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"Character Talking"

'Character thoughts and inner self'

Hello Readers. I just wanted to say that I am so excited to finally be able to figure this out (stupid me). Though I write alot, this is my first time writing a fanfiction, so please go easy on me, though I do appreciate any useful ways to improve my story such as jutsu's or fan arcs. The Naruto in my version of the story is a prodigy and very powerful. His family is also more interesting as you'll find out later on, there are more than one important character who is a part of Naruto's family so keep your eyes open. Also, Naruto will NOT be with the Rookie 12. Instead, he will be with Itachi, Hana Inuzuka , and many of the elder siblings of the Rookie 12. Another thing is, the issues of the team and sensei. I think I already know who the first member of the team will be, but the second is still unknown. Well, that's it for now. Enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: The Legacy Begins

In the Land of Fire, the Village Hidden in the Leaves was a peaceful place filled with lush forests and calm blue skies, but today was not one of those days. The sky grew dark as black clouds engulfed the sky, making the Village look as if the apocalypse was drawing near. What many of the Shinobi had figured out was... it was the apocalypse.

Ninja after Ninja collapsed on the ground, only get get back up, or in some cases, cease to move ever again. A man with gravity defying, white hair, an uncovered red Sharingan, looked mournfully at the prone bodies spread all around him. Some were friends, some were enemies, but all were Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf, and they lay unmoving on the ground at his feet.

Kakashi Hatake, son of the infamous White Fang, sighed sadly as he gazed up at the cause of all the Chaos erupting all over the Village. The most powerful of all the Great Tailed Beasts, the destructive and feared Nine Tailed Fox. The attack was totally random. The Nine Tailed Fox had not been seen the famous battle between Konoha's two founders, Hashirama Senju, and Madara Uchiha.

Of course, Kakashi was one of the few who knew where the Kyuubi had been for the last 100 years. He knew who it was sealed into and it's jinchuuriki. What didn't know was how the Kyuubi escaped from it's seal, and that the attack of the Demon Fox was not random.

The Nine Tailed Fox roared fiercely, its Nine Tails lashing out and destroying everything in their path.

"Hold it off and wait for the Fourth Hokage," a chuunin yelled, his face covered in blood. Kakashi quickly joined the others on the roofs of the buildings surrounding the Kyuubi. He slipped a few kunai out of his pouch and deftly wrapped them in explosive tags.

"Fire!" the ANBU Captain hollered.

All the Shinobi hurled the kunai at the fox and shouted, "Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu." The Fox tuned, only to see a giant hail of Shuriken and Kunai descend from the sky like a large black meteor. The Fox glared menacingly at, and snarled in rage, then roared. A shockwave emanated from his mouth as the weapons slammed against him in one large stroke, detonating against it's body and shielding him from view. The Shinobi instantly relaxed, and began grinning at each other, but Kakashi knew that it wasn't over.

"Kakashi, my eternal rival. It seems we have managed to defeat this beast through our amazing flames of youth!" Guy screamed as he began to dance in a circle wildly flailing his arms. Kakashi rolled his eyes at him rival's antics.

"Fire again," Kakashi bellowed, ignoring Guy's rants.

"But we already got him Kakashi," another chuunin yelled back.

"He's not dead, agh dammit" Kakashi cursed as he heard the Kyuubi's roar. Suddenly an orange tail flew out of the smoke and buried itself in the chuunin's chest. The chuunin's eyes went wide with surprise, and gurgled as the tail yanked out of his body and sped towards the opposite roof.

"No!" Kakashi yelled as he charged his chakra into his palm. The sound of chirping birds filled the area as Kakashi leaped in the tail's path and whispered, "Raikiri."

30 Minutes earlier with Minato Namikaze, The Fourth Hokage...

"Minato Namikaze, back away from the jinchuuriki, or you're son dies before he even opens his eyes."

Minato's eyes widened as he glanced at Kushina's tearful face. 'Everything was going so well,' he thought sorrowfully. 'I just became a father, and once again, I thought everything was going to be okay. I never thought this could happen.'

