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Chapter 16: Beautiful Sorrow

"Raiu-chan! Time to wake… EEEEEEEHHHHHHH?!"

Masamune's voice broke through Raiu's subconscious and she opened one hazel eye in annoyance. She knew it was a bad idea giving her brother a key to her apartment but he had insisted, on the grounds of worry. The bastard was always coming around unannounced. She blinked rapidly as a sudden realization downed on her and she sat up on the bed. Thank god for putting a top on before she slept. Her hand, out of its own accord, pulled the blanket higher to cover Aki's sleeping form.

"Urusai neh, Onii-chan! What the hell are you doing here so early anyway?" Raiu snapped, waking the other woman up unintentionally, "It's a fucking weekend, let me get my sleep!"

"T-Takano-san! EEEEEHHHHHH?!" Aki's voice screeched beside her and Raiu had to turn her face away to avoid any more damage to her eardrums. Aki had sat upright at the sight of Raiu's brother in the doorway staring at them wide-eyed in shock and pulled the blanket to her chin.

"-TCH!" Raiu clicked her tongue in annoyance, "You're so noisy so early in the morning!"

"Raiu-san! It's not like I wanted to sleep here last night but you – you insisted!" Aki snapped, completely forgetting herself, "I-I… I!" A hand came up to cover her mouth as she realized what she had just remembered. The beautiful rosy blush stained her pale cheeks red.

"Well, well, well… You finally took notice. I was starting to wonder if you were that dense, imouto-chan," Masamune said dismissively, "Ritsu and I will be waiting in the living room,"

"Eh?" Raiu started, her mind was still clouded with sleep and it wasn't clearing up fast enough for her to comprehend Masamune's expectant tone.

"Imouto-chan… Have you forgotten? Today is father's death anniversary. You said you wanted to take me to his grave and introduce me to him," Masamune said. He had turned around, a hand on the door handle, but the sorrow in his voice was evident, "Get ready! We leave in an hour. I'll make breakfast,"

Father… how did I forget you? I'm sorry Otou-san… There're just so many things on my mind… but Onii-chan didn't forget father… He didn't forget…

Raiu scrambled out of bed, forgetting herself. For a moment she was standing on both her feet and in a split of a second later, she crashed to the floor in pain. Years of keeping in her pain stopped her from yelling out but she could feel the sharp knife-like slices to her hips and her lower back. A pair of surprisingly strong small hands pulled her up and assisted her to the wheelchair next to her bed. She bit down on her lips and her eyes watered but she refused to acknowledge the little episode. Is this punishment for forgetting you, Father, she thought to herself, ashamed. It took her a micro-second later before realizing what had just happened.

"Aki-chan…" she whispered between her gritted teeth. She looked into the amethyst eyes, for once in her life since the accident happened, with renewed hope in her tear-filled golden orbs.

"I saw, Raiu-san," just like that, the woman she had made love to all night, confirmed her thoughts, "I- I saw you… stand,"

Hope welled up in her. It brought fresh tears to her eyes as she leaned forward to kiss her little silver-haired angel fiercely. The pain meant nothing now that hope of ever walking again seemed possible. She let out a nervous laughter and shook her head, her eyes shining with life. Aki saw the transformation this hope had brought to Raiu. She had thought Raiu was the most charming-looking woman she had ever seen in her life, almost handsome, like her brother, but more feminine. Hope had turned her frown upside down and the smile that she showed now was genuine and beautiful. She had thought it was impossible for Raiu to walk again and had kept this to herself but the mention of her father had caused Raiu to do the unattainable.

"We will get it checked out as soon as possible, okay?" Aki chimed in enthusiastically, "Do you want me to tell Takano-san?"

"No, don't tell him yet. By the time I can walk again, I want it to be a surprise for him," Raiu stopped her beautiful seraph, a wide smile on her face, "Come, and shower time. Join me?" Raiu said, her eyes glinting mischievously with lust.

The red blush on Aki's face became more apparent. She didn't think Raiu would acknowledge her the love she had kept to herself all these time, and though Raiu had said nothing of nature to love, she could be satisfied with this for now. After all, how many people can command the sole attention of the devil herself? She didn't say anything to Raiu's offer but let her actions dictate her agreements. She wheeled Raiu into the shower.

"Strip," Raiu said to Aki in a husky voice, "Slowly," It was all Raiu had said to her when they were in the shower. She was sitting at a specially ordered seat that she used now ever since she had lost function of her legs.

