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The area was tense, the air seemingly filled with trembling rage and silent fury. Most of which could be traced to the five goons that surrounded Kyra and Sean, but Konner could almost see the same rage from the masked man's choice of words. He couldn't help but think that perhaps the two masked men had battled before. Rivalry?

"You! Get everyone out of here," the masked man spoke, breaking the eerie silence that had befallen the once active battlefield, his words leaving no room for Konner to try to convince him to let him stay and help. Konner could only nod and signal for Bronzong to clear a path for Sean to try to get Kyra through to safety. The white light building in the creatures hollow body told anyone paying attention that another Flash Cannon was forming.

"Let them go," the black masked grunt spoke, his words bringing surprise to everyone's face.

"Why?" The grunt in command of Ursaring questioned.

"The man of the hour is here. I no longer desire a way to get his attention with him here do I?"

"I'd say you have it alright," Valon stated trying to hide the rage in his words, "Undivided." Sean practically carried Kyra towards Konner, the two quick to wrap one of her arms around their shoulders to help her petrified form walk away from the battle. Konner giving the masked hero a single nod before he did so. Valon couldn't help but notice the teen with Kyra and Konner gaze intently upon Kyra the entire time, he could tell he had strong feelings for her, and she probably would return his rather than his own. Not because of him being better then him at anything, but because once she recovered from her petrified state, he would be the one to comfort her, not him.

He hung his head in silent defeat for but a moment before turning back to the five goons that focused their attention on him, a small breeze blowing through the field that seemed to signal everyone to resume fighting.

"Ursaring use Scratch!" Monferno who had been eying his trainer with worry stiffened its resolve to win before rushing towards the oncoming bear Pokemon. It didn't want to be the reason for its trainer to be any more upset. Monferno having dodged the opponents glowing claws as it swatted at it, a glowing fist rammed into the Ursaring's stomach as a counter.

"Mach Punch eh? Ursaring you can beat that little prick. Hyper Beam!"

"Machoke back him up with Submission!" Valon could hear the two commands and knew that the battle would be more difficult then he had originally thought with the grunts working together and no lights to take advantage of. The muscular gray skinned Pokemon had grabbed Monferno before Valon could even warn it, a yellow orb built in the Ursaring's mouth ready to fire soon after.

"Flamethrower!" Was all Valon to call in an attempt to counter. The Machoke might be able to bind Monferno from moving, but its mouth was still free to try to hold the Hyper Beam off. The stream of flame was unable to keep the attack off indefinitely, but Valon was glad to see that it had at least softened it a little when Monferno stood back up with minimal effort from where Machoke had dropped it. It appeared to Valon that Machoke had also sustained a little damage from being so close to the impact point of the attack as it had to pick itself up from off the ground as well not far from Monferno.

Valon ran a hand along his belt, his fingers grazing each pokeball that was attached to it in thought. He knew he had broken his rule about using only Lucario, but it was still injured from the previous nights battle. His mind debating which one to send out to support Monferno as he eyed his opposition. "Enough stalling, Steelix use Bind!"

"Water Gun!" Valon commanded as he tossed the ball containing Buizel. The jet of water impacting the steel snake causing it to stop long enough to let Monferno move back to Valon, all before the light that summoned the attack's owner had even faded. The orange furred creature that stood once it had smiled slyly as it gestured the Steelix to come and attack it, taunting the creature into battle. It didn't take much to figure out that the Pokemon was upset, its easy prey having backup increased the amount of work it would have to do to win.

"Don't just stand there you dolts, support me!" The black masked grunt yelled in anger. Several of the grunts jumping in surprise before issuing commands to their Pokemon to attack. Valon knew he would have a tough time if he tried to attack them each at once, so he decided to pick them off one at a time, and the first one he would eliminate would be whichever Pokemon reached his first.

"Crobat use Wing Attack!" The purple bat's four wings each glowed white as it flew towards Monferno and Buizel, each of them hit by its speedy barrage as it kept slamming into them with its wings. Valon couldn't think of anything that could counter the Crobat's speed, he could only watch as his Pokemon were beaten around by a Crobat. He was almost thankful when it stopped to let the Houndoom attack, a flamethrower built in its throat that Valon hadn't even heard ordered.

Unlike Crobat, Houndoom was easy to counter.

"Buizel use Water Gun! Monferno follow that up with a Mach Punch!" The two Pokemon nodded and executed their orders. Buizel reaching a stalemate with the Flamethrower as its Water Gun turned the flames to steam that blanketed the field. Monferno using the opening as a time to inflict some damage with a solid punch to the canine's snout, throwing it across the field to its trainers feet. Valon was mentally jumping for joy as he could see the red light of a Pokemon being returned through the steam that covered the field like fog. He knew he was far from finished, but one down was a good start as the steam that had quickly covered the field, soon lifted as the wind carried it away.

