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Cams pov

Lucy, nothing could be more perfect, when she smiles I could almost feel heaven reach it's bright trembling hands out to pull me in.

But when she is with him

When she's with Daniel, I can feel it, the rage and possession and greed that took over me.

When he was near her, I wanted to drag her away and kiss her senseless, until she remembered who she belonged to.

But then I would stop, because I knew, she will never be mine.

She will always belong to him because he was the prissy little middling he is. And I was under that, under them because I wanted to feel like part of something and because of the need to be in the crowd, I was now left out of the crowd I had left behind.

I was an idiot.

But I won't give up hope because something is different this time. I can feel it, this time she is different to all those other times, she feels closer to me than him. She might be mine this time, instead of his and dying, she could be mine and live.

I felt hope. More hope than ever, I was happy at the thought, not happy at the thought of winning or of lust or for my success. I felt happy that I might be able to cause life instead of death. That might bring her life than watch her die because of someone else's mistake. To cause the happiness of others, than t o take theirs so I can have my own.

Yo look sharp here she comes I prep my self

"cam" she said as she walked up to me

Instead of my usual smirk, I smiled a true smile "hey Lucy, did ya miss me?" I ask hoping for a 'yes'

"cam,' she said seriously, I lost the smile 'Daniel told me everything, you, you're a demon aren't you?" I didn't want to look at her, so I averted my eyes to the ground.

"you're the devils lapdog, one of his personal slaves ' she looked like she was going vomit ' and to think, I was going to choose you over Daniel"

The hope I had sprung to life my cold frozen heart pounded to life with great joy and love.

"you have lied, you have cheated, I'm disappointed, I've had enough, you're a disgrace to the angels, you're a disgrace of a friend, I can't believe I had to hear it from Daniel. Enough, no more" she raged

My hope deflated almost as soon as she started now it was gone, no more, she says, enough, she says, what about me do I get a say?

"I choose Daniel"

Screw hope, fuck you all, death be wished on all those who have love, may you all suffer eternality as I do.

Calm down, calm down, you don't mean that ,you know you don't

Yes you do, who are you?, I am you, no I am me you are something else, I am the you that gives in to the desire yeah well I hope you burn in hell, don't you remember we already do, yeah well at least I can…

I'm so pathetic that I'm arguing with my self

"goodbye cam,' she turned away ' I hope you enjoy your long lasting life in hell" an she left

I stood there as I watched her receding form

She doesn't love you, you should kill them all, allow them to suffer as we suffer, allow them to die as we die inside, and we will laugh as we watch their souls wither in agonising pain whilst they slowly burn in the fiery depths of hell.

My inner cackled like a maniac, but the bad thing was I agreed with it, why must I suffer alone when I can have people suffer with me and never be alone again.

Never alone, I thought to myself, is the same as always alone if not in the company of those you love and in turn love you

Alas, for no-one shall ever love me. I am to forever and always witness the one I love be punished for the crime the one whom I hate most

Like god with Adam and eve, he witnessed eve's punishment for Adams crime and when he tried to fix it was too late. He must always think of how Adam ate the apple and eve took a small bite, only to get punished to atone for Adams mistake. Over and over I must watch as Daniel eats apple after apple to be free and Lucy take a small bite and be killed, while I sit on the side lines to be starved of the love that they share love but this time is different I can feel it she is closer to me. This time she could be mine, that is what say every time she comes back, but this time it's true, she might actually live rather than to die with Daniel she may live with me.


I am trapped in a never ending spiral, not only watching her die, but also be stuck in rapture of loving her, I am forced to suffer in anguish and hope, but knowing that she will never love me back.

I know what I must do.

Like Lucy said 'no more' 'enough'

Now I shall suffer no more.

'Lucy next we meet, may I be worthy of your love'

I stand alone outside of the church, in front of the large stain glass window, what most don't know is that It is quite simple to get into hell is to offer your blood, say a few simple lines and step through the stain glass window.

So I stood there as I cut across my hand, grinning as the warm liquid pools in the centre of my hand and the warmth it leaves as it spills over the edge. My inner demon jumps up and down in giddy excitement at the thought of being reunited with our home.

"I demand entry through the door to immortal suffering.

To return to my great and powerful master Ipos (1),

The prince of the 5th gate of hell

To deny me access is to deny my masters


By my power and pride

I will not be denied"

The glass jutted out in an icy embrace as I except the inviting feeling of home, I feel the warmth of the bright torches touch my cheek and I open my eyes to see the lush and expensive interior of my master's chambers

"dear follower,' I heard a voice behind me as I turn to see my master 'you rarely visit to what do I owe the gift of you presence"

I bow "master, I wish to seek the company of our great father" I say bowing lower peh once great father we could so smash him.

"Why?" my master asked suspicious of my request

"I have a request I wish to be fulfilled" I bow deeper

"if you even try to betray me I'll-"

I cut him off before he could finish his threat "sir, I have never betrayed you, why would I start now when I have taken my time to ask you permission, so please sir grant me this request"

"You really want this don't you? You usually just get sick of me and leave, so I give you my permission" he smiled

I left

In the 7th ring of hell (2) I was f**king freezing, bloody hell I like it were its warm so I would like to leave a soon as possible. I walk into the dark room it is outlined in a red glow.(for all otakus picture Naruto's nine-tail's holding cell).

"my child,' boomed a voice from the back corner of the room the tone practically oozed authority and suggested that you must obey me or else. I turned and I saw a man, just a man no more no less "why are you here"
"father, I wish to request something" I bow

"ah, and what might that be?" he asked clearly intrigued

"I wish for you to erase my memories" I say with my body still in it's respectful position

"hmm, you're a strange one, polite, respectful and obeys the rules" he grinned " If I didn't know better I would have guessed you were an angel, but I am your creator"

"sir, I wish to have my memories erased so that I may live life as a mortal"

"but, may I ask, why not just wish for mortality" he raised a brow

"I just want to forget-" I was cut off

"you want to forget but if you die in the mortal world you will just come back here with all powers and memories" he chuckled "you are a truly deceitful demon, a liar, you are good at this, getting what you want"

My jaw clenched " sir, can you fufill my request" I bow deeper to keep the anger on my face showing

"yes but in turn you must do something for me, I wish for you to torture and kill 5 humans and bring their souls back here to me"

"yes sir"

I was back In the churches garden, I lay down and close my eyes

May tomorrows sun's rays be darker than todays, for I now walk alone

Good bye and good night Lucy

And I drifted into sleep as I thought of what I must do tomorrow


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