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Sup guys. Okay, I've been getting a lot of complaints so far about various elements in the story. First, Naruto's Rinnegan. Now look guys, don't judge anything before I get a chance to expand on it, otherwise you'll just end up missing out. I can't do EVERYTHING right when I write, so my plot may clash with the anime's. Also, I don't think I need to remind you that this is my story. When I change things in it, it's because I feel that the was they portray it in the anime and manga isn't right. Isn't that the point of writing a fanfiction? For those of you who are dissatisfied, let me explain it to you. Naruto's Rinnegan (in my story) is a 'true Rinnegan' that wasn't manifested through a DNA exchange of any kind. He will be the only one to have a 'true Rinnegan' since the Sage of the Six Paths, and that's that. However, his Rinnegan is slightly different from The Sage's which will be explained later on. Now, I also didn't want to overpower Naruto, so whenever he used the Rinnegan, it will have similar backlashes to when one uses the Mangekyo Sharingan. Right now, Naruto's only a little kid, so he can't hope to even survive if he keeps his Rinnegan active, unlike Nagato, whose Rinnegan manifested when he had the capability to control his power. Naruto's Rinnegan had much more raw power than Nagato's so even with the Kyuubi's help, releasing it's full potential won't be possible until much later in the story. I didn't want Naruto to spam Rinnegan jutsu until he demonstrated that he could survive without it.

Next Issue; the pacing of the story. Yeah, looking back, it does have some confusing timeskips in there, so I have decided that after every ten chapters, I will write a one-page summary of what has transpired over the course of those ten chapters to clear up any confusions. Please tell if this is a good idea or not by PM. Also, it may seem slightly fast, but most of you don't realize that there are already nine chapters, and Naruto still hasn't officially started his training yet. So, you'll be happy to know that the this is the final chapter for this 'arc', and after this, Naruto will finally escape the Slums.

Next Problem people had; The Senju trio. When I started expanding on what my own Naruto would be like, I realized that Rookie 12 would be able too much below his level to give him a decent challenge, so I decided that he would start his training as early as possible, so I revealed the multiple threats after Naruto such as the Akatsuki, the Rain, the Stone, and Orochimaru. I would put him in the Generation of Itachi Uchiha, and Mito Senju who could fully utilize his capabilities as a Shinobi. Isamu was only put in so he could die, leaving an open spot for Naruto, and Raiden would have the Wood Release Bloodline, which made him arrogant, and sure of his abilities. This would create the ultimate team; An Uchiha, an Uzumaki, and a Senju, and they are all younger and more inexperienced than the rest, which should level the playing field when it comes to that.

Next; Hiruzen's Incompetence and lack of concern. This one really got me. I mean, I know it's cliche, but this very element is what builds Naruto's character in nearly EVERY other fanfiction out there. I can't have EVERY idea be completely fresh and original, and I rather like the idea of Naruto's power being formed on the basis that he wouldn't be weak anymore. As for Hiruzen's stupidity- It's completely natural. All people make mistakes, even the Hokage. Cho was one of his oldest friends along with Danzo, Homura, and Kagami. He thought that out of all the people, he could trust her. He wasn't completely neglectful though, so he posted ANBU guards on Naruto. This is where his logic was faulty. Some ANBU didn't care for Naruto's well being, and those who did were not powerful ,enough to resist the Kurama Clan's overwhelming numbers of genjutsu. Hiruzen can't spare EVERY SINGLE ANBU to watch Naruto, so he sent only one or two, whereas the Kurama Clan had dozens of Shinobi to torture Naruto. As for his crystal ball, think about it this way. If you carried the knowledge that someone was safe, would you sneak into their house, and climb in their room and watch them sleep, or watch them as they took a bath or something. The freaking stupid and creepy! Moreover, why the Hell would Hiruzen spy on him at night? Does that make sense to anyone?

Oh, and for those of you who will be expecting Naruto to kick ass all godlike, sorry. He'll be a powerful prodigy, but remember, he's only a kid, so don't expect that kind of stuff until much later. Oh, and I have a really interesting plot idea for the story, and I've had it even before I started writing this. It has to do with Naruto's family, but after seeing how everyone got so fussy after I gave Naruto a single bloodline, I'm wondering whether giving him another one is a good idea, even if I really want him to have it. Well, tell me if it's a good idea or not, and I guarantee you, it's not what you expect. I'll give you a hint though. It had something to do with the Akatsuki.

Well, I hope that this has cleared up any issue you might have had so far. Now that that's out of the way, I do want to thank everyone that gave me meaningful and helpful reviews. Please continue doing so. Welcome to the 'Slums Arc' completion everyone! Happy Reading...


