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It was the second Monday of the school year, and already the three most popular girls at OHS were skipping class.

Bulma Briefs was the only girl with natural blue hair, aside from that she had the perfect body. Not only was she beautiful, she was the smartest girl in school, some people wonder why she even came. And lastly, the richest teenager in the world. SHE COULD BUY THE WORKD IF SHE WANTED TO!

Chi-chi Mau, a girl you don't play with, aside from her long raven colored hair and killer body, her attitude is what made her the most attractive. Not as smart as Bulma, but was one hell of a cook. And not as rich as Bulma, but her dad did own a couple of restaurants.

Juu Gero, better known as 18, blonde, but not stupid, like her two best friends she had a gorgeous body. This girl you also don't play with, she was the most athletic girl in school, and some say she's stronger than most boys at OHS. Fierce and could kick your ass in less then two seconds if she wanted to.

"Eeeeeewwww" 18 groaned as she watched one of her best friends, Chi-chi, throw up in the toilet

"Don't be so mean.." Bulma insisted, "She might me preg-"

" I'M NOT PREGNANT." Chi-chi yelled as her two best friends covered their ears.

"Damn don't have to be so loud!" 18 yelled back as she walked out the bathroom stall.

"Don't worry Chi we can go to the doctor's after school." Bulma responded as she walk to the mirror and started doing her hair.

"I told you guys I'm not pregnant." Chi-chi denied after she finally came out the stall.

"Sure you're not your just been very moody, hungry, and throwing up for the past month because you can." 18 replied sarcastically while rolling here eyes.

"Are you sure." Bulma asked while putting on some mascara

"Yes….well we didn't use a condemn…last time" Chi-chi replied in a low timid voice with a worried look on her face.

"See" 18 gloated while sticking out her tongue.

"Don't worry Chi, your going to be okay, even if your pregnant we'll always be there for you, right 18." Bulma said with a smile on her face while nudging 18 in the rib.

"Yea right." 18 replied while grabbing her two best friends to join a group hug.

"Awe…. You guys are the best." Chi-chi cried.

"We better hurry up before we're TOO late for class." Bulma chuckled as she grab her back-pack and purse.

"Yea." 18 and Chi-chi said in sync as they walked to the door.

"WAIT." Bulma shouted while pulling Chi-chi's arm.

"What B?" Chi-chi asked.

Bulma hunted through her purse and pulled out a small bottle of Listerine.

"Here you go, your breath is kicking like Bruce Lee." Bulma answered while handing her the bottle and trying her hardest not to laugh.

"Fuck you." Chi-chi cursed as she snatched the bottle out of Bulma's hand and walked back to the sink while Bulma and 18 where cracking up by the door."

After a good to minutes of making sure Chi-chi's breath wasn't kicking, the three girls finally made it to class

"Now class turn to page 1-" Mr. Buu was saying before he was interrupted by Bulma, Chi-chi, and 18.

" Ms. Briefs, Ms. Mau, and Ms. Gero how nice of you guys to FINALLY join the class." commented sarcastically while tapping his foot impatiently on the floor.

"Sorry" All three of the girls said in sync as they hastily jogged to their seats

-15 minutes Later-

Bulma almost jumped out of her seat when she felt a vibrate in her pocket, she finally realize it was her phone. She looked up to see if the teacher was looking, when the coast was clear she pulled out her iPhone 4s. She unlocked her phone to see a text from Vegeta. She looked at him to see he had his phone out then she started to read it.

(Text message)- Where were you woman?

She started to type.

(Text message)- Whats up my little Veggie head :D

He glared at her after he read it.

(Text message)- Don't call me that woman, now answer the damn question, why did you come to class so late

(Text message)- Me, Chi, and 18 where in the bathroom

(Text message)- I don't understand why girls take so long in the bathroom.

(Text Message)- Because we like to take our TIME :P

(Text message)- What ever woman

Just as she was about to reply the bell rang for second period. Bulma flipped her shoulder length aqua blue hair over her shoulders, grabbed her purse and back-pack, then gracefully got up. She was half way down the aisle when a foot stretched out in front of her. It was to late for her to maneuver, so she ended up falling on her ass

"HA!" A tall red head laughed while pointing her finger at the fallen Bulma. This red head was none other than the infamous Skylar Jones. Skylar Jones, Bulma Briefs enemy since ninth grade. Skylar was medium height, curvy, sense of style, red hair which wasn't natural, and brown eyes. She was pretty, but no where near Bulma, and that is why she envied her.

