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Waking up was creepy, I felt light, almost weightless. And warm? I thought I would feel cold, after all hadn't I fallen asleep on the cold marble ground of the ancient looking corridor in the House of Night. As those thoughts as to where I had been registered in my mind, I gasped as I still stood in that corridor but now a soft rain of light seemed to fall down upon me, almost filtering from above but hadn't there been a roof over my head? I glanced down to see my doll-like body, still encased in the Tracker's arms. He leant down slightly, his lips mere inches from mine and I felt a strange tingle at the thought that he might be about to kiss me.

But alas he let out a sigh, "Nettie." He breathed my name out in concern, sending a tingling sensation throughout my body once again.

Endless blue eyes widened in surprise as he saw the slight rise of my chest (my inadequate chest I thought), and blushed at the way he watched my mouth as my whispering breathes whistled through my full lips. Slowly he untangled my body from his arms, and slid them underneath my legs, while gently lifting me up bridal style. Allowing my head to rest against his shoulder, my hair fell down like a river of chocolate silk, shimmering in the gaslight with warm golden and some brassy tones. My face was pale but like I had noticed last time I had seen the Mark, my features were sharper, my lips richer. I looked dead but wild at the same time. Untamed.

Shimmering light seemed to encase my still body and the man that held me; he looked like an ancient Warrior protecting his Maiden, or Priestess. A shiver ran down my non-body at the thought, and I watched as he slowly walked past me only to pause where I stood watching as if he could feel my presence. His eyes searched the dimly lit corridor and glanced at my ethereal body but he shook his head slightly and continued back the way I had come from. Holding my body protectively in his arms, I wanted to follow him but my name was whispered from the darkness.

Nettie, come join us daughter. Notes of a drum filled my ears, the sound of the rushing wind, scattering my hair around my body. The roar of the ocean…the sounds of a rainforest…the crackling of a fire, the sounds called to me. Tantalizingly close and filled with ancient magic. I panicked, screaming in my non-body, my voice whirled around me like a pale blue cloud, bright endless light embraced me. Tears filled my eyes and spilled down my cheeks as I stood there in the shadows. Voices called out to me, calling me forward wanting me to join them. Lifting my tear stained face I started as the statue of the Goddess I had seen before seemed to come to life, Come to me daughter. Purple tinged moonlight danced around me, beckoning me forward.

Stepping (or should I say floating?) forward in my non-body I embraced the statue of the Goddess. Only to find that I was no longer in the corridor of the House of Night at the edge of my hometown Deepdene, I was somewhere else, somewhere other. Standing in a field, wild lavender and white sage filled my vision as far as the eye could see, like an endless sea. Wind whipped around me, sending my hair scattering along my face, reaching up I brushed it aside trying to figure out where I was now. Then in the wind, I heard it- the sound of voices. Chanting, calling, singing, it was a cacophony of noise roaring in my ears, smoke danced around me as ethereal people coalesced in the shadows.

Beginning to run, the perfume of fresh lavender filled the warm air, along with the sweet scent of sage. The smell of warm wood smoke filled my mouth; I could taste ash on my tongue, trying to keep moving forward I began to slow. The bodies pressed against me. Calling me forward, dancing around me like an endless cloud of smoke. Shapes shimmered around me like a vision of moonlight made solid, but whenever I turned my eyes to them they vanished from sight, I could only discern people not faces. I began to move, running randomly, trying to break free of the spirits dancing around me in twirling yet graceful movements, intricate steps in time with the beating of the drums, and the lulling sound of their chanting.

Gasping for breath I stumbled forward, trying to find a way through the world of spirits shrouded in smoke and mirrors. But I only seemed to be moving further into their world, I wanted to scream anything, I wanted to be free of this fear, this endless battle of ethereal people. If only it could all end, the terror, the erratic beating of my heart. If only it could all stop. Was I dying? Was I finding my way across the bridge to the Otherworld? Were these smoke clad figures around me ghosts, was that why I could see them because I was so close to Death's Door? Completely panicked I rushed forward, only to hear the one thing I wanted to hear from the beginning.

Do not be afraid, rejoice with your Ancestors. They wanted to be here when you began to walk the path to your destiny. The silvery light mixed with the pale blue of my gasping breathes to create something so strange, light made real. It was beautiful, the voice was kind, calling me but I was no longer afraid. The chanting had died down to a low hum in the back of my mind as the new voice took over, calling me forward. Nettie Kuran… come to me.

Without much thought I stepped forward making my way to a sliver cut into the earth, the lush ground was slick with mud as water danced around the edge. Flowers were in bloom and glowed as if fire danced upon the edge, I felt like I was surrounded by magic. Silvery light still danced from the crevasse, curling up from the ground calling me forward, telling me to move. My non-body stepped forward and I almost floated into the parting of the earth, dancing along the edge like curling smoke from a fire. Blue white slivers of light cut through the dark solidness of the earth, shimmering and sliding along like there was something alive within the walls of the crevasse.