Kenpachi watched impassively as Naruto and Hiruzen stood together. "Hey, Kenpachi, are you really certain we can defeat him? I mean, he is the Hokage after all."

"We can, and we will," Kenpachi said confidently. "After all, we both know that Naruto Uzumaki isn't the only Demon around here," he said as his arm began to flicker with red flames.

Chapter 10: The Second Demon

Naruto and Hiruzen stood side by side, their eyes gleaming with unspoken rage as Kenpachi quietly made a hand seal, and vanished into the shadows.

'There's no way that they could defeat the Hokage, but if I use 'that' jutsu, I may have a chance,' Kenpachi thought.

"Attack," one chuunin ordered with a wave of his hand. The first row of chuunin all dashed through handsigns and blew a torrent of fire towards Naruto and Hiruzen. Hiruzen began to make handseals, but Naruto placed a hand over his, halting his attack.

"What are you doing, Naruto-kun," Hiruzen asked, baffled. Naruto walked in front of Hiruzen, ignoring his flabbergasted stare as he gathered chakra into his right palm, right where the two overlapping diamonds for his Dark Release overlapped each other.

The overwhelming heat scorched the ground as the fireball grew closer and closer.

'What is he doing,' Hiruzen thought in alarm.

Naruto lifted out a single palm, and the fireball collided with his palm, sending out a pulsing shockwave. Hiruzen as well as they other attackers gaped. Naruto had stopped the fireball cold! Naruto gritted his teeth. Sweat ran down the sides of his face as the fireball was slowly sucked into his palm, until no trace of it remained.

The attackers stared on in complete shock along with Hiruzen as they stared as Naruto's now smoking palm. Naruto breathed out heavily as he lifted his face to meet theirs. His eyes were gleamed as he raised the same arm.

The attackers blasted a series of fire balls from their mouths as Naruto whispered, "Dark Style: Judgment!" Blue fames shot out from his palm in a deadly funnel wave as blue and red flames impacted in a massive firestorm and ignited into an explosion which blasted the attackers back. Hiruzen slammed his hands on the ground and created an Earth Wall to protect Naruto from the backlash as the wind tossed his grey hair back.

'That... was one of the most powerful fireballs I've ever seen. Naruto's fireblast was on par with those three chuunin combined. His power must have been boosted after his absorbed their jutsu. However, this is unlike anything I've ever seen before in one so young.' he thought as made some hand signs.

"Earth Style: Earth Flow River!"

The ground beneath the enemy liquified and pulled them down into the depths below. They screamed helplessly as the ground any mud seemingly clawed at their faces, as if hungry for blood.

Hiruzen whipped to one side, dodging a blast of water as he instantly vanished. Dozens of Shinobi cried out as their bodies flew through the air from a seemingly powerful and invisible force as Hiruzen plowed through the attackers like a bull, destroying any opposition with apparent ease.

An unsuspecting fireball blew towards his back, but Naruto leaped in it's path as quickly absorbed it. The Shinobi who fired it promptly gasped as Naruto returned fire with a powerful massive stream of neon flames, reducing the Shinobi to ash, and blasting his mangled body halfway across the Slums. He finished with a roll.

Hiruzen's eyes widened as Naruto fell to his knees, his breathing ragged as beads of sweat ran down his face. He clutched his Dark Release Arm, trying to get his bearings.

Hiruzen deftly blew a fireball from his lips, watching as it blazed into a group of helpless Shinobi. He looked at Naruto with concern. 'That Jutsu, the Inhaling Maw... it must take a high amount of chakra to perform. The fact that he used it twice in rapid succession is alone an admirable feat, but...'

He watched as Naruto slowly struggled to his feet, a defiant look in his eyes, and his mangy hair covering his face. '...that's not all,' Hiruzen mused. 'He's not had much to eat or drink in the past time, and it's taking a toll on his body. I can't believe I was so thoroughly fooled by Cho. I truly am...' he punched a Shinobi straight through a building with a single fist. '...despicable.'

Naruto wiped his mouth with his arm as he watched nearly a dozen shinobi charging at him at once. He coughed out blood, and tried to stand, but his legs gave away beneath him. 'That's it? I'm out of chakra?' he thought dejectedly as they grew neared by the second. His eyes widened. 'NO! I will live!' He moved his hands together to begin seals, but then suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Naruto looked behind him, startled.

Hiruzen smiled at the boy, his eyes closed. Naruto stared back at the Hokage, and slowly smiled back. An enormous Earth Dragon launched out of the muddy ground and began it's barrage, causing mass chaos and pandemonium as it tore through the enemy ranks, killing anyone that got in it's way. Naruto looked at Hiruzen in amazement. This was the power of the Hokage!

