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Eighth Movement:

The Escape

Flaky sighed as she poked her head out of the kitchen. Flippy sat at his desk, his hand on his chin. "Ya know." Flaky called. "We're gonna have to do a bit of grocery shopping. I can go do it. I already have a list made out!" She waved the white sheet of paper she held.

Flippy looked up from his concentrated thoughts. "I already told you, you're not leaving. Not while I know Shifty is out there."

Flaky groaned loudly and slipped her way back into the kitchen to continue washing dishes. "I can't stay here forever…" She mumbled.

"Why not?" Flippy's arm snaked around her waist and startled her. She looked back at his face. His words were filled with amusement but she could see the hard look in his eyes. She leaned back against him slightly as she looked back at the dish water. His arm tightened around her slightly as he kissed her shoulder softly. "Would it be so bad to just stay here forever? Just stay in bed, tangled up in each other." He murmured and massaged her hip.

Flaky closed her eyes slightly and made a small noise before shaking her head. "You're trying to distract me. And don't be silly, we can't stay in bed all the time."

He chuckled lightly and gripped both her hips, bending her over the sink slightly. "Fine, we can do it here too. Or at my desk, or on the kitchen table." He breathed huskily, one of his hands playing with the hem of her shirt.

"Stop it." Flaky whispered softly, her hands gripping the sink. She pulled from him, ducking out of his hold. "I'm serious Flippy, I can't stay locked up here forever. It's been what? Four, five days? Just let me go shopping. I'll be back as soon as I'm done." She could already see the no in his eyes and sighed softly.

"Flaky, no. Something could happen to you." Flippy said and went to touch her arm. Flaky moved away from him and scowled deeply.

"But that's the things, something could not happen to me. You don't know. You could come with me and keep me safe!" Flaky said and watched him sigh and rub his forehead.

"You know why I can't do that. Everyone would freak out if they saw us together." Flippy looked at her, a pleading look in his eyes. "How about this, I'll go shop and you stay here and hold down the fort."

Flaky frowned deeply before nodding slowly. She handed him the list but Flippy grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. "You have to promise you won't leave the house. Promise." He said, his eyes serious.

Sighing heavily, Flaky nodded. "I promise, I'll be here when you get back. You have my word." She smiled softly and leaned up to kiss his chin lightly. Flippy nodded and moved toward the front door, Flaky walking behind him. He leaned back and kissed her softly before leaving, closing the door behind him. After waiting a few minutes and checking to make sure he was gone, Flaky scowled deeply and bolted into the living room to grab her shoes. "I'm so sorry Flippy. I have something I have to do." She whispered softly to herself.

The walls of the psychiatric hospital were white and voice of warmth. Same with the tiled floors. Voices bounced off the walls softly, sounding like the voices of ghosts. Flaky made her way down the hall, passing by a few people, some muttered to themselves, others just stared at her with eyes void of any feeling. Flaky tried not to read too much into it. Her tennis shoes squeaked softly as she walked, rounding another corner. Doors lined either side and she watched the numbers pass until she found the one she needed. Flaky gulped softly and gathered as much courage as she could before knocking softly on the door. She waited a few minutes before pushing the door open slowly.

The room had the same white walls as the rest of the hospital. There was a bed against the far left wall, a desk sitting opposite to it with unused papers and colors. One person sat alone across from where Flaky stood in the doorway. Navy blue hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail, a few strands having escaped the elastic. She was wearing a bale blue house coat over white pajama bottoms and a blue tank top. On her feet were white house shoes.

Flaky closed the door behind her as she made her way into the room, moving to stand in front of the girl. The girl looked out the window with blue eyes that were seemingly empty. Flaky's heart broke as she knelt down slowly in front of Petunia. She could see what Giggles and Cuddles had meant. This girl…though alive and breathing, was dead on the inside.

"Petunia." Flaky said softly and touched her hand softly. "Petunia, my names Flaky. You don't know me. But I know someone you used to be very close with." She said slowly. She watched Petunia slowly look at her but at the same time it was like she was looking through Flaky. "You tried to be his friend. And you got hurt." Flaky choked out, tears threatening to spill out of her. "Petunia, I know."

Petunia watched her in silence before opening her mouth slightly. Tears rolled from her blue eyes as she watched Flaky. "You…you saw…" Petunia choked out and Flaky nodded, tears rolling down her own cheeks.

"The brother came after me. I would have died. But he, both of them, saved me." Flaky said and smiled softly. Petunia gripped her hand slightly and a sob escaped her. "It must be so hard on you Petunia." Flaky said.

"I'm…broken. He broke me." Petunia mumbled and pushed her free hand through her blue hair, some more of the strands falling out of the hair band.

Flaky shifted slightly so she was sit more comfortably and held on to Petunia's hand. "Can you tell me about it?" She asked softly.

Sobs escaped her and shook her body violently as Petunia turned to Flaky again, her eyes wide in fear as if she was reliving the experience. "I…I didn't close my eyes in time…So much blood…so much red…" Petunia released Flaky's hand to cover her ears. She rocked back and forth, tears spilling out of her eyes like a river without end. "Death…he brings death…you'll die…we'll all die…"

Flaky frowned softly ad touched Petunia's shoulder. "No, he doesn't bring death. He's kind and caring. I've seen it; in both of them I've seen it." Flaky pushed a hand through her hair like Petunia and for a moment she wondered if she was going crazy as well.

"He brings death…" Petunia repeated and rocked back and forth faster.

Flaky blinked and moved to put her hand on Petunia's shoulder. "No-"

"He brings death!" She said louder, rocking harder, nearly toppling her chair over.

