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TezukaxFuji TezukaxFuji


Fuji Syuusuke – Middle child [daughter] of the famous Fuji Family.

Fuji Ryuu – I changed Yumiko-san's name [xD]

Fuji Family - Has a photography company and owner of groups of hotels all over the world.

Tezuka Family – owner of many groups of hotels all over the world like the Fuji Family but they are not rivals.

Love in School Days

Chapter 1

It is Spring season When Fuji Syuusuke decided to continue her sophomore life from Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku to Seishun Gakuen.

Fuji and her brother Ryuu is walking towards her new school.

"Ne baby sister, what time are you going home?" he asked.

"Mou aniki, I'm not even inside my classroom and you're already asking that." She said while pouting.

"Because I will miss my baby sister. Ne Syuu, why did you transfer here? Everyone knew that Rikkai is one of the best schools here in Japan." Fuji frowned and answered her brother.

"Because Yuki-nee-chan's so mean to me. She's always pairing me with Niou-kun." She said while pouting.


The school bell rang and Fuji and her brother rushed to their classroom.

-Inside the classroom-

The students are chattering and the fangirls of the famous strong tennis player Tezuka Kunimitsu are flirting to him. They didn't know that they are annoying him but he keeps his stoic face so they will not notice it.

Atsuko-sensei entered their classroom and announced that they will have a new classmate.

"Minna, starting today you will have a new classmate. Any moment she will arrive here. She's from Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku" He said.

"So it's a she, I hope she's beautiful." Akihiro Seito said.

"Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku nya! It's one of the best schools here! Why did she transfer here?" Eiji Kikumaru said.

"I don't know her reason why she transferred here Kikumaru-kun" Atsuko-sensei said.

While they are having their conversation, suddenly they heard an argument…

Fuji's hands on her slim waist "Mou aniki! You don't have to pick me up." She said while pouting.

Ryuu frowned "But baby sister…" before he finished his sentence Fuji already answered back.

"I'll drop in our hotel near this school, so please." She made her famous puppy eyes and Ryuu admitted defeat.

Ryuu opened the door of Fuji's new classroom for her to come in. "Arigatou!" She said and kissed the cheek of her brother.

The students amazed when they saw Fuji kissed the cheek of her brother. Before she enter Ryuu whispered to her. "Behave baby sister." It made Fuji pout again. "I'm always behave."

Then Ryuu left.

Fuji walked in front of her new classmates and they are amazed because of Fuji's shoulder length honey brown hair danced as she move and her angelic face filled with beautiful smile made their heart melt.

The guys of their class already fallen for her. She even caught the attention of the famous Tezuka Kunimitsu.

"She is so beautiful." He thought to himself.

Atsuko-sensei cleared his throat and introduced Fuji to them. "Minna, this is Fuji Syuusuke. Be nice to her.

Fuji smiled and bowed her head. "Minna, I'm Fuji Syuusuke. I'm from Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku but I decided to transfer here in Seishun Gakuen. Yuroshiku!"

End of Chapter 1

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