"Hold on. Just calm down" Minato said, slowly holding up his hands. He felt his forehead grow clammy as Kushina cried in pain.

The orange-masked man chuckled. "You should take your own advice ,Namikaze. I am perfectly calm. Now, back away from the jinchuuriki, or your son dies."

"Naruto!" Kushina yelled desperately.

"Well? I'm waiting," the masked man growled darkly, his mood shifting again.

Minato shifted nervously, his hand itching towards his weapons pouch.

"Don't even think about it" the masked man laughed gleefully. "Or the boy gets his face carved out," he suddenly snarled ferociously, gripping a kunai under the baby's chin.

Minato gritted his teeth angrily, careful not to show too much emotion in his face. He defiantly stood his ground as the Kyuubi's seal on his wife's stomach began to weaken again.

"Oh well. That's too bad, the masked man said calmly lifting the kunai high, ready to strike Naruto. Minato gasped and blurred out of sight. The masked man looked at Minato with mild surprise, as he realized Naruto was no longer in his hands.

"You truly do live up to your reputation as the fastest man alive Namikaze. Too bad it's your last moment." Minato's eyes widened as the explosive tags on Naruto's blanket fizzled to life and exploded, engulfing the two in flames.

Kushina gasped in horror as flames filled her vision. But, when the fire died down, there was no one to be found.

"Everything is going as planned," the masked man declared as he advanced on Kushina's prone body, silently laughing gleefully at the frightened look on her face.

"You should be safe here for now," Minato said softly as he gently placed Naruto on the empty bed. Naruto's eyes filled with tears as he began to cry, his voice echoing through the room. Minato smiled at him sadly.

"I am sorry Naruto," he said. "But your mother needs my help right now. I promise we will spend time together when I get back." With that, he preformed a single hand seal and vanished in a yellow flash.

Back to the Present...

'So, his attack his his weakness. When he solidifies, he leaves himself open to a counterattack. The only way I can win is by being faster than he is." Minato shifted into his stance once again. 'This is going to be a battle of speed,' Minato thought as he charged forward, tri-pronged kunai in hand. 'I have to help Sarutobi stop the Kyuubi, but before that, I must defeat him. Even if he is Madara Uchiha, I must win!'

With renewed vigor, he deftly flung the kunai at Tobi's face and watched it sank through his forehead. Tobi reached out to grab the Yondaime, but he wasn't there. Tobi winced as he felt the impact of the Rasengan slam into him from above, smashing him into the ground.

"That was the Flying Thunder God technique, Level Two," Minato said grimly. Tobi was cursing as he felt his victory slip away through his very fingers. Minato grinned. 'I marked him.'

Tobi gasped in pain inwardly as he felt the tri-pronged kunai plunge into his stomach. He slowly lifted his head to see Minato directly in front of him holding the weapon.

'Hmm, probably marked me with a telaportation seal somewhere,' he thought as the pain in his stomach dulled into a throb. His eyes widened as he felt Minato's hand slam into his chest.

"What are you doing?' Tobi asked with a touch of panic in his voice.

"I'm placing a seal on you," Minato said tightly. Slowly, he lifted his hand from Tobi's chest. "Now, the Kyuubi is no longer your weapon to be command," he declared.

Tobi slowly straightened and the hole in his masked flashed. "You truly are impressive Hokage of Konoha. I can see you deserve your title. Enjoy your small victory for now, but do not think you have won. I will destroy Konoha, I swear it. Just you wait. I will have my revenge. In the meantime, try not to die. I look forward to a rematch where I can finally kill you." Minato's gaze hardened as Tobi disappeared through his Space-Time Ninjutsu Vortex.

Minato picked up his fallen Hiraishin kunai, and vanished in a yellow flash. He knew that the Sandaime, Hiruzen Sarutobi as well as many of the Leaf Ninja were fighting the beast, but he also knew that casualties were going to keep rising until he did his duty as the Fourth Hokage. With a hardened resolve, he prepared to face the strongest of the tailed beasts.

With The Kyuubi...