Hiruzen cracked his stiff neck as he reached in his pouch, and pulled out a pill. He held it out to Naruto.

"Eat this, my boy," he said gently. "It will replenish your chakra."

Naruto took it from Hiruzen's warm hand, but eyed it distrustfully.

"Eat it, you stupid brat," the Kyuubi growled. Naruto's head snapped up as he looked around frantically.

'Is that Kyuubi? I he talking to me? How?' he wondered as he concentrated, trying to search for Kyuubi's voice again.

'IS THAT YOU, KYUUBI,' he thought loudly, but there was no answer. Naruto sniffed the pill, then hesitantly, placed it in his mouth. His lashed fluttered downward as he felt some of his energy flow back into his veins.

Hiruzen watched in amazement as Naruto pushed himself to his knees, breathing heavily as he he used some handseals. His palm glowed with black mist as he shot out his hands towards the oncoming Shinobi. Chains streamed from his hands in long formations, ensnaring the Shinobi. "Dark Style: Chains of Darkness."

The shinobi tried to struggle out, but as soon as they even moved, they were all faced with an immense amount of pain.

"What is going on?" one of them gasped as he felt his chakra slipping away.

Naruto panted as he watched chakra tear away from the man's gut and flow down the length of the chain into Naruto's own body.

"The more you struggle," Naruto said. "-the more it will hurt you."

Hiruzen stepped forward, and shot out a blazing fireball from his mouth. The ensnared shinobi cried out in terror as the fireball blasted into them, making the sky momentarily turn glow from it's power and heat.

Hiruzen's kage cloak whipped in the wind as, Naruto pushed himself to his feet. The black chains retracted back into his hands.

"Are you ready, old man," Naruto said quietly. Hiruzen nodded as he placed a hand on Naruto's back, but Naruto gently pushed it away. Hiruzen eyed him sadly. He could understand Naruto's feelings. Naruto had been away from civilization for too long. He really had never known love. He was confused about many things, and he still couldn't fully trust the Hokage after Kenpachi had deceived him so.

They turned around to see that there were only three attackers remaining, all trembling with fear as they watched their comrades fall easily to the power of the Hokage and the Demon Brat.

"Wh- why can't they dodge the Demon's attacks?" one stammered.

Hiruzen frowned as formed the serpent handseal. The ground rumbled beneath the remaining attackers feet. And suddenly, they felt the earth beneath them grip their ankles. Their heads snapped down in surprise they felt themselves sinking into the mud.


"This is why your pathetic friends were unable to dodge Naruto's attacks," Hiruzen stated seriously. They struggled to move, but it was all in vain. Hiruzen flung a series of kunai at them, and all three met their mark, splitting the attackers heads down the middle, as Naruto watched with an apathetic expression on his face.

For a while, there was only silence as the wind blew though the damp and foul area, tossing the stench of death to the entire Slums. Hiruzen stared at Naruto in curiosity. 'Where did he learn those jutsu?' he wondered. 'And what's even more peculiar... he used bloodline techniques. Neither Minato nor Kushina ever had a bloodline like that. I wonder if this is the Kyuubi's doing...'

Hiruzen's arms fell to his sides as sighed and began to look around,.

"Who are you looking for, old man?' Naruto asked him.

Hiruzen looked at him in surprise. "I thought it would be obvious my boy. Did you not notice. During the entirety of the battle, Kenpachi Kedouin was nowhere to be found."

Naruto shrugged indifferently. "How would I notice? I'm only little kid."

Hiruzen rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "Forgive me," he said, smiling slightly. Then, his became serious. "But really Naruto. Don't you want to bring him to justice? He's hiding out there somewhere."

Naruto faced his back towards Hiruzen as he stared at the village of Konoha from beyond the Slums, his eyes filled with dull joy. "There's no point," he said finally. Hiruzen quirked an eyebrow in interest. "My only wish was to leave, and I have that chance now. Let's forget about him... and go home. That's all I've wanted for the past three months. That was my only wish."

Hiruzen lowered his head as he fought not to lose his temper. His rage wasn't directed at Naruto however. It was directed at Kenpachi... the Kurama Clan... the Leaf Village itself. They had no idea what they were doing. Naruto was an innocent child who only desired to be left alone. And yet, they still tortured and belittled him every single day. 'Naruto... how could you have lived like this for so long. I can't believe how much of a fool I was. In the end, Shikaku had figured out that the Council had lured me away from Naruto. I didn't even figure it out myself. I... I trusted Cho, and yet, Naruto suffered because of my foolishness. I don't deserve forgiveness.'

