A patriotic gesture to offer a bit of support from home turns into a search for something more. A lonely solider discovers something worth fighting for in the words of a stranger.

This story came to me on Memorial Day thinking of all those who had fallen, and all those they had fought for.

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January 2nd

I stared at the blank page in front of me, unsure of what to write. I was very articulate when the subject matter was something that excited me. But with this, I was at a loss.

What do you say to a stranger?

This was a terrible idea.

I had no idea why Renee had even suggested it; except that it was something she had recently fallen into.

And it was for a noble cause.

And perhaps that I had nothing else to keep me occupied.

No occupation except working at the library, and even that had become nothing short of my own lonesome time reading. With the events of our nation, very few people had the time to read. I was left to myself on those days I worked. Not even the books could keep my mind engaged.

I looked down at my blank bit of paper and sighed again.

I had to write something.

I had promised Renee.

Damn her and her noble causes.

Pen to paper, I started to write.

Perhaps I would do some good for someone somewhere.

Dear Soldier,

My name is Bella…

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