Analyzing the field he could see that the grunt that owned the Houndoom wasn't going to battle further as he just sat there, spectating the battle with a scowl, Valon was willing to bet that Houndoom was his only Pokemon. Three other grunts looked on with worried expressions as they eyed Valon wearily, Ursaring, Machoke, and Crobat were each near their trainers again. The black masked man having walked to be next to his Steelix at it sat in the middle of the field – the literal field – the battle having left the actual battlefield once Valon had arrived.

"Machoke Focus Punch!"

"Ice Punch!" The two attacks were called, Buizel and Machoke running at each other. In a perfect world Machoke and Buizel would have reached a stalemate at the most, their attacks unable to reach the other as their fists impacted and fought for dominance in power. However, like what had happened in the Pokemon Center, an unforeseen intrusion in the form of Steelix's Iron Tail sent Buizel flying across the field before it had even reached Machoke, the creature in question having continued towards Monferno, seeing no point in stopping its attack just because one target was suddenly unattainable. Buizel skidded on the ground like a rock across the water's surface, each impact with the ground leaving a small gash in the grass that revealed the dirt that laid underneath as if it were the earth's way to show the field was injured. Valon could hear the masked opponent's happiness as he chuckled behind his black visage.

Buizel struggled to reach its feet, but reached its feet all the same. It glared at the Steelix that had sent it flying, determined to pay it back the damage it dealt it with interest. Valon nodded in understanding as he silently vowed to let Buizel get the chance. His rage at the whole situation was only getting worse and worse as the days went, but today it was all focused on the five grunts before him, and he was going to make sure they paid the price for hurting his friends.

He'd had enough.

"You okay man?" Konner asked the stranger who had just helped him haul Kyra from the battlefield. The three having gotten a good distance between themselves and the ongoing battle before pulling into an alleyway to rest.

"Yeah," he replied, rubbing his blond hair in frustration after he and Konner eased Kyra to the ground where she continued to stare absentmindedly into space. "I didn't do anything with my strongest attack!"

"Least you got the chance to use it right? Names Konner," he stated as he offered his hand.

"Yeah I guess your right, names Sean." The two shook hands before Sean gestured to Kyra, "Is she gonna be okay?"

"I don't know, I can't say I've ever seen her like this before. I've only known her like a month anyway so it might be perfectly normal for her," Konner explained with a shrug as he moved back out to the street, his gaze focused down both sides as if expecting someone or something to appear, "Where did Valon go?" Konner whispered to himself after seeing no trace of him. Sean was too focused on Kyra to notice or hear his words, it was as if she wasn't living in the present, the way her eyes seemed so filled with fear as if the encounter she just had was replaying in her head. Bending down to be eye level with her he snapped his fingers in front of her face a few times to try to get her out of it.

"Sean?" She asked suddenly, her voice still timid as if the goons would appear and try to get her again.

"Yeah I'm here," he replied as he sat down against the wall next to her, mentally issuing surprise at that working.

"I'm sorry about freezing up."

"Don't worry about it," Sean replied in an attempt to ease her mind, "It is a natural reaction that I probably would have done if I didn't have such a beautiful girl to protect with me." He turned to face her with a warm expression that she exchanged before turning away, small blush creeping into her cheeks. "Anyway it's no big deal," he stated modestly as he stood back up, finding the ground incredibly uncomfortable. Offering his hand to help Kyra up after he dusted himself off.

Kyra reached her feet, dusting herself off like Sean had before pulling him in an embrace before he could even react. Her face buried into the crook of his neck as she told him, "I'll go on that date with you."

"But I didn't win the battle," Sean replied, his head lowering a little at the realization as he held her in his arms.

"It looked like a win to me." Was all she had to say to lift his spirits. A genuine smile gracing his lips as he looked over her shoulder in their continued embrace. His eyes focused on sights not of the present, but the future.

Konner who had been eying the street was displeased to see no trace of Valon, and turning his attention back to the alley to see Sean and Kyra in a long embrace displeased him more. He had nothing against Sean – the opposite in fact – viewing him as a good guy after helping him all he could with holding the grunts off as well as keeping them at bay before he was even there, but he was pulling for Kyra and Valon to get together.

He knew they both wanted to, at least Valon did. Kyra was a little harder for him to judge but he somehow assumed that it would eventually just happen, like it were a movie were the hero would go through anything and still come out on top with the girl. However, this was not a movie, this was real life. A life, where it seemed that the girl had grew tired of waiting and moved on or simply held no interest in him to begin with.

Konner could only shake his head as he watched the long embrace, muttering to himself, "You missed your chance Valon."

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