmmmm, don't wanna lock me uuppp insiiidddee liiithiiiiiuuuuuummmmmmm, don't wanna forget how it feels with out Liiiithiiiummmmmm." Astrid continued

They suddenly reached the end of the paths and reached a lake. More of her hair turned black as she sung her heart out, and the heart that formed on Hiccup and Astrid's hands, began to form around then at the lake. The blackness of the heart then turned the water black.

"I wanna stay in love with myy sorrowww, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. Don't wanna lett it laayyy mee dowwnn thiiiisss tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime. Droowwnnn myy willl toooo flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Heeerreee inn the darrknnesss, I knoooww myyyysellffff. Can't breeaakk freee unttilll I LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOO! OHHHHHHHHHH LET ME GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOO! Darrrrrling, I forgive you afffffter alll. Anyythinng is bound or meant to bee aloneeee, and iinnn THE ENNNNNNND I guess I had to falllllllllllllllll. Always find my place umong the asssshhhhheeeeesssssss, I can't hold onnn to meee, wonnder WHATS WROONNNG WIITHHHH MEEE"

Astrid then got tossed in the lake. She kept on singing.


Astrid started to sink


Sinks out of Hiccup's sight, but still sings despite the water starting to fill her mouth

"I'm gonna let it goooooooooooooo."

Astrid kept on sinking deeper and deeper in the lake

Hiccup kept on hoping that she would rise, but didn't.


"Your choice." Stoik said

He then tossed Hiccup in, and he began to sink. Hiccup saw Astrid farther away from him, and noticed something written on her headband.

"Love was forgotten, and washed away" The headband read

Hiccup soon reached the same depth as Astrid, and felt a burning sensation on his arms, and his black stained tunic. A message began appearing on him that read "Love was never forgotten, and weighed him down."

He then began attempting to swim to the lifeless, black haired Astrid.

Hiccup reached her, held her in her arms for a few seconds, and his eyes closed as he floated next to Astrid lifeless.

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