He closed his eyes as he hesitantly placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder, when he realized something. Naruto's shoulder's were shaking. He turned Naruto around to face him as he stared deep into the boy's bright blue eyes which were now only filled with darkness and pain. Naruto little body shook, but no tears fell. Naruto was trying to cry... but he didn't know how anymore.

Naruto's body didn't know how to react to these strange emotions that he felt now. He wanted to cry and release all his anger.

He wanted to laugh in relief.

He wanted to scream in pain.

He didn't know... what to do anymore. He was completely lost, in the depths of his soul.

Hiruzen wanted to hug him, but he felt that doing so would be overstepping his bounds. He had caused enough confusion and pain for now. He looked up at the night sky as a lone tear trailed down his wrinkling cheek.

'Minato, Kushina; I'm so sorry. In the end, I failed both of you.' They stood in their respective frozen positions for a time as Hiruzen shifted uncomfortably in the darkness of the night.

"Naruto," he said gently. Naruto looked up at him, his chest heaving. "Let's go home."

Naruto simply nodded as his eyes were shadowed by his hair. Hiruzen pulled Naruto on his back as they prepared to depart. Or so they thought...

Suddenly, the ground behind them trembled as piercing deadly killer intent filled the area, buffeting the air around them. Hiruzen looked back in surprise as a massive shadow engulfed the entire area, illuminated by the full moon as it roared powerfully, destroying buildings with ease. Naruto's eyes widened as he witnessed the shadow sit upright. It's s body was covered in crimson wisp of Chakra. Four Tails flowed out behind it, and the ground caved beneath it's immense power.

Hiruzen's face was expressionless, but in actuality, he was completely dumbstruck. 'Is that... Kenpachi?!'

"Hiruzen Sarutobi," the creature growled, it's voice warped beyond imagination.

"Kenpachi," Hiruzen muttered. "What have you done?"

The creature chuckled gleefully. " Now now, Lord Hokage. Don't think too badly of me. After all, I had no control over how I became like this. Did you know, I was born here, in the Slums. That's where the Kedouin Clan Compound used to be located, after all," he finished, while glaring straight at Naruto in accusation.

"Yes," Hiruzen sighed.

"Right after the Kyuubi's first assault destroyed our entire Compound, a man helped me escape. I was only a newborn, and being so close to the Kyuubi's massive amount of chakra and killer intent was beginning to affect my well being. The man knew that the only way to save me was to gather the remaining amount of Kyuubi's chakra in the Slums, and seal it inside me. He had to kill others who wanted to accomplish that very goal, and I do believe one of them was one of the Twelve Ninja Guardians.

Hiruzen's eyes narrowed as Kenpachi went on about 'this man' who had caused all this. "Kenpachi," he called, interrupting his speech. "Who is this man you speak of?"

Kenpachi's eyes glimmered as he bared his fans, as if mocking him. "Now why in the world would I tell you that, Lord Hokage," he said respectfully. "Besides, it's not like I could tell you, even if I wanted to. Just know this; it was someone who knew you well."

'Danzo! That sneaky bastard,' the Sandaime cursed as Kenpachi turned his gaze onto Naruto, who was still on the Hokage's back.

"See now boy," he spat in pure loathing. "This is what you are. A Demon, and a monster, just like me. And that will never change. You could become Hokage and that still wouldn't ever change. I only managed to copy the small amount of the Demon's chakra sealed within me, and mimic it. I am not the true Demon here. YOU ARE, Naruto Uzumaki!"

Hiruzen shifted his gaze over to Naruto. Naruto's eyes weren't full of rage or sadness as he thought. Instead, they were only blank and listless, as if he was only half-paying attention to what Kenpachi was saying.

The two opposing forces stared at each other as the atmosphere grew even more tense.

"You're wrong."

Hiruzen and Kenpachi looked at Naruto in surprise.

"I'm not the only Demon here," Naruto said emotionlessly. "I accepted myself long ago. I've accepted what I am, but you on the other hand... it's actually amazing to me at how stupid you are."

"Naruto!" Hiruzen admonished, but then caught himself as Naruto gave an exasperated stare. 'Oh, right. Life or Death battle going on here. I shouldn't really worry about the types of words Naruto is allowed to say. Hee, my mistake.'

"Look at yourself..." Naruto continued. "Look at you, and what your doing right now. You're parading around in that Demonic form, trying to intimidate the Hokage of all people with your stupid tricks, and creepy voice. What exactly are do you hope do about this? Do you really think you stand a chance?"