Kakashi was panting; his face filled with soot and grime, and his clothes were torn. With the Sandaime's help they had managed to drive away the Kyuubi from the village. It seemed strange to Kakashi. Before, his Raikiri only nicked the Fox's tail and it had responded aggressively, killing ten more men with one swipe of his tail. He saw Ganzu Umino tell his son to flee as the fox's tail ended his life. But after it did that, it became less aggressive, almost as if it was letting them drive it out of the village. Kakashi smiled fondly behind his mask. 'If I know Sensei, he's the one responsible for the Kyuubi's sudden decease in strength. I don't know how, but only he could do such a thing.'

"The Nine Tailed Fox is falling back. Do not hesitate. Press forward!" the Sandaime yelled, wielding his monkey summon staff, Enma.

"Yes!" Guy screamed. Kakashi groaned.

'Here it comes' he thought.

"Attack with your fiery passionate flames of YOUTH" Guy screamed passionately at the top of his lungs. "Kakashi, my eternal rival; what say we see who can land the most blows on the beast. I am sorry my friend, but you have already lost, for I am surely more faster than you are," Guy finished dramatically.

"Ah, sorry Guy, did you say something" Kakashi asked dully glancing away from the battle. Guy's eyes went wide in disbelief and exasperation.

"Oh Kakashi, my eternal rival; why must you be so hip and cool! It's dulling my flames of youth." Guy wailed. Kakashi shrugged and formed lightning- fast handseals. He quickly breathed in. "Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu." A dragon quickly formed in the lake behind them and launched towards the Kyuubi and crashed into it's stomach. There was only one problem. The beast didn't even look fazed. The Kyuubi shook as multicolor chakra leaked out of his body. Kakashi and the other ninja suddenly felt that this was not going to be pretty.

The Kyuubi opened his mouth as the chakra gathered at the base of his maw, forming a ball. Instantly, Kakashi knew exactly what that attack was. "The Tailed Beast Ball," he whispered with dread. Kakashi closed his eyes. "Sensei, you better hurry," he mumbled, knowing that if that attack was released, there was almost nothing they could do to stop it.

The Kyuubi swallowed the ball and opened his mouth again and the ninja's eyes widened as a red beam blasted from his mouth. The Shinobi all closed their eyes, expecting death, while a select few peed their pants... but the blast never came. Kakashi and the others hesitatingly opened their eyes.

"It's... gone," Kakashi said, smiling. "Good Luck... Sensei."

"Everyone, quickly head back to the village and help however you can," the Sandaime yelled over the joyous cries of the Shinobi. "This battle is not yet over."


Minato gasped heavily. Transporting the Kyuubi and himself was very taxing and had cut down his chakra be one third. Minato looked up to see the Kyuubi glaring angrily at him. "Summoning Jutsu," he yelled, slamming his palm on the ground. There was a huge puff of smoke, and from it emerged Minato, atop a monstrously large orange toad with a pipe in his mouth and a sword at his hip.

"Gamabunta, I need your help," Minato told him.

"What is it now, gaki. Oh, the Kyuubi. This is not good at all. You always get yourself in the worst situations, you know that?"

Minato forced a small laugh. "Alright, here we go. Hold on tight now," Gamabunta croaked. He drew his sword from his hip and charged at the Kyuubi with surprising speed. Minato struggled to stay on as the two great beast exchanged blows. Minato looked on sadly as he realized the battle was entirely one sided. Suddenly, Gamabunta cried out in pain as one of his eyes was slashed.

"Bunta, are you alright?" Minato yelled. Gamabunta grunted in assurance as he leaped back a safe distance. "Alright, Bunta, he's still too close to the village. Get me close enough to him."

"Gotcha," Gamabunta grunted and shot forward like a rocket grappling the Kyuubi with both hands.

"Do it, Minato," Gamabunta yelled. Minato formed a hand seal as both sides disappeared in a yellow flash, only to reappear farther away from the village. Minato smiled grimly, despite the situation. His chakra was growing lower by the minute and sweat was dripping down his face.

"I have... to seal it," Minato gasped. "I have to.. set up a barrier."

Gamabunta nodded, a worried look etched on his face. "Good luck gaki," Gamabunta said sincerely.

