I dedicate this fic for my favorite T-shirt. I finally found it after months of searching. I wish there was a majestic story that goes with my favorite shirt, but it's really just a shirt I received from my best friend in the eighth grade. Oh, well. Still an awesome shirt. Anyway, this is rated T for language and very, very slight Terra bashing. So, originally, I was going to make it a one-shot, but I think I'll like it more split into a three-parter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans. Just the plot and my T-shirt. I hope you like it.

Non-beta'd. It was edited by me, so it's nothing too fancy.

Free Hugs


-Beast Boy-

From all my years on this great, big rock we humans call Earth, I, Beast Boy – green-teen, heart-throb, and hero of the greatest city known to man – have realized something: I am not the brightest crayon in the box. In fact, I'd say I'm more of a… RoseArt green. You expect it to be a nice forest green, right? But, the moment you use it you find out that even though it says green, it really means 'several thousand shades darker than what you wanted'. Ugh, I hate RoseArt crayons…they always break, they're always the wrong color, and they just…just… Gah! They just suck, okay? Crayola's where it's at!

Er- I'm getting way off topic! The thing is, while I may not be very smart or witty – I swear, I'm funny as hell though, no matter what anyone says – I'm pretty observant. No, really. I'm serious.

Now, I may not catch every little detail like Mr. Leader, but I pick up enough, dude. For example, I notice that every mission Cy brings the T-Car to, he stays in the area closest to his pride and joy so he won't oil himself – ha, you see what I did there? Man, I freakin' crack myself up! – if the baddies get too close to his baby. I have to say though, it's kinda weird… Sometimes I think he puts that car before the rest of us. Even me! Beast Boy! He's such a jerk…

Oh! Also, I notice how Robin's hair is always spikier and more styled when it's movie night here at Titan's Tower – especially when we watch a horror flick – which Starfire seems to really enjoy. Speaking of which, another thing I've picked up on is something that's kind of subtle, but nothing can get past these beautiful eyes of mine! Every touch Star shares with her darling boyfriend – whether they just brush hands or something else that's really cheesy – sends her floating a few more centimeters off the ground. Sometimes it's even inches from the pavement when Robin hugs her.

This brings me to what I've observed about my, heh, favorite teammate, and crush: Raven. Yes, really, I have a crush on her, so stop your school-girl giggling and shut the hell up. Anyway, I've been crushing on her pretty hard for years now – well, except that one time with She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. You know, Voldemort's daughter – and over those years I've learned a lot of things 'bout Rae. Her hatred for my nickname for her being one of the more obvious ones, heh, heh.

But, I've come to discover something really surprising – and totally awesome – about this normally grouchy girl who hisses at the idea of any kind of human contact – supposedly – and, dude, this is it:

Raven. Likes. Hugs.

Likes them.

No freakin' joke.

Who would've guessed, right? I sure as hell didn't.

But, she does. I know it for a fact. I realized this (somewhat) weirdness about a week ago after another fight with the Hive-Five. You see, this girl almost got blasted to smithereens by one of Gizmo's annoying ass lasers in front of this weird old lookin' bookstore she was walking out of, but we – namely, me, Beast Man – saved her just in time. That's right - all thanks to me and my awesomeness. Anyway~, after I totally kicked ass, this girl's boyfriend – at least, I'm assuming that's what he was because I've never seen cousins kiss like that – who I guess had been waiting outside the store for his lady, ran up to her, picked her up, and gave her a huge hug.

I was kinda happy for the two, y'know, all couples should be happy, but I was even happier when I saw Raven 'discreetly' looking at the guy and his girl hugging up a storm and she was smiling! Smiling!

Granted, it was small, but it was seriously there, dude! She even tried to cover it up by pulling up her hood! That's when I knew she really does like hugs, even though she acts like she doesn't! I mean, it was so obvious! I can't believe I had never noticed before! I should have when she hugged me after that Mel…Milly…Malc…uhm… that bitch-ass-punk-whore broke her heart. But, since it finally came to me, I just had to do something with this newfound information.

So, here I am – sitting on the bottom bunk of my bed, holding up the old shirt Robot Man 2.0 bought me for my 11th birthday that had always been three sizes too big – but would now be a bit too small on me, though it would probably work as a sleep-shirt or something on Raven – and grinning deviously while hatching another one of my genius plans.

Get ready, Rae. Tomorrow's gonna be hug-tastic!

Ha! Get it?

Dude, I mean it, I'm freakin' hilarious! Ha, ha!

Okay, so that's the first chapter. The next chapter obviously has more stuff happenin'. I'm sorry it's not longer, but it is just the prologue. But, either way, I apologize. Thank you for reading the beginning to these shenanigans! Feel free to review bro :3

-Table for Two