Her golden hazels filled with untold lust as she watched the woman in front of her smile tentatively, a shy attempt at being seductive but oh, the wonders it worked with Raiu. She bit her lower lip as she watched her beautiful Aki peel off the sheer white nightgown that did wonders to accentuate her voluptuous curves. A soft pale hand pulled the right shoulder strap down and a few seconds later, the left strap was pulled down as well. Her beautiful long fingers clutched the garment and slowly dragged it down, catching a little before exposing generous breasts to her hungry eyes. The rosy buds jutted out in the cold, hardening them to tight peaks. Raiu licked her lips and smiled; a hint of a wolfish grin on her face. Her lust-filled hazels followed the trail of the garment until it pooled at its owner's feet, revealing unmarred ivory skin that blushed vividly at her slow scrutiny.

"Come here," Raiu whispered. Her palm faced upwards, inviting her little lamb to her side to be devoured by her ruthlessly.

As soon as the hand slid into hers tentatively, she tightened her grasp and pulled the beautifully naked woman in front of her into her arms. Aki sat on top of her legs, her legs on either side of her, cradling her close. She lowered her head to pull one the rosy buds into her mouth, sucking hard, earning her a low pleasure filled moan from its owner. Her fingers teased the hot body, trailing her black polished nails on the smooth skin, sending shivers of desire down the spine of the receiver.

Of its own accord, her hand found its way to the junction between her angel's legs, and she caressed and teased the little nub until it hardened and her hand was soaked wet, signaling the core's readiness for her invasion. Slowly, with Aki's small moans in her ears, she slid a finger into her hot essence and like last night, Aki stiffened a little to adjust. Raiu waited patiently until Aki was comfortable before slowly sliding the finger in and out of the core.

"Raiu…" Aki managed in between moans of pleasure. She moved her body in rhythm to Raiu's invasion, "Another one…" she whispered, emboldened by her soaking desire.

Raiu smiled her wolfish grin and pulled one of Aki's rosy buds into her mouth as she slid a second finger into her seraph's core. The little nymph, she said to herself, sucking and sliding rhythmically. Her fingers sped up a notch, earning her more whimpers of pleasure as she continued to suckle hard on both Aki's buds. Aki, engulfed with pleasure, had become less inhibited and humped Raiu's fingers herself, her body moving up and down in synchronization, her voice muffled in Raiu's shoulder. Her core had tightened around Raiu's fingers in ecstasy before a shattering release of pure orgasmic bliss devoured her.

Raiu chuckled as she slid her fingers slowly out of Aki's core. In a bold move, Aki caught her hand and as she watched Raiu's pupils dilate a little in shock, she slid Raiu's fingers into her mouth and in a tantalizing show of tongue, she began licking Raiu's fingers. Raiu pulled her hand away and kissed her angel's lips fiercely.

"If we don't stop now, we're never going to get out of this shower," Raiu whispered, a playful smile playing on her face.

Aki smiled coyly in return, a final kiss and helped Raiu shower. The cold water cooled the heated atmosphere and once they were done, Aki wheeled Raiu out of the bathroom and helped her dressed. Raiu toweled dry her hair herself once she was dressed, letting her black jet hair tumble down her back in waves. She grabbed a couple of black chopsticks and in a quick maneuver of her agile hands, twisted her hair into a bun on the back of her head, her highlights peeking through.

"Raiu-san, don't you ever wear anything that's not black?" Aki asked, her angelic demeanor in place as she filed through Raiu's wardrobe.

"It suits me fine," Raiu replied, "Shall we?"

After a quick breakfast with Masamune and Ritsu – Ritsu was a little quiet, slightly disheveled and red in the face and Masamune had a smirk on his; causing her to wonder if they had done anything funny – they packed into a second car Raiu had gotten herself after she left the hospital, courtesy of Akihiko. He had come to the hospital when she was released to hand her the keys himself, insisting that it was for the benefit of his sister if she was to be her personal nurse. It allowed her to drive but she needed to get used to the voice commands for speeding, slowing down and braking. Most of the time, Aki drove her around and special inbuilt ramps were in place to allow her to exit without much hassle. Silently, she was thankful to Akihiko.

The thought of the man reminded her unpleasantly of what he had done to Ritsu. She clicked her tongue and looked away, catching herself staring at Ritsu who was chatting away with Aki a mile a minute in the front passenger seat. So, Ritsu doesn't know about the episode, eh? I think that is for the best but knowing how Fate's been a bitch and then some; it's bound to come up sooner or later. I've got to prepare myself for then. Masamune would be unstoppable if he found out. He'd kill the bastard with his own bare hands. I know I would… she thought solemnly, her eyes averted to the woman sitting in the driver's seat. Why the bastard didn't just fly off to America and find Misaki himself is beyond me. He had the means to do so. Damn him. I must find out why.

"Raiu-chan, are you okay?" Masamune asked her. She was seated next to him in the backseat and she turned her eyes to look at him, a smile on her face.

"I'm fine, Onii-chan," she said. Damn, if only you knew what's going on in my head, she thought to herself, but that would mean all hell will break loose. She grimaced in reflex and when Masamune asked her a second time, she attributed it to the uncomfortable pain in her back.

They reached their destination an hour later, driving into the country and as the doors opened upwards to give her room to wheel herself out, Raiu breathed in the cool fresh mountain air. There was a slight breeze around her, blowing the tendrils of her hair in welcome. Beyond the graveyard, it faced the Pacific Sea. The graveyard was beautiful, and looked more like a park than it was a graveyard. The rows of graves positioned neatly one behind the other and side by side in equal space had always given her the chuckles. In life, us Japanese are so tightly wound up in our 'colour within the line' culture, that we carried it to our graves. For every four graves, the number four symbolic of death, there was a pathway down the column, allowing visitors to walk past without having to weave through the graves themselves.

Raiu lead the way further in, passing rows of erected tombstones. The cemetery was quiet, chilly even, with the occasional family coming to visit their deceased and came to a fenced off opening facing the sea. Raiu had forked up a huge fortune burying her father's dead body because she wanted to give him one final parting gift. In life he gave her everything she ever wanted, in death she had given him the best home she could afford. Her father had always loved the ocean, its smell and the breeze that brought him peace. Securing this piece of land, overlooking the ocean for her father's final resting grounds seemed like the best idea and it was the one decision she never regretted making.

The wind blew slightly harder here, Raiu's scarf floated in the air as she gazed deeply into the vast deep blue of the ocean beyond the boundaries of her father's tombstone. Coming here had always given her a pang of sorrow and she shut her eyes to hide the tears. Masamune walked forwards, a bouquet of Marigolds and Michaelmas daisies in his hand, towards the white marble tombstone. He knelt in front of it and placed the bouquet on it. On its plaque, a photograph of his father was etched into it. The name Nagasaki Shirou carved in cursive under it.

"Here lies in peace, loving father, faithful companion, best friend. Your light gave me life, your pain and sacrifice gave me strength, your laughter and tears gave me faith. Thank you, Father, for the love and life you have given me, you shall be missed and you will always be in my heart, cherished, loved and protected. Forever," Masamune read the inscription under his father's plaque, his voice hitching, tears forming in his eyes.

A father he never knew he had. He lifted a hand to touch the photograph of his father. He traced the outline of the jaw, the lips, the eyes, the hair, the face; etched forever in a smile, proud and filled with life. His eyes watered and without him realizing, his tears fell down his cheeks as he stared at the photograph of the man who knew of his existence but kept away to keep him safe from the scrutiny of society. The sacrifice of that man… his heart squeezed into a vice in sorrow…

"Otou-san, as I've promised you, I've come to visit you with my… brother…" Raiu whispered with a slight hitch to her voice and Masamune looked up to find that she had wheeled herself next to him. His hazel eyes met hers, identical in many ways, yet different. Hers were filled with pain at the loss of the only man who had mattered in her life and his with regret of never knowing the man who was his true father.

Aki and Ritsu stood a little behind the estranged siblings, tears in their eyes, giving the siblings privacy as they watched the heartfelt exchanges. Raiu held on to Masamune's hand as they sat by the tombstone in peaceful silence, eyes closed, eyelashes dotted with diamonds and prayed for their father's safe keeping in the afterlife.

"Otou-san, bless us with your light, we know you are watching us down from heaven," Raiu whispered, her eyes still closed, "Protect us, keep us together, love us both as we loved you,"

Her golden orbs opened and she turned her head around, signaling to Aki and Ritsu to join them. Masamune stood up from his position; his left hand still in Raiu's, holding it tightly and turned to reach out for Ritsu's hand. With a smile on her face, her eyes red and tear-filled, she held Aki's hand in her left, and Ritsu had slid his in Masamune's right. They stood there for a few moments, the wind blowing away their sorrows, breathing in the hope of life and joy into their hearts, minds and souls.

"Father…" Masamune whispered in sorrow, letting his voice be carried away into the heavens, to where his father now resided. As he closed his eyes, engraving the image of the man in the photograph into his mind's eye, keeping it there safely by his heart, he whispered again, "How I wished I had known you…"

With that said, and with heavy hearts, they turned to leave the graveyard with a promise to return.