"Thank you," Minato whispered as Gamabunta burst into smoke. Mianto raced through handseals and created a solid purple barrier around himself and the Kyuubi. He looked back at the Kyuubi and gasped in surprise. The Kyuubi was covered in chains, chakra chains. Minato's blood ran cold. He only knew of one person who could use such a skill. He looked down to see his wife, Kushina, chakra chains sprouting out of her back and tightly restraining the Demon Fox.

"Kushina, what are you doing? Why are you here?"

Kushina smiled sadly at him. "I am going to seal the Kyuubi back into myself"

"You can't do that" Minato argued sadly. Your link to him is too weak now. You won't have the strength to hold him down.

"Minato," she said softly. "I think we both know that I am dying."

At Konoha Hospital...

"OW" Kakashi yelled, rubbing he cheek. "What was the for, Rin," he demanded indignantly.

"For being such a dumbass" she retorted angrily. "What were you thinking sneaking away from the rest of us."

"Perhaps his Flames of Youth were not bright enough" Guy interjected helpfully.

"Oh, sorry Guy did you say some- OW, motherf-,"

"Don't you dare complete that sentence," Rin warned. Kakashi gulped audibly and shut up instantly. "Besides, it was your own fault you and Guy got hurt. You two were the only ones who had the nerve to disobey Kurenai-san's father's direct order to stay put. It's not my fault if you keep squealing like a baby every time I dress a wound. By the way," she said in a more serious tone. "Have you heard from Mianto-sensei yet."

Kakashi stared at the ground for at least a minute before replying. "He teleported the Kyuubi away. My guess is he's fighting it himself."

Rin gasped. "Do you think he'll be okay?" she asked worriedly, her eyes wet.

Kakashi put on a confident smile behind his mask. "Of course he will. He is the Hokage after all."

"I know," she said sadly. 'But I wonder how far the power of the Hokage can reach,' she thought to herself.

With Minato and The Kyuubi...

"Kushina, there is only one way to end this," Minato said sadly. Naruto, who was still in her arms began to cry. Kushina's eyes filled with tears.

"I..I can't" she cried. "He is our only son. I cannot let him lead the life of a jinchuuriki. Please, Minato, not my son."

"Kushina," he said gently. "Who else can I ask. How can I possibly ask someone else to sacrifice their child, Kushina."

Kushina lowered her head, letting the tears flow freely across he cheeks. Suddenly, the chains snapped. Minato and Kushina gasped as they say the Kyuubi's claw heading straight towards their newborn son. "NO!" they cried and immediately leaped in the claw's path. Minato and Kushina both gritted their teeth in pain as they felt the claw plunge through their backs.. and stop just before Naruto.

"Minato," Kushina whispered. "Thank you for everything. ," she said softly. "My only regret is that I couldn't see my son grow up into a handsome man, and I couldn't experience a real family. I understand it is your duty."

Minato nodded slowly, a single tear rolling down his cheek. He looked down proudly at his son. 'Jiraiya-sensei once told me that I might be the destined child, but I never believed him. There is a reason you were born Naruto. You have a great destiny, and I have no doubt in my mind that you will make me proud. If only... I could be alive to watch you and guide you along the way. Suddenly, Naruto's eyes opened. Minato gasped. The boy's eyes were purple with rings inside.

"The Rinnegan," he breathed in awe. Then he frowned. If the boy was able to use the Rinnegan when he was born, then hat meant that he would not be able to survive. Chakra would constantly be released from his body. It would kill him, unless he gained the right amount of chakra to use it. He held a hand over the boy's forehead, and whispered "Five Elemental Seal." A blue glow filled the boy's forehead as the Rinnegan disappeared and was replaced with warm sky blue eyes.

Minato stumbled as he felt the backlash from using so much chakra hit him full force. 'I will seal half the Fox's chakra in Naruto, and keep the other half under lock and key until he is ready.' He quickly handed the boy to Kushina who kissed him gently on the forehead and both cheeks. 'Good Luck my son, Naruto.'

He held the baby towards the Fox and cried out "Dead Demon Seal."