Flaky stood and grabbed Petunia's shoulder's to stop her. "No Petunia, you're wrong. Flippy doesn't-"

Petunia's arms shot out and gripped Flaky's shirt and brought the red head closer till they were almost nose to nose. "No…not…not Flippy."

Flaky nodded slightly. "Right not Flippy."

Petunia shook her head slowly before it became almost a nervious twitch. "No…not Flippy. Flippy doesn't bring death…he brings death. Him. He does…" She said, panic melting and mixing with fear.

A frown stretched Flaky's mouth as her eyebrows knitted together. "You mean Dark? He won't-"

"No! You don't know!" Petunia screamed in Flaky's face, scaring her slightly. Flaky tried to pull away but Petunia's hands tightened. "Him…" She said and shook Flaky slightly. "Him…"

Flaky frowned softly and glanced up as she watched the door to the room open slowly. Fear and dread sank down into her heart as she watched who stood in the threshold.

"Him…" Petunia whispered softly as Flaky watched and listened to Shifty snicker.

Flippy sighed as he walked down the sidewalk, nearing his home. "Ya think she actually stayed home?"

Why ya stressing? Dark retorted but Flippy could tell he was worried too. Hell, his darker half had rushed him more than he was already rushing himself when he'd gone shopping. Hurry up, you walk like my grandmother.

"You realize we have the same grandmother right?" Flippy said as his house came into view. "Wait a minute…"

Is our door kicked in!? Dark snapped.

Flippy raced to his front door and sure enough his front door was bashed in. Panic and raged fill him all at once as he barged in, the grocery bags forgotten at the door. "Flaky!?" He yelled. Silence greeted him as he looked around his now devastating home. Couch cushions were ripped, stuffing pulled out and thrown about. His walls had long gashes from where someone had dragged a knife across them. "Flaky!" He screamed again and ran through his house.

She's not here. Dark stated and both growled in anger. Flippy punched a hole in his already destroyed wall.

"God damnit!" He growled before something caught his eye. There was a paper laying on the floor, ripped in two. Flippy ran to it and scooped the two halves into his hands. "It's Flaky's hand writing."


I'm sorry but there was something I had to do. I went to see Petunia. I'll be home as soon as I can, I promise.



"Petunia." Flippy murmured and rubbed his forehead. The idea of having to face the girl he'd help destroy mentally froze him in place. But Flaky would be in danger. He growled softly to himself and ran a hand through his hair, tugging on the green strands slightly.

What the hell are you waiting for, a written fucking invitation!? Stop being a fucking pussy and go! Dark snapped at him. She needs us!

Flippy scowled softly and nodded, standing and bolting form his house, Dark giving him one line to push him that much faster.

This ends.

Flaky placed herself between Petunia and Shifty, the masked man moving toward them like a snake getting ready to strike. His face was swollen and bruised; his nose purple, his jaw was about two sizes bigger than normal. Flaky growled at him, threateningly. "What are you doing here?" She felt stupid for asking that because judging by the large knife in his hand, Shifty was there to kill her. Or both of them. And then Flippy.

"You're a smart girl, you already know the answer to that." Shifty snickered, his voice hushed. Flaky felt Petunia grip her shirt and heard her whimper softly. "Aww, ya remember me?" Shifty said in a sick way to the scared girl clingy to Flaky. "Good." He sneered.

Flaky growled at him again. "Back off. She has nothing to do with this."

"She has everything to do with this. She and that split personality freak are the reason this is going on."

Flaky snorted. "The only freak I see is you. You fucking crazy shit. He was trying to protect his friend you and your brother kidnapped-"

Shifty laughed. "You think we just kidnapped her? Oh no. Like I said, my brother and I wanted to have some fun with her. And boy, did we. You should have heard her screams, her begging us to stop. That just made us go harder." He snickered and with every word from his mouth, Flaky felt like she was going to be sick. "She was a virgin ya know."

Something in Flaky finally snapped and she lunged for him suddenly, catching him by surprise. They fell to the ground, Flaky gripping for the knife as Shifty roared in rage. He brought a fist down, his knuckles connecting with her temple. Flaky felt her head swim but she kept a hold on his arm, fighting to take the knife from him as he kept wailing hits on the side of her head.

"Petunia!" Flaky snapped over her shoulder. "Get out of here, now!" She ordered. She heard sobbing through the curses Shifty was spitting out.

"Get back here you little bitch!" Shifty yelled, meaning Petunia must have gotten out of the room. Flaky took one hand away from Shifty's arm to claw at his face, trying to get his attention back on her. The longer they brawled the more time someone had to realize there was a fight going on and the farther away Petunia could get.

Her clawing worked.

Shifty roared again and gripped her hair roughly, jerking her off of him in one quick motion. Flaky cried out slightly as strands were pulled from her scalp. Shifty threw her across the room like a rag doll and she hit the desk with her back. Pain shot up from the middle of her back all the way to her skull and she tumbled. Stars blinked in and out of her vision as she fought to stay awake. She could feel blood running down the side of her head and felt it on her hands. Flaky fought to stand, using the desk for support as she watched Shifty stalk toward her. He had long cal marks on his face, on over his eye.

He growled at her and lunged, knife raised. Flaky ducked but was caught by Shifty's other arm grabbing the back of her shirt and jerking her back. Flaky spun on her heel and flung her arm out. Her fist made contact with something and she heard Shifty scream. He released her and took a few steps back, holding his healing nose. "You fucking cunt!" He snarled and glared at her. "You can't escape. I'm gonna skin you the fuck alive."

Flaky growled softly and raised her arms, hands balled into fists. "Who said I was gonna run?"

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