Kenpachi's teeth were grinding in anger as he fought to keep a cool head. 'How dare that Demon Brat mock me,' he thought venomously. His chakra flared as soft red flames began to flicker along his hunched body.

"You know what's even more interesting? The Kyuubi is a real Demon, and even he couldn't do what you have done! You actually think you're doing good. Give me a break."

"That's enough!" he snarled. He tensed, his shoulder muscled hardening, as the ground cracked under his paws.

'He's getting ready to attack,' Hiruzen thought calmly as he gently set Naruto on the ground. His back faced the pseudo-jinchuuriki, as he closed his eyes. He wouldn't hold back any more. It was time... to fight for real.

Kenpachi coiled his muscles, and leaped straight at Hiruzen, his crimson body blurring as it streaked towards the Hokage like a bullet. Naruto's eyes widened at the sheer attack speed Kenpachi carried in his Demon Form. Naruto couldn't even follow the man with his eyes.

Hiruzen didn't move from his spot as Kenpachi grew closer and closer. Suddenly Hiruzen whipped around, just as Kenpachi's face neared his body. He deftly slammed the back of his fist into the side of Kenpachi's face. Kenpachi's animistic face grimaced with pain as he flew backwards, and smashed into a building, kicking up an absurd amount of dust and debris.

Naruto gasped in shock. He couldn't even see Kenpachi move, but the old man was easily able to deliver a fatal direct hit. The Hokage... truly lived up to his reputation. Kenpachi groaned as he lifted himself from the rrubble. He ignored the pain, and charged again, this time coming at the Hokage's side. He raised a fist. A crimson chakra arm shot out of his fist, and shot at Hiruzen's side.

Hiruzen refused to meet Kenpachi's gaze as his hand shot up... and caught the attack. Kenpachi's eyes widened as the ground behind the Hokage exploded and destabilized the ground itself. Hiruzen didn't waste another moment as he wrenched the chakra arm to the side. Kenpachi yelped as he was flung into another building, casing it topple on top of him. The ground trembled as Hiruzen stared his jutsu.

Ram → Horse → Dragon, "Earth Style: Earth Dragon Bomb"

The wet mud behind him began to bubble and spread outwards. A massive Dragon's face appeared out of the mud. It's eyes glared at Kenpachi balefully as it roared. Kenpachi rubbed his head as he winced in pain. He knew the Hokage was strong, but this was ridiculous. The frail old man had easily caught his chakra arm, even when it shattered the ground behind him from it's force. His eyes widened as he watched a massive dragon made of mud struggled out of a muddy pit. It towered above them as it bared it's mucky fangs.

Hiruzen slammed his hands together as the Dragon flew at Kenpachi at top speed, it's speed tearing through any solid structure that was near it. The Dragon cracked open it's mouth, and fired globs of earth at Kenpachi. Kenpachi leaped to the side, but he was far too slow. Hiruzen shot torrents of flames from his mouth, setting the mud and dragon on fire. Kenpachi gasped in horror as the flaming earth met it's mark, blasting him into the ground, and tearing apart the ground. Hiruzen dispelled the jutsu as he observed the huge crater his jutsu had caused.

He walked to the crater. Suddenly, he looked around frantically in alarm. He couldn't make heads or tails of Kenpachi's location! 'I should have been able to sense him,' he thought, puzzled. 'It's strange There's absolutely no trace of him. Like his just vanished into thin air. Could this be Danzo's doing. If he's experimenting with Kyuubi's chakra, there's going to be a major catastrophic calamity on our hands. Well, it's no use thinking about it now. They've escaped, and that's the end of it. I have no doubt he'll return in time.'

He stood up and walked back to Naruto, placing him back on his back. They walked past the Slum's border, dispelling any genjutsu with ease.

As they finally tasted the sweet Village air, Narutio breathed in deeply as he savored the scent of his home. His true home Hiruzen smiled as Naruto began to close his eyes, resting his head on the Sandaime's shoulder. They walked past the tall healthy trees, and tasted the freedom of Konoha. There were many challenged ahead, but he was confident now... Naruto would be ready.

Author's Note: Alright guys! The Slums Arc is done. Kenpachi isn't done yet, as he will still have a part to play later on. I know that fight between him and Hiruzen was kind of short, but really? Do you really think even a four tails can face up to Hiruzen? Especially one that's only got a small fraction of the Kyuubi's power? Well, who was the man who sealed the remainder of the Kyuubi into Kenpachi? What will become of Cho and the Kurama Clan? What will become of Naruto now? Find out... Next Time!

Next Up: Naruto finally starts at the Academy, and Hiruzen begins to investigate the depths of Naruto's treatment over the years.

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