I answered the call of my Ancestors, following their guidance as I moved further into what seemed to me as the bowels of the earth. Sound of rushing water told me I was going the right way; it was crystalline and resounded like the chiming of bells, or the sound of water on crystals almost. It was beautiful and enchanting. I gasped in surprise as I entered what seemed to be an opening to a cave; the floor was stone smooth as if water had been polishing it to perfection for centuries. Light danced around my gaze, the bright yellow of buttercups, the crimson colour of fire, the dark blue of the endless ocean, the emerald green of a dense forest and the rich purple you only ever see in a rainbow.

In the middle of the room a small stream of water bubbling into a carving on the floor, as if the floor was a bowl, catching what water came to it. Tickling shards of visible sound danced around the room, sending of a spectrum of light. I wanted to step into the indentation of the earth and allow the water to stream along my body, cleansing me off the fear that had once clung to me like a cloak. I wanted to dance in the water and be purified by the element closest to the moon. I wanted to lie next to it and run my fingers through the cool crystal-like water, allow it to run through my fingers like melted glass. But the voice called to me again, Nettie… follow me to your destiny…

I wondered if the owner of the voice knew I had become distracted by the water, and the cave I was standing it, only to forget the reason I had come down here in the first place. But after the voice beckoned to me, this time I followed. The cave narrowed slightly until I was in a rounded like tunnel, moving deeper into the earth, I thought I should feel terrified at the weight of the earth pressing down on me. But somehow it was comforting; I had always loved walking barefoot along the grass and tending to the gardens. The tunnels curved and curled, and I immediately began to think of a Labyrinth, around and around I went in a gentle spiral, never knowing when I was going to reach the end. I began to panic when I thought I may never get out of here and be stuck in this dream-like state forever, endlessly walking this spiral.

Spots of light caught my attention as the tunnel abruptly ended, at a wall that was decorated with carved symbols that though I had never seen them before seemed strikingly familiar, like I was supposed to know what they represented. Focusing my gaze I noticed the phases of the moon were painted in a wide ark along the top of the wall. Confusion filled me as I watched the stream spill along the floor to a tiny crack in the wall and disappears into endless nothing. Staring at the wall I tried to figure out what to do when my vision shifted for a moment and a woman sat there, cross-legged in front of the wall on a small stone, covered in a carving spiral symbol. She wore a white dress that glowed faintly like the moon, with a strange yet ethereal silver glow. Symbols were beaded on the dress, similar to those that adorned the wall behind her, and somehow I understood them.

Night. Moon. Magic. These symbols decorated her dress in an array of silver to gold threads, blending perfectly with the symbols for the elements.

She was ethereally beautiful, like she did not belong to this world. She was far more beautiful than the star filled sky, or the bright silver luminous moon. She was the Night Personified. Even her long flowing hair was the colour of the endless night sky, so dark it shimmered with blue and purple streaks. Her eyes were just as dark, almost like the iridescent colour of a raven's wing. They shone with love and laughter, as her full lips curved up in a welcoming smile I felt myself relaxing in her presence.

The silver power of her voice danced around us, Welcome daughter. All will be well, child. She spoke in a strange ancient language that even though I couldn't quite place the language I still could understand what she was saying.

"Nyx? Are you the Vampyre Goddess?" I whispered, as her smile widened at my slightly breathless question.

I am known by many names… Gaea, Changing Woman, and even Dawn… As she spoke each of her known names her face and body changed slightly, taking on the characteristics of the deities and Goddesses she named. I was in awe of her power, as I was able to discern each one to their names, she shifted back to the woman I had first seen initially and flashed me a beautiful smile. But you, Daughter, may as you have already call me by the name your world knows me as today, Nyx.

I felt a flush of embarrassment at the thought, knowing that I had already been doing so and I wondered if the Goddess before me had been offended by it. And whether or not Nyx should be the name, by which I call her, and not one of the others, after all Gaea, was the Earth Mother, Nyx, was the Vampyre Goddess, ruler of the Moon and Night. She shook her head slightly, as she answered my inner thought/ question.

In truth, it was the ancient Greek touched by the Change who first worshiped me as the Mother they searched for within this endless Night. All these centuries I have been pleased to call their descendants my children. And yes, in your world these children are known as, the vampyre. Accept the name, my Daughter of Night, in it you will not only find your destiny but your power.

My Mark felt like it was burring on my forehead, and all of a sudden I wanted to once again cry, to feel the wet tears slide along my cheeks and fall to the floor. To meet up with the flowing water on the cavern ground, a never ending constant steam. Thoughts whirled inside my head, ancient magic, power, the Goddess, but then I thought about how I had gotten here and had yet to find out where I was. With a shaking voice I attempted to smile, but I knew the Goddess was not fooled, "Am I dead?" I whispered in fear that I was.

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