Skylar spent another twenty seconds laughing in Bulma's face before carelessly stepping over her.

"What the hell is your problem bitch." Bulma cursed as she got off the floor.

"Nothing." Skylar replied while flipping her lava colored curls over her shoulder.

"Skylar, I'll asked again, why the hell did you trip me." Bulma hissed as she put her hands on her hips

"I didn't trip you blue haired freak." Skylar spat while flipping her blood red hair once again and walking out of class.

"Your not getting away that easily cunt." Bulma mumbled marching after her, but before she could get out the room two arms encircled her tiny waist.

"Hey what the hell are you doing?" Bulma asked while looking into her boyfriend's ebony eyes.

"Woman, if I had of let you get out that door, you probably would be beating the hell out of that bitch." Vegeta answered with a smirk.

"Your probably right." Bulma agreed as she kissed her boyfriend on the cheek.

"I don't even know why I even get all worked up she is just jealous because I'm rich, beautiful, and I have a wonderful boyfriend." Bulma added while hugging Vegeta's arm and walking out the classroom.

"Isn't every girl." Vegeta gloated with a smirk.

Who is Vegeta Ouji? A nerd. A nobody. Both wrong, Vegeta Ouji, most sexiest boy in school. What outcastes him from other boys, was his pitch black, spiky, gravity defying hair. He was athletic, smart even though he didn't want to show it, and rich. And he knew it. Vegeta Ouji is also the meanest, cruelest, most arrogant boy at OHS, and nothing to play with. Most wondered how he got Bulma Briefs. Hell even Bulma herself doesn't know.

-30 minutes into class-

"Now class, you all can break off into groups and finish your algebra problems." Mr. Popo, a short, stubby, black teacher announced as he sat and his seat and started to read his book 'THE HUNGUR GAMES'

"Hey Goku." Krillen said while walking to Goku's seat.

Goku didn't reply….

Goku Son is as adorable as you can get. Spiky, black, roster like hair. Star player in every sport, but naïve as hell, most wondered how he made it past the third grade. Goku also could eat as much as he breathed, that is why it was understandable when everyone student found out he was/is dating Chi-chi Mau, best cook at OHS. Goku Son, wasn't rich like his two friends, Bulma and Vegeta, but he was no where near poor. Goku is also the nicest boy at school, has a heart of gold. ALL THE STUDENTS WONDER WHY HE'S BEST FRIENDS WITH VEGETA OUJI.

"Kakarott, did you hear cue ball!" Vegeta shouted.

"What." Goku responded finally getting back to reality.

"What were you thinking about." 18 asked as she strutted over to Goku's seat.

Goku sighed, "Chi-chi…. She been acting weird lately." Goku answered with a worried look.

"Your harpy is ALWAYS weird." Vegeta commented with a smirk and Krillen snickered.

Goku ignored them.

"Do you know if anything is wrong with Chi-chi,18" Goku asked.

"No, she probably stressed from all of our school work." 18 answered trying very hard not to tell Goku after all there was no doubt that he was the father. But that would be wrong for her to tell him.

Just as Goku was about to say something he was interrupted by Skylar's annoying giggle.

She was currently sitting on Yamcha's lap and was whispering something in his ear.

Yamcha Wolf, Cute, but not cutest, naïve, but naïve-est, athletic, but not as athletic-est. Short black hair (like in the Buu saga), to make a long story short AVERAGE! Though he did have a scar on his face from Vegeta, why you ask? Because he was harassing Bulma so he grabbed the closet thing to him and SLICE! Yamcha Wolf was average, but it didn't stop him from getting the girls. He was a player. Cheat on Bulma eight times. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WONDERS WHY BULMA BRIEFS WENT ABOUT WITH A SLEAZY BASTARD!

"Didn't she have sex with everyone on the football, baseball, and track team." Krillen whispered.

"NO!" Goku and Vegeta objected at the same time for they where on the football and track team.

