You know what I hate? Jack's bowl cut in the second act. Ben Wright actually has a really attractive face too, so I spent the whole second act waiting for him to put his hat back on, Which he never did. This story comes from my hope that Red would hate his new hair too.

"Jack, I've decided something."

"What is it now?" Jack sighed. She had that look on her face. When she flashed that determined grin... He knew he was in trouble.

"I am going to give you a hair cut," Red smiled, not even acknowledging his apparent dread.

Jack groaned. " Why on earth do you want to do that? I personally like my hair. And even if I did want it cut, I sure wouldn't want you to cut it. You'd kill me for sure!" He mumbled nervously as she shot him a glare.

" First off, bowl cuts are ugly. Second off, it's not like I'm a demon barber, or something else weird. Finally, you shouldn't talk to your mother that way! Now sit in the chair or I'll slit your throat!" Red growled, rushing off to find some scissors.

Jack sighed. That's what he got for spending time alone with her. The Baker was at the store, selling his usual pastries, Cinderella was out to get some groceries, and the baby was sound asleep upstairs. He should have known any extended period of time with Red would end with her playing with sharp objects. Unfortunately, there were no adults around to keep her from killing him, so Jack would have to try and stay on her good side. Or at least the less violent side.

"Haircut time!" Red sang from across the cottage. She skipped in, whistling a cheery tune and twirling a large pair of scissors around her index finger. Seeing that Jack was still standing up, she pushed him into a dining room chair.

" Do you really want to cut my hair? I mean, you're just a kid! You have no idea if you'll be good at this!" Jack protested as she came toward him, knowing his attempts were most likely futile.

" Oh, just calm down already! I'm fourteen. I can do no wrong. Plus, kids used to cut one another's hair all the time at my old school. It's part of being a kid, " Red said lightly. He hoped his mouth to interject, but she shushed him, saying only," Yes, a seventeen year old could technically count as a man, but I firmly doubt that YOU will ever be considered anything but a child until you're at least twenty-five. Now hold still and close your eyes."

Jack knew that she would FORCE his eyes closed if she had to, so he obeyed.

Her heard slicing sounds from all around his head, but they seemed uneven, which was hardly a surprise.

Red tapped his shoulder, signaling it was time to open his eyes. Jack was shocked by what he saw. His hair was as wild as when he had first gone out to achieve his wishes.

" Hey Red, why did you do my hair like this? I didn't think anyone liked it like this." he asked her quietly.

Red was taken aback. She obviously hadn't known she would be questioned about her inspiration for his haircut. She shrugged.

" The nerdy rich kid look just didn't fit you. The poor farm boy look did. Plus, I think you look better with shorter bangs. That's when you really get to see your eyes. And Jack? Your eyes are really nice..." Her words faded away as she got drawn into his deep chocolate brown gaze.

Jack could feel his face inching closer to hers, and he saw her long, black eyelashes flutter closed. His chapped lips softly grazed her plump, pink ones when...

"I'm home!" Cinderella called from the doorway. Red's eyes snapped open and she abruptly pushed Jack off the chair before starting to walk away.

" Wait up! What was that? Why did you stop?" he cried after her , trying to keep up. She ignored him and stamped right up to Cinderella.

" Hello, Red. Did you and Jack behave while I was- oh my!"Her sweet smile fell away when she saw Jack. " What happened?" she gasped, motioning to his hair.

Jack opened his mouth but Red beat him to the answer. " I was trying to be kind and give him a hair cut... But he was an idiot and ruined our Mother-Son bonding time!" she burst out, her face turning a deeper shade of scarlet than her flouncy skirt.

She stormed off to her room as Jack tried to find a smart way to respond. " Maybe I started it, but you didn't try to make me stop! Why ignore the chemistry?" he gave up on being creative and just yelled after her.

Cindy shrugged with a smile, playing with the gold engagement ring on her left hand. Lord knows how long it took her to convince the Baker not to ' ignore the chemistry'. She stifled a laugh as she watched the lad fidget outside of Red's door, only stopping to beg for forgiveness. However, her laughter bubbled over when the girl slammed open the door and gave Jack a "firm talking to". Ah well, children will be children.

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Into the woods! Into the woods! Into the woods and out of the woooooooods... and happy ever after!

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