The whole class stared at them with weird looks.

"Mr. Son and Mr. Ouji!" Mr. Popo yelled angrily.

"Sorry." Goku apologized with his hand behind his head.

"Well everyone excepted you two." Krillen said while 18 laugh.

"You know what B and Chi would do if you guys did sleep with Skylark." 18 snickered while Krillen join her laughing fest.


"Shut up Chrome Dome." Vegeta spat while slapping Krillen in the back of the head.

"Damn Vegeta can you take a damn joke." Krillen said while rubbing the spot where Vegeta hit Him at.

Krillen Roshi, he was cute, but no one wouldn't date him, not that he was ugly, for a short bald dude he was hot, but he was/is dating 18 Gero, and unless you wanted to die at 17, it would be best not to look at him for longer than ten seconds. Krillen Roshi, is athletic and smart, was rich, and wasn't poor, But Krillen was the most funniest boy at OHS could make the Mona Lisa smile.

18 and Goku just laughed.

"You guys are a bunch of idiots." Skylar interrupted while laughing at them.

"And you two are a bunch of whores." 18 shouted while flipping them off

"Hey!" Yamcha said.

"Don't worry baby they're just jealous." Skylar replied while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Ha. Of what." Vegeta said with a smirk.

"Says the person who got MY sloppy seconds." Yamcha spat with a victory grin.

"How is it sloppy seconds…..my woman didn't give you shit." Vegeta countered as the bell rang and began to walk out of class

"You just got served home dog." Goku said with a big smile on his face.

Everyone fell (anime version)

-skip to lunch-

"So when are you telling Goku?" Bulma asked as she took a sip of her Mountain Dew.

"I'm going to tell him when I'm absolutely sure." Chi-chi answered.

"Wait till your mom finds out… she is probably going to goad you into an abortion." 18 commented while munching on a chicken burger.

"HELL NO!" Chi-chi and Bulma shouted at the same time.

"Its my baby and I'm not going to kill it or give it to a bunch of strangers." Chi-chi replied with her nose in the air.

"Don't worry Chi, if your get kicked out you can move in with me." Bulma offered.

"I couldn't do that." Chi-chi said while eating some more of her macaroni with pickles. (its actually good)

"Eww." 18 said with a disgusted look on her face.

"Don't knock it till you try it." Chi-chi responded while she put another spoon full in her mouth

They all giggled. Then the three boys came out the lunch line with a pile of food. Except for Krillen, unlike he's friends, he could eat the average amount a man could

"Hey guys." The three girls greeted but the boys were already stuffing there mouths with food

Just then Skylar was walking by and "tripped" and spilled all her food on Bulma

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Bulma screamed while jumping out her seat.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROMBLEM YOU BITCH!" Bulma yelled as she took off her dirty shirt.

Everyone looked at here she was just wearing her black lace bra.

"You." Skylar answered as she walk off but before she could get out of reach Bulma dumped Chi-chi's macaroni and pickles lunch in her hair.

"Hey.. I was eating that." Chi-chi pouted.

"HAHA!" Bulma laughed.

"Bitch!" Skylar yelled and lunged at her but as soon as she was about to hit Bulma, Bulma maneuvered out the way so she hit the floor.

"Like they say what goes around comes around. BUT HARDER!" Bulma snickered.

The whole cafeteria laughed as Skylar yelled out the cafeteria. Bulma was praised with whistles, claps, and high-5's.

"Put this damn jacket on woman." Vegeta order as he handed her is black leather jacket

"Ha-ha I forgot I wasn't wearing a under shirt." Bulma blushed.

Everyone's sweat dropped.

-Doctors office-

"M-m-my mom… is going to k-k-kill me." Chi wailed.

"It's going to be alright." Bulma comforted as she held her best friend close

"Yea were here." 18 said as she passed Chi-chi another tissue.

"What if Goku want doesn't want me." Chi-chi whined.

"Are you kidding me, he would stay with you if you were having a thousand babies." Bulma exaggerated with a smiled when Chi-chi did.

"Yea 'cause he loves you more than anything Chi." 18 added as she join the group hug.

"Not more than food." Chi-chi joked as the three girls bust in to laughter.

End